ASUS ROG G771JM G771JW and ACER TravelMate P256 P276 detail

In July 31, 2014 the upcoming Chinajoy 2014, as the top gaming notebook brand Asus ROG naturally will not miss this event, it will join the new top G771J games this jointly Blizzard game masterpiece "hero" innovation storm together exhibitors, ROGG771J will be the strong performance and super excellent engineering design showcase its most perfect "posture". In Chinajoy 2014, two days before the opening, the Asus top ROG games this G771J came to PConline testing room, we finished the evaluation of it in depth for the first time you ahead of the secret!

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the highest quality setting, the average frame rate is 194.3fps, the minimum number of frames 189, the highest number of frames in 209; 1366 * 768 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 267.3fps, the minimum number of frames 221, the frame rate of 324.

ASUS ROG G771J is equipped with Intel fourth generation Haswell core i7-4860HQ processor, the core frequency is 2.4GHz, Rui frequency can reach 3.6GHz, built-in Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 core graphics, and equipped with 8GB DDR5 memory of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M graphics card. Not only CPU and GPU G771J also has excellent performance with ASUS G771JM Battery, Asus storage combined super, it is equipped with two pieces of 256GB SSD solid state drive consisting of a Raid 0 array, can achieve extremely the like system startup and running speed, is a strong support for the large 3D game, at the same time it is also equipped with 32GB DDR3 memory and 1.5TB HDD machine hard disk, providing enough game operation and installation space for the user, without the need to upgrade second!

The mention of domestic notebook computer, ACER's TravelMate series absolutely can not be ignored. With respect to those who seek cost-effective products, ACER TravelMate is not cost-effective products, but this is not because ACER cannot do price, but pay more attention to product quality, internal therefore, notebook computer ACER most are very durable, such as the purchase of the 06 years of TravelMate640m, in addition to run fast enough, still no any fault, the remarkable quality.

Will have to lose, in pay attention to quality at the same time, in order to obtain the ultimate price of course will be very difficult, therefore, if you focus on a product is durable enough, then choose ACER is absolutely no problem.

This evaluation, we introduce the ACER TravelMate P246 with 6cell high capacity ACER TravelMate P246-MG Battery of a mainstream level product -- TravelMate P256. This product at first glance is very much like a business, design of black color plus steady, make it difficult to believe that it is a from the domestic TravelMate series products, although its overall design did not have too much concern place, but after careful observation will find, this is a detail and quality excellent products.

"Glorious mission" was developed jointly by the Nanjing military region and the Wuxi giants of China's first with independent intellectual property rights of military games, at present the military version has been in the army service, China more than 200 active duty officers forestalls to experience the liberation. As for the troops of PLA training, entertainment of the first military game "glorious mission" birth carries a special mission, its outstanding quality attention and look forward to an unprecedented, including CCTV news broadcast, the domestic and foreign media has carried on the long-term concern and reported on the "glorious mission".

ROG was a famous ASUS motherboard series, it originated from the ASUS G771J Series with ASUS G771JW Battery to the extreme in the pursuit of quality, the game series notebook main push personalized and differentiated product concept, it can be said that ROG has now become the representative of high-end PC games , in the hardware is always the highest allocation, and the shape is strongly fit players like different individual needs.

"Lost Planet 2" game stage is before EDN-3rd after warming change the story happened after ten years, here will add new jungle scene, the protagonist is not before that as a man, but to "snow thieves" are different from the perspective of story. The same with before, "Lost Planet 2" by CAPCOM company original engine MT Framework the latest version of the VER.2.0 development, the game world performance will be more detailed and beautiful. And not just on the screen of the evolution, the works will be on the basis of a large number of new players require additional elements in the front, new scenes and new roles, new weapons since Needless to say, the role of action is also more colorful than before.

The hardware aspect, TMP256 uses the 6cell ACER TravelMate P256-M Battery and the basic hardware combination core i5 low voltage +AMD Radeon R5 M240 alone, and equipped with a 8GB memory, 1TB hard disk, the whole practical route, and strive to bring about a cheap practical product for the user, so the overall feel of TravelMate P256 give people is low-key benefits.

In fact, how to distinguish good and bad heat dispersion, the highest temperature can not represent what. Ventilation vent of the absolute temperature is the highest, if not, it is only that the heat dissipation problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location, and other parts of the temperature not higher than 40 DEG C, it can determine the cooling system design belongs to a more reasonable.

The right column is very interesting, is a creative and attempt to enhance user experience. We can see the My Favorites column, which is corresponding to the user a list of commonly used applications, and the most creative place is, its contents are based on the product model of automatic switching. Such as notebook mode commonly used Word, Outlook, Evernote, here will appear. When you change the tent mode, it will be for you to push the application for tent mode, such as watching video, when you cut the tent model here is player application show.

Because the core M platform just issued soon, the market also does not have this platform product based on another computer, so most of the test software can correctly identify the platform of information.

For laptop computers, users are often very concerned about the situation of heat dissipation of them, if the cooling effect is not ideal or thermal design question, the overall use of experience will be very bad, here we come to the TravelMate P256 with ACER TravelMate P256 Battery heat actually test.

Our test methods is still at 25 degrees at room temperature, let this laptop runs Furmark copy machine software, so as to make the GPU work in the high load. After half a hour, the internal core temperature were to view this books and the body surface temperature.

From the temperature distribution of the above point of view, most of the keyboard parts of heat are concentrated in the middle and the right, the left and the touch panel, the left side of the keyboard wrist rest part of almost no heat distribution, so that users in the use of the machine, the left hand will feel very cool.

First of all, from the temperature sensor AIDA 64, TravelMate P256 with 6cell ACER TravelMate P256-MG Battery whole is very good, basic core temperature at about 64 DEG C, good heat dissipation efficiency.

We through the CINEBENCH R10 on its performance has been evaluated, as you can see, this processor single core dual core score is 4955 points, score of 10282 points, the computing speed is good.

Intel core i5 4210U is a dual core four thread mobile stage low voltage processor, with 1.7GHz initial frequency, turbo boost can be upgraded to 2.7GHz, it 22nm the process of Haswell framework based on 3MB design, with three level cache performance is good, but the power consumption is 15W.

Home entertainment properties and finally we use PCMark 8 to TravelMate P256 was tested in PCMark 8 Home mode for the product will Web browsing, photo processing, document processing, video codec, ACER TravelMate P276 Battery, game performance and other daily used to simulate test, comprehensive performance evaluation so as to give the machine.