MEDION Erazer X7825 X78257 and HP 350 coming

Lift business notebook , Erazer brand with comfortable easy operability , hardware breakdown customizable , full security and improve the service to become the government, enterprises , high-end people 's first choice , it is when people do not let the king, and this one , T series and its product line is the most historical heritage and the most representative models.

Erazer X7826 released with great success , is the market recognized at the same time seems to indicate ultra-extreme commercialization opportunity is maturing , MEDION yielded officially released Erazer X7825, use s as a suffix and heritage thin it is also naturally be classified into the super pole ranks .

Erazer X7825 with 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X7825 Battery is still a classic black coat , makes one inclined Logo can identify its identity , and in order to perfect balance of light and sturdy , X7825 did not and does not use conventional magnesium alloy material on A shell , replaced higher cost of carbon fiber composite material . Remember Erazer X1 Carbon listed at the beginning of a propaganda that "carbon" , giving the psychological implications of this is that it is fundamentally frivolous . Common F1 racing with many of its components are made ??of this material , in the case of the same volume , which is one-third the weight of the magnesium alloy , and in case of a thinner , stronger its toughness .
This came to the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is a whole new generation of HP 300 Series 350 G1 super this , it is equipped with a frequency of 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-4600U processor , TDP thermal power consumption is only 15W, built-in Intel HD4400 Graphics Core . Ultra-low voltage processor is extremely the first choice, to achieve a more sustainable life . 4GB DDR3 memory storage using SSD +256 GB SSD portfolio and with no mechanical hard drive.

Relative to the mainstream business notebook , or tough, or personality style , HP 255 G1 with HP 255 Battery super this appearance is a lot of ordinary , or even a very low-key . I do not know whether to be seen, it is very similar to a series of HP notebook industrial design, yes, that is the latest consumer notebook with HP ENVY series is very similar , I also feel very familiar realized , only ENVY series uses a silver gray appearance, while HP 350 G1 Ultrabook is black + silver mix .

HP 350 G1 super comfortable surface using the chassis class skin material, according to official statistics, relative to the previous generation of class skin material, HP 350 G1 super skin material used in the class is more strong, durable in normal use You can guarantee there will be a problem next three years will not fall off, fracture phenomena , of course, this does not mean that after three years , you can rest assured that use . In the bottom of the class skin material is magnesium alloy body structure , can give the screen , powerful internal hardware protection .

MEDION Erazer X7827 uses a central shaft design, shaft damping is too large, not one-hand opening and closing the screen, 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 matte display around the screen with a matte material handling, easy to leave fingerprints, top to high camera. 

MEDION Erazer X7827 bottom with 9cell MEDION Erazer X7827 Battery of the notebook design is also very particular about using a rubber prop up the bottom of the nail, as the outlet provides a good thermal environment, which for light is very important in terms of games, in addition to providing space for heat dissipation, rubber nail provides stability protection, the protection of the notebook does not occur when using sharp rock to affect the hard disk. 

In fact, there is a less common screen resolution is 1600 × 900, I feel it can be regarded as a more eclectic approach. HP 250 provides a 1366 × 768 and 1600 × 900 screen resolution are two different options for users, as well as more convenient touch screen, but the price will be raised accordingly .

We know that the body has a super super thin , like a traditional VGA video output , RJ-45 wired network interface has been difficult to see in the super pole on the one hand, is rarely used because , after all, has now wireless very popular , HDMI connection methods have also become mainstream . But HP 350 G1 as a business Ultrabook with 4cell HP 350 Battery, to meet the portable moving while retaining these interfaces , you can respond to changing environments , and some companies have yet to update the video equipment , VGA retains a certain share. It can also be seen from Fig 3 is provided with a blue USB3.0 data interface, a USB interface on the side where the charging machine tips . Charge off the benefits of self-evident , that allows users in the state can not boot for your small electronic devices ( such as smartphones ) charging , you can use to provide basic protection for business travelers !

Although the SAGER NP8295 is still the main light route, not but shrink in interface design, VGA, HDMI, RJ45, card reader, 3 * USB3.0, earphone and microphone jack is everything complete, the left side of the fuselage of the USB interface also supports charging off function, is positioning as a business line of products, this setting is sweet.

Influenced by the ultra-thin body, SAGER NP8295 speaker size and cavity not big enough, but for a position in the business office products, not in terms of sound quality for its excessive demands. At the bottom of the fuselage we can also see that SAGER NP8295 with 8cell SAGER NP8295 Battery  supports docking station, thus can greatly increase its ability to scale, in the small body can play a greater energy, but the dock in the purchase of products when not attached, there is a demand for the consumer can be purchased separately.

On the first page the author describes the MEDION E7226T industrial design of this game , in the second page describes the screen and control performance , this page will introduce the bottom panel and the overall performance MEDION E7226T . 

Lenovo B5400 notebook body surface and without too much modification , simply a "Lenovo" logo to make it somewhat otherworldly charm. In fact, for household products, too much modification will only increase the fatigue , the atmosphere is the best minimalist design benevolent.

We use the Furmark copy machine software for limit test of SAGER NP8295, Furmark will be the two heating element CPU and display the full run, run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the thermal condition of each machine at run time, we also use the FLUKE thermal infrared imager, were observed in each position of the temperature rising.

SAGER NP8255 after the wind will put an end to the front end design of the noise source, to prevent the hot air reflow and does not affect the side using the mouse. The fuselage interior space influence the low voltage processor, fan area is relatively small, so the cooling effect of it how? The highest temperature of SAGER NP8255 Battery and keyboard area is 45.8 degrees Celsius, the radiating window is arranged in the inner side of the NP8295 shaft, so we see in the photo is the highest temperature near the screen and keyboard, in contrast, palm rest and the average temperature of the touchpad area maintained at 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature for daily operation users will not have any feeling of discomfort.