MEDION Akoya P6647 and DELL Inspiron 14-3442 review

The beginning , when I had visited MEDION laptop in Hangzhou R & D production base TIH, but also our product evaluation today MEDION Akoya P6647 birth place, current business notebook markets , MEDION is almost the only one still sticking percentile hundred independent research and development , testing and integration of R & D and manufacturing companies, especially investment in product testing a lot of energy , but many people do not understand why MEDION 's Portégé, Akoya business series notebooks sold so expensive, in the end there What mysteries inside, in fact, the real quality is hard to describe , only through long-term immersive experience to conclude that not only is the quality of the configuration , it is the overall performance inside out

MEDION Akoya P6647 is a 14 -inch notebook , and different from the previous P6643 , P6647 attributed Akoya series , which also shows P6647 P6643 so not like pursuit of the ultimate thin and light , but care more about the overall performance, and in the manufacturing process and aspects of materials was higher than the all-around R30, positioned within the yuan , is a fully-fledged top business notebook .

In regard various vendors on the 13.3 inches of the top business product line when , MEDION was launched 14-inch P6647 with MEDION A41-B34 Battery, which virtually curry favor with the domestic business users , after all, this is the most user -approved sizes , and P6647 portable but did not compromise in terms of thickness less than 20mm , 1.5kg weight and performance , still let P6647 disdain for the masses, and a power-saving successes in the MEDION, this still did not let us down. Let's look at this Akoya P6647 concrete manifestation of it .

As an editor notebooks , laptops are often asked to recommend a friend request was simply cost-effective, which is called doing more with less , and when asked about their budget , most people would throw to the sentence: "4000 block it, " I know that when you say want to buy a laptop over 4000 when they , in fact, only about 3000 real thoughts , today at this price though optional models more, but equally matched , product most do not have a distinct selling point, and today we got a notebook Asus PU401LA is true , we are concerned at such a low price, so that the user can provide quality assured , which is part of the " cost" .

ASUS PU301LA series with 6cell ASUS C31N1318 Battery by configuration point of view , from low-end Celeron , to high-end Core i7 are distributed using the same mold, but with a slightly different hardware prices from 2500 yuan to 3600 yuan cover which Core i3 version can be purchased for around 2,800 yuan , this time we get is high with i7 version , with a 2GB memory GT720M alone significantly and 1TB hard drive, as the entry-level model , this configuration still show some sincerity .

May 21, 2014 - May 30, 2011 , ZOL 15 anniversary geeks will , there will be half-price spike ten thousand yuan more than the flagship game , the lowest one yuan seconds Lenovo little new to this , special deals mainstream king , preferential purchase pole guest suite and other rich activities. Netizens are welcome to participate as soon as possible , missed really regret it forever !

MEDION Akoya P6647 with 6cell MEDION A32-B34 Battery can be seen as a larger version of the P6643, both have the same family design ID, simple , low-key feel is still the P6647 to the first author , and may those who desperately Bo relative to the market compared to the eye of the notebook , P6647 it is too obscure , but then again, good, only used to know .

From two years ago , Asus equipped to create their own family in ID design , black and white and metallic gray became the main color , the color line in popular today , Asus notebook remains a key and reserved style , from UX series , Y series , A series, all of this, but PU401LA design style gives the first impression is a business , not as a color , but prolonged engaging .

Asus notebook cover is still using a concentric pattern , before the UX series of laser to the floating-point matrix PU401LA with ASUS C31N1303 Battery, are arranged in concentric circles , like , combined with delicate piano paint , very smooth, but in terms of strength and cover with a metal skeleton still has gaps, what seemed more pressing soft , water ripples appear on the screen .

Next, we use PCMark 7 on the consolidated performance of the machine was tested from the test results , MEDION Akoya E7226T final overall score of 6092 points , indicating MEDION Akoya E7226T game is a good performance of this product , integrated configuration performance scores even beyond the same processor to introduce a few days ago , a different game the graphics .

MEDION Akoya E7226T notebook with 4cell MEDION A41-C17 Battery and a hybrid hard drive , mechanical hard drive has 1TB capacity, 7200 RPM , while the solid state drive has 360GB capacity. From the mechanical hard disk test we see that the minimum speed of 57.2MB / s , up to 129.4MB / s , and the average speed of 98.5MB / s , the results point of view , the mechanical hard drive performance is very good .

Intel Core i5 4200M has two core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-MB, initially clocked at 2.5GHz, supports Turbo technology , shared L3 cache is 3MB.

Next, we tested PCMARK 7, by half an hour of testing , and ultimately got a total score of 2598 points , this result is not ideal , because this product does not use a solid-state hard drive, so the speed is not fast. NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M is 710M high-frequency version , in addition to the core , GPU Boost, memory frequency has improved , and the remaining specifications exactly the same (GF117 core , 28nm process , 96 CUDA, 64 -bit memory interface ) , the scope of the same 710M, performance reference GT 630M. Belong to the low-end single level.

Dell Inspiron 14 comprises three sub- series 3000, 5000 and 7000 , respectively, corresponding to locate an entry-level , mainstream and midrange . With respect to the 5000 Series , Dell Inspiron 143,000 while maintaining the excellent workmanship , but also more low-key and restrained , pure black paint plus minimalist design style is more pleasing business people , A surface distribution of the lozenge for the whole adds a sense of fashion . In terms of performance, equipped with a fourth-generation intelligent Intel Core i5 processor , so power consumption, battery life and performance has been a relatively perfect balance.

This time we got a Dell Inspiron 14 3442 notebook performance balanced configuration, the Intel Core i5 processor with intelligent entry-level alone was covered from the business office to meet the needs of most home games and entertainment , the more valuable is this workmanship notebook models have a relatively significant progress, and the color has become more beautiful , we can say at this price , 14 3000 series with DELL Inspiron 3442 Battery is very noteworthy .

As a business notebook , MEDION 's "little blue dot " (Accupoint pointing stick ) can be considered one of its marks , and ThinkPad Trackpoint different is its own little blue dot greater friction and inertia to be more obvious , with the touch prosecution of the board left and right buttons , you can achieve the same effect instead of a mouse , a little worse than the red dot .

Compare Unfortunately this MEDION P6647 uses 6cell MEDION Akoya P6647 Battery an ordinary resolution screen , 1366 × 768 looks a little stingy , the overall display to maintain a consistent feature of MEDION , delicate cold , saturation is relatively low, but there is no case of partial white , and matte screen used to prevent glare , coupled with a relatively narrow borders, the entire screen as part of the business office , that was basically qualified .

Keyboard is still a traditional chocolate island-style keyboard , keyboard keys significantly shorter , but still can reach after skilled ideal input speed.

Interface, Dell Inspiron 14 3442 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 14-3442 Battery interfaces are on most of the fuselage on the left , you can see a notebook shrinkage, a power jack, a heat vent , an HDMI video output interface , an RJ-45 interface and a USB3.0 and one USB2.0 interface , in addition, the headset microphone combo jack is also on this side , on the right side of the fuselage is a card reader and USB3.0 interfaces, as well as a DVD burner .