ACER Chromebook C720 and DELL DELL Inspiron 3437 3537 coming

The songce DELL Inspiron 3537 gaming notebook with Intel latest generation Haswell platform i7-4702MQ processor , clocked at 2.2GHz, integrated HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, in addition comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M discrete graphics (2GB DDR5 graphics memory ), 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, and 750GB HDD mechanical hard disk , for the general purpose of the game , DELL Inspiron 3537 's performance is satisfactory , but the 1600 × 900 resolution and can not play its greatest power .

Gaming notebook has been the focus of a class of consumer products , while the major OEM manufacturers are also in these product lines under the foot work , product design styles. Today we see this DELL products before 3537 with 65Wh 6cell DELL Inspiron 3537 Battery is an updated version of the mold and did not make too many changes , still follows the classic model design, but really to the force in the configuration , the new generation Haswell platform i7 -4702MQ processor allows the use of a substantial increase in product performance , and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M discrete graphics configuration letting the product has a higher gameplay.

Alienware A17 is a 17-inch , it is equipped with a 1920 × 1080 resolution, 15.6-inch matte display, the screen color is more excellent than the ordinary notebook . Alienware A17 strong sense of three-dimensional surface of the entire keyboard , especially when the light illuminated from above , cut reflective obvious. Personally feel 17X speakers and control of design is very good, especially the power button that can change color , according to the system load status turns red (Turbo mode or fan when the afterburner ) .

But one thing less than that , Surface RT stand back and not adjustable, which means you can not according to each person's height , posture and other factors regulate the use of angles. The 3437 is not so simple, it 's screen and keyboard can be rotated 360 ° through shaft connected together , you can put into a traditional notebook with no different form, can be folded to stand tent mode or modes supported in table also allows a, D sides coincide turned into tablet. However, when the 3537 with DELL Inspiron 15 3537 Battery into a tablet form, in hand is not as comfortable as when using the Surface RT , this is because , at this time, in direct contact with the palm of your hand , is no longer a smooth fuselage , but into the keyboard area .

The same processor , the same memory , the same SSD solid state drive , probably to distinguish between the two power consumption , leaving the screen Although the use of different display technologies, but also how 11.6 inches wanted no more than 10.6 inches and more power. Taking into account under Windows RT currently no PowerMark such testing life of the software, so I decided to adopt the simplest and most direct way to measure the endurance of both : in use within the same time observing the power consumption . Although there is no evaluation software so precise, but more fitting to our real life .

Because not graphics workstations , so Satellite NB10 is not equipped with professional graphics , but the game using AMD HD 8790M graphics card ,

in attending meetings, DELL CoolSense cooling system will be controlled at normal levels, as little as possible to create a fan noise; while lying in bed at home, will be placed on the legs DELL 3437 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3437 Battery enjoy blockbusters, DELL CoolSense will take into account the user feelings, switching to high-performance cooling mode, so users will not be affected because its temperature films and pleasant mood.

C720 is very thin, with a 12-inch mainstream entertainment alone was the only 21mm thick, which is to enhance Acer workmanship , but also shows the processor and GPU power and performance balance better. Enough to make such a thin notebook built a conventional voltage APU. Four speakers, audio surprises . In general, the light of the mainstream entertainment or not so kind configure the four units , so at this point it affordable enough C720 , of course sound quality, four speakers stronger sense of energy , coupled with Dolby cinema sound addition , the stereo effect when playing the game can feel it , in light of this belonging is very good.

The rear part of the interface of three USB enough. Or the video interface , network interface , USB3.0 interface, such as into the rear edge of the child , such a design with sunken screen , and further compression of the thickness of the fuselage . However Editing think , plug the network cable when some inconvenient , if you can be moved left and right side , it would be perfect . APU brought here mainly refers to combining several features, including Gesture control , facial landing , AMD screen mirroring , AMD Nora , video image stabilization, HD decoding , and more. Especially the face and gesture controlled landing , in practical applications impressive performance .

AMD gesture control (Gesture Control): AMD gesture control three feet from the farthest outside on the media player , browser, e-readers and other popular applications for basic operations, including before and after the content switching, multimedia content playback and pause etc. , during the PPT or watch the video will look very practical. This feature is unique to AMD , which through the use of APU shader instead of x86 implementation , which can effectively reduce power consumption and extend the standby time .

AMD landing face (Face Login): use facial recognition algorithm analysis eyes, nose, cheekbones and chin, the relative position, size and / or shape , to identify facial features , AMD will accelerate this process , the login process instantaneous, almost no latency. If you are a student , or have entertainment needs of users, and just buy the first laptop , then the C720 is a good choice . Because 3437 with DELL Inspiron 14 3437 Battery features a more comprehensive , and the performance is good, with significant independence , interfaces variety, there are gesture control , face registration and other innovative applications. In the configuration , thanks to the AMD Extreme quad-core A10-5757M APU + Radeon HD 8750M AMD established exclusive Crossfire dual graphics system performance in the game than the dual-core i5 + (GT 740M level ) mainstream independence was the better.

Even the fight volume , Acer C720-552 also refused to yield , 18.7mm ~ 20.51mm about body and ultra- pole of this belongs to the same level, which allows you to move the portability and performance to make a good balance out the words can be very easy to carry , while at home or dorm with 15.3 -inch screen, watching movies , playing games like DOTA2, Tomb Raider 9 such a large games are able to run smoothly , very good !

C720, using 2013 new high-performance AMD Quad-Core Extreme A10-5757M APU, built HD8650G fusion single significant , TDP power consumption 35W, reference frequency 2.5GHz, the highest frequency 3.5GHz, 4MB cache, integration of a single display has 384 stream processing device , GPU frequency 720MHz/600MHz (A10-5757M APU, supports gesture control , face logon screen mirroring and other innovative applications ) . In addition C720 is also equipped with AMD Radeon HD8750M graphics card , GCN architecture , support for dual -card crossfire , stronger performance .

From the point of view of Windows8 system score , C720 good performance of this machine . From the sub- fraction of view, equipped with AMD A10-5757M + HD 8750M performance of the C720 is very balanced, suitable for mainstream entertainment and gamers . PCmark 7 results reflects the performance of the integrated media , points of view from the media productivity , CPU computing scores belong to the mainstream level , for our daily use , the Acer C720 can easily cope with.

Basemark CL is Rightware launch of the new benchmarking tool , which is mainly based on a multi-core system to create an open standard OpenCL general purpose computing design , the software can provide a variety of performance testing methods used to test and optimize OpenCL technology . Baseware CL workloads used in the application can be realistic manner OpenCL, so truthfully and objectively measure the performance , and the ability to support multi-core processors and GPU graphics card, to maximize the speed advantage of heterogeneous systems . A10-5757M BASEMARK CL test scores of 57 , can be more easily accomplished using the GPU rendering performance for general purpose computing work .

Open the top cover , because the screen size is larger, in order to give users a better visual experience , The bottom of the fuselage came ACER C720 with 6cell high capacity ACER C720 Battery , where the design still maintain the previous style, we can still see the machine nameplate shadow , the user can choose the time of purchase engrave different text to express individuality . While above the nameplate with separate bass sound device , not only can enjoy the game , powerful sound , the same can watch videos and listen to music to experience the immersive feel. The area becomes larger thermal windows , can faintly see through the dust screen three cooling fans, which correspond to the three outlet .