Newest LENOVO Yoga 3 Pro and FUJITSU LifeBook E544 E554 coming

Lenovo is now one of the most extensive PC market discourse right manufacturers, whether the product market share, brand recognition, reserve or the whole IT ecosystem influence, have reached the position of leader. From the PC era to the era of the PC+, Lenovo showed a remarkable ability to adapt, in a turning notebook market occupy nearly half of the share. In the rapid growth of the tablet computer market has become a dark horse to catch up from behind, become the global shipments of third manufacturers. What associations which have unique mode of operation in terms of marketing? We take the problem interviewed Association vice president and chief marketing officer of David roman.

Perhaps global strategy is to associate the sign of the maturity of the Shuangcheng conference, held in October 10th, Lenovo has demonstrated sufficient market control, attracted the eyes of the world. Lenovo YOGA new conference held in London and Beijing on the same day, countless IT enthusiasts in the network to watch the live broadcast, Chinese as Lenovo's camp, annual flagship conference behoove, while London as a center of Da Fu on behalf of the European market is held jointly, also on behalf of the Association for the European market attention mood. According to the latest data of the IDC display, Lenovo in the European market share has been close to 20%, become one of the most important overseas market association.

The new Lenovo released YOGA 3 PRO with built-in LENOVO Yoga 3 Pro Battery also uses the screen shaft rotating 360 degrees, can be reversely folded as flat computer use, can provide support at any angle. But the YOGA 3 PRO and the use of a laptop screen is the same as the length of the screen shaft design, similar to the metal strap watch, material than plastic and aluminum with more texture. Screen a new shaft through artificial will more than 800 independent stainless steel and aluminum components assembled together, also need through the connection point and a screen connected together up to 6.

In addition to screen shaft is new, YOGA 3 PRO than the previous generation of a 17% reduction in the thickness is 12.8 mm, weight reduction of 14%, although the figures on is not so obvious, but started after will feel that this is indeed the most frivolous notebook Yoga.

TOSHIBA Satellite S70-B notebook with 5200mAh TOSHIBA Satellite S70-B Battery will still loudspeaker design on the fuselage, and formed a sound system with excellent exclusive Bel master. The machine is equipped with a TOSHIBA "golden ear team" and the world's top audio brand B&O to create a common Sonic Master Lite "Bel Canto masters" sound technology, combined with the excellent hardware and AudioWizard optimization software, bring better quality sound for the user experience.

David Roman believes association the right market and product strategy is the reason why Lenovo rapid access to European consumers. He introduced to Lenovo in the design of new products is to emphasize the building the star product, in order to establish a brand image, and using the network propaganda way of social media in new product promotion. As this new YOGA release, global consumers are available on the web for free to watch the live conference.

FUJITSU LifeBook E544 with FUJITSU LifeBook E544 Battery Intel Celeron notebook carrying N2930 processor, the 1.80GHz frequency for the built-in Intel HD Graphics; core graphics, graphics can be competent for non severe task; have 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, equipped with 64GB solid state disk +500GB mechanical hard disk combination; with 14 inch display, maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. The main external material E544 for composite material, drawing design involves D surface is also full of personality.

Of course, this should not and all cause Lenovo in overseas market success, associate why can occupy most of the market share in the tablet computer this new product on the market, David Roman made a further explanation: in fact association is not just in Europe gained market share, because Lenovo's strategy is a global synchronization, so the results of balanced development in the global each fractionize domain synchronous development, Lenovo's growth is global, which covers the European market.

According to the power options, ACER TravelMate P246 extension base should contain a battery-ACER TravelMate P246 Battery, but it random standard battery capacity is 52Wh.TravelMate P246 as ACER commercial super the pinnacle, have a good performance in all aspects, especially the built-in a variety of security software can further ensure the user safe use, and Folio from the product design 9480m definitely can be said to be "Seiko as:" for business professionals preferences grasp, control of the product details of the one's own knack in combination of hardware, and so on, all these made TravelMate P246 this section of top super products, excellent reputation and quality and ACER Dachang accumulated in the past, make ACER EliteBook TravelMate P246 become a can be assured that the choice of products!

Association in the market segments of the main product line actually has a subdivision of the difference, PC line of business in the European market growth rate is higher than the China market, and mobile phone business line maximum growth point is in the Chinese. Although there are different manifestations of the product line in the market segment, but David Roman still emphasizes that the association will first of all to ensure that the leadership position in the PC market, then keep the development of positive attitudes towards new product line. "A fresh all day" concept and no bondage Lenovo in emerging product line performance, in the PC+ panel shipments statistical association just behind apple 0.7%, possibly beyond in a very short period of time, thus becoming the pan PC leader.

FUJITSU LifeBook E554 laptop with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E554 Battery has a good look, at least let author side many people saw will not resist. We can see this laptop uses a composite material, removal of the A surface painting did not do too many articles, belongs to a kind of steady simple style. This design is not too rich sense of shock, but the overall effect will make people feel comfortable, even make people think of cold rigorous business notebook.

Lenovo Yoga series notebook and tablet computer is combined with the mix of category, than traditional notebook lighter and thinner. The new YOGA 3 PRO made the biggest change since the category released updated screen axis -- the traditional design, become more tough and durable. The following is taken from the foreign media, theverge.com started to experience:

Here we test dissipation about the TravelMate P246 notebook. Our test methods still is in 25 degrees Celsius temperature, copy machine program makes this laptop runs Furmark copy machine software and comes with AIDA64, so that GPU and CPU are working at higher load, especially GPU, ACER TravelMate P246-M Battery is almost full speed running. Then half an hour later, the temperature inside the core of the book and examine the body surface temperature.

Yoga 3 Pro will be available in the official in the association USA website and Best Buy by the end of 10, the price is 1349 dollars (about 8500 yuan), there are silver, orange and Jin Shaisan color choice.

At the same time release and the new ThinkPad Yoga 14, a high price for business design model. This machine adopts the Intel core i5 processor, 1080p screen, with NV graphics card, built-in 1TB HDD mechanical hard disk and 16GB solid state storage.

ThinkPad Yoga 14 battery usage time up to 8 hours, but also with a full size HDMI connection and convenient display and projection. This model will also be at the end of this month by Best Buy exclusive sales, the only black version for $1199.

And Yoga 2 like Pro, YOGA 3 PRO also features a 13 inch screen resolution of 3200 x 1800, although specifications than the traditional 108p Full HD is much better, but a recent years several 4K screen product clusters, such resolution and not a year ago IdeaPad Yoga special SO 2 Pro release.

FUJITSU Lifebook T734 with 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook T734 Battery Intel Celeron N2930 processor notebook carrying, clocked at 1.80GHz; use Intel HD Graphics with core graphics; 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, 64GB hard disk and 500GB combined with solid mechanical hard disk. Let's see what its performance.