ASUS G56J G56JR and DELL Vostro 3446 detail

Today came to our test room is Dell Vostro 3000 series, the latest models Vostro 14 3446, as a market -oriented mainstream notebook series and SMEs play an important role , excellent value for money in Dell 's commercial product , a relatively reasonable configuration , and excellent product design, is the core of the selling points of this series , after several mold update, Dell Vostro 3446R once again return to the classic , minimalist design in a way to cater to consumers, and in the configuration also achieved a new generation .

Business users in the procurement of PC product, the cost is certainly the most attention paid to get due returns , and this return on the one hand the value created from the product as a tool products , notebook computers are easy to use one , and this includes several useful aspects of comfort , ease of use , security, stability and ease of maintenance , etc., and from the other side, if they can meet the requirements of colleagues to lower the cost of capital to buy the right notebook products, I believe this is the CIO of the most happy to see each department thing .

In the hardware configuration , the new Dell 3446 with DELL Vostro 3446 Battery is not only the use of fourth-generation intelligent Intel Core Duo low voltage processor, and the graphics have also been updated , the entry-level independence was guaranteed basic multimedia and entertainment performance, and in addition , 14 inches the standard screen and mechanical hard drive is to help further control the cost of the product , from the electricity supplier price, the price of 4,000 yuan to succeed , you should be able to make Vostro 3446 have a certain competitiveness.

Forthrightly say that I was a loyal user of Dell , Dell for this typical American design style, very fond of , but previous generations Vostro series began , Dell's designers seem to have changed the taste , pure color tough Dell tangent style is not, and this time the new Vostro 14 3000 series be completed a return , the machine is only one color, carbon black cap barely see any modification, while the C side is also true , simple to extreme approach is also very pleasing aesthetic contemporary consumers.

TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A is a with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A Battery and 14 -inch 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen notebook , which has a resolution of 1920 × 1080, allowing users to get in the game or entertainment when the picture is very clear , and can run perfectly mainstream online games , the effect of rendering the still very desirable , and it has a very clear camera, online chat and more convenient .

The screen had to look again tucao , even to control the cost , then 1366 × 768 should quit the stage of history , on a 14-inch screen with a resolution of low disadvantage is quite obvious , but fortunately for distinguished business notebook rate is not high, then use an external monitor , basically will not cause any effect, and the border areas is not thin, but good strength , I feel there is no separation of the screen .

Roof strength is very good, and this is a consistent feature of Dell , but showing a matte surface matte texture, fine lines above solid feel well, firmly press the screen does not appear water ripples , in addition, this notebook uses high sunken shaft , damping, basically unable to open and close with one hand . The maximum angle of more than 150 °, the screen does not use IPS panel , so viewing angle is limited.

We use PCMark 8 Asus G56J and ASUS G56J Battery test, because PCMark 8 more sensitive to the processor and hard drive speed, we measured into 3317 points, regarded as the mainstream level , if replaced by SSD hard drive, there will be some improvement scores .

Surface temperature , we use specialized equipment to detect the temperature of the notebook 's cooling performance testing. In order to facilitate the distribution of temperature we observed the whole , we get the temperature distribution through the instrument to detect , record and mark various parts of the temperature , illustrated as follows :

From the temperature distribution on the map view, most of the heat is accumulated in the aircraft ventilation holes and the left area of ​​the keyboard , the keyboard and other heat care right palm area is not high, most of the actual experience of comfort position better comfort left part of the body have reduced .
Next we will look together TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A notebook appearance , this product mainly uses 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite C40D Battery and a lot of brushed metal material , and is equipped with magnesium alloy , the overall showing exquisite atmosphere , and silver-gray body looks more stable, screen and link shaft C surface is bright silver , very prominent , but also showing its luxury side.

The fourth -generation intelligent Intel Core i5 4010M processor belongs to the new platform , with 2 core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The initial clocked at 1.7GHz, supports Turbo technology with 3MB L3 cache. Performance, we use old software CINEBENCH R10 test for treatment , and ultimately get the results mononuclear 5047 points, multicore 10040 points. Graphics , the machine uses the Intel HD 4400 discrete graphics and Core Graphics . As is known , this entry-level discrete graphics positioning , but for multimedia processing and some basic games can still play some role in testing by 3DMARK 11 , 2213 the final score obtained in E mode , in line with the performance of entry-level performance.

Hard drive tests, finally got an average read speed of 83.5MB / s , while the minimum is reached 40.4MB / s , while the access time of 18.5 milliseconds is reached , the overall performance for a mechanical hard drive is still very good . Here we look at the actual test case of the Dell Vostro 3446 's heat . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark 1.92 AIDA64 software and comes with pager pager program , so that the GPU and CPU are working at high loads , especially GPU, almost a full run . Then an hour later, the books were to see this internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

The new 3DMARK , the Asus G56J with ASUS G56JR Battery in CloudGate single display mode , the score before the crossfire , crossfire after 5111 points respectively , 5532 points, 4040 points, which can explain G56J can run smoothly like Devil May Cry 5, DOTA2 and other large game .

Through pictures can be seen in just approach it as 92 frames , frames of 59 at the time of the general fight in team battles , when the number of frames to 39 , the performance is very good .

WOW has swept the world for many years, but the players love it unabated , which is the benchmark game benchmark tests . In World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria expansion pack , Blizzard is not only to change the game environment , but also to strengthen the delicate textures of nature , so that if your computer can play World of Warcraft, the year may not be able to run smoothly now World of Warcraft .
TOSHIBA Satellite C40D-A notebook , which use TOSHIBA Satellite C40D-A battery the Intel Core i5-4210U as the processor, but also equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, in addition also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive . It appears consumers can solve the high cost business needs? Next we take a look at this product .