Newest LENOVO G40 G50 coming

In the commercial notebook market, although many vendors involved , but the real concern while the popularity of only a few degrees higher , Dell 's strength as one faction, many achievements over the years in the commercial area , many models are in the workplace who as the preferred model year , while Dell and indeed expectations by virtue of outstanding performance to get a good reputation.

Dell Latitude series is targeting high-end commercial market models , the performance of the security , ease of use and other aspects are very prominent. Under the general direction of development of thin notebook , by the end of 2012 , code-named " a knife " ultraportable business Ultrabook debut, will be safe , portable play to the extreme . Dell last year after the Summit , we see a new generation of models , the Dell Latitude E7000 Series Ultrabook , Latitude models debut a pass , there are many , but no one can be compared with this .

Dell Latitude E7000 series with 47Wh DELL 34GKR Battery are 12 inches and 14-inch models , and today we want to share with you this Dell Latitude E7440 Ultrabook Windows 8 operating system pre-installed , with a touch screen, a concrete manifestation of our next detailed analysis. As a business Ultrabook , the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch offers an optional silver appearance , fashion career for young people , it is rather good, but take the conservative route for understanding this cover with a carbon fiber finish design, see go low-key calm , quite steady wind business people. While the soft-touch coating surface also allows users to hand it more comfortable. And the texture of the cover design , the edge of the monochrome design wiping edge .

Under the coat , is Dell's unique Tri-metal casing , after the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810G tested to ensure that users calmly harsh environment test. Cover central location , a round bright silver "DELL" logo, making the overall look more minimalist atmosphere. Shaft part , with the previous generation Ultrabook 6430u is part of two different shaft in the middle , and no one with the cover design , the right side of the shaft near the place where three lights designed to facilitate the work of users keep abreast of books . Full metal reinforced steel shaft, damping moderate intensity, you can open the screen with one hand , while still maintaining the open angle can exceed 180 degrees opening and closing. Allowing users anytime , can look directly at the screen to find the right angle .

Open the cover , what we see is a beautiful LCD screen, black side stroll , and a very narrow frame design , looks very high-end atmosphere. Equipped with a touch screen, more efficient operation under Windows 8 operating system, also has a good experience. Screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution Full HD standard , capable of 14 -inch screen displays more content than the other models. Fang Jicheng a high-definition camera on the screen , set the left and right sides of the array microphone for easy video communication business users . But also set up a work light designed for the camera , to further protect user privacy.

C surface also continued throughout the roof of the main colors of black , complemented by category delicate skin coating process, feel very comfortable. Keypad sink, classic Dell high-touch keyboard , key-way medium , feel good . Retains the trackpoint , and before the difference is that the pointing stick is not pure black , but the design of the blue edges , appear to be more eye-catching .

ENVY m7 with 6cell HP ENVY m7 Battery to do at this point is quite good , and not because of the slim body and let the keyboard feel is missing, but is in maximizing the keyboard keys have a certain way , so that the keys feel assured , that commendable. ENVY m7 C-face design is very simple, and not too many function keys and indicators , just around the shoulder area of the keyboard WIFI lights were set up and the power button, after all, for a 13.3- inch laptop , the fuselage space itself is not so plentiful , reasonably necessary to set function keys and indicators can be.

This product is on the right side of the fuselage were notebook lock, power supply interface, multi-card reader and two USB3.0 interface, from interface design, the design of three independent video output interface, which can meet the three-screen gaming demand for game enthusiasts concerned, is undoubtedly very attractive. 

HP 250 G2 with 9cell HP 250 G2 Battery from a hardware point of view, is the product of a full game, the fourth-generation Core I7 processor and GeForce GTX765M discrete graphics in the game can be seen in the face of the test launch of a new stand-alone game can also be much more relaxed response, Designs are more low-key, the keyboard is a point of the eye of this product, a bright backlight to enhance the overall atmosphere of the game, should get more consumers. 

Today, the ultra- pole of this has gone through three years of time , it has gradually become a high-end product line, many manufacturers representative products . LENOVO newly launched G Series G40 as well. Compared with the previous products , the new G Series G40 more " Tall " temperament, but also can be called from the stars of " super pole ." Its casing and screen have adopted the third generation of the Corning Gorilla glass, and more durable than ordinary metal .

Configuration , send test models LENOVO G50 with 4cell LENOVO G50 Battery is also equipped with ultra- pole of this fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor , 8GB RAM, Intel HD4400 graphics card, and a 256GB SSD solid state drive . 13.3-inch full HD screen ultra- wide-angle IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, and supports 10 -point touch , the overall performance is self-evident . Next, I will provide you a comprehensive introduction to this product.

leaving the keyboard keys key way the space is not large, so there are some products in order to achieve the ultimate slim, and even the keys feel completely abandoned , I personally feel that this approach is not desirable, because the most important laptop computer interaction is achieved via a laptop keyboard .

HP 255 G2 with HP 255 G2 Battery biggest highlights in its high cost , the game performance , processor performance has been adequate , GT750M enough to run most of the game , the heat has improved compared to the previous generation on , HP is possible to heat system has been improved , and then we will come through as we announced disassemble . Overall, if you budget is not very high , there is hope to get relatively good performance of the game , then 3,799 yuan starting 250 G2 is a choice you can make your peace of mind .

Compared to ordinary metal casing , the third generation of Corning Gorilla Glass has a better scratch resistance , toughness and ruggedness. Of course, the obvious drawback is that the glass is more likely to provoke a fingerprint problems. Fortunately , LENOVO random distribution of very good quality screen wipe cloth , wipe fingerprints can be very good . LENOVO G40 enclosure design is very simple, the middle part of the "LENOVO" Logo in concentric circles against the background of the texture is very eye-catching , but also more details on the design professional . Corning Gorilla glass enclosure surrounding also uses a metal border, increase the machine's solidity and security, after all corners is very easy to knock or rub bad.

The shaft portion of the design is also very unique , and is currently a lot of ultra-pole design is different , LENOVO G40 with 4cell LENOVO G40 Battery and a sunken hinge design . As the aircraft's A-side with one design on the shaft were wrapped and LENOVO G40 body is very thin, so when you open the desktop screen hinge part will have some friction. To avoid the wear and tear caused by the shell , LENOVO G40 on both sides of the shaft designed floor mats, floor mats designed to ensure the appearance of a very compact fashion .