ASUS BU201 and DELL Inspiron 15-7547 review

For these three words the price, ASUS products fully deserve, it has even become a symbol of the ASUS brand. ASUS recently launched another thin new BU201, for ASUS himself, this is another breakthrough of accumulated experience and technology, for consumers, this is also the price butcher ASUS thrown into the market a bomb. Today to introduce the BU201, the i3+FHD IPS 1080p only two thousand head of ultra-thin products.

ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 by using the Intel fourth generation Haswell core i3-4005U processor, the core frequency is 1.7GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4400 core graphics. At the same time, the ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 also uses 4GB DDR3 memory and 500GB mechanical hard disk storage combination, with 2499 of the price, the price is very prominent. However, it is worth mentioning is the ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 also uses a resolution of 1920 x 1080 IPS 12.3 inch high-definition display, highlight the ASUS products of this high price.

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first set of specialized comprehensive benchmark testing tool based on Microsoft DX10 API build, and can fully play multiple cards, multi core processor advantage, can meet the PC game system performance testing requirements in the current and future a period of time. 3Dmark 06 based on the DX9 test environment, is the most common 3D graphic software testing of a mobile platform.

ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 body with ASUS B21N1404 Battery top adopts aluminum alloy material to create, supplemented by grinding process, which makes the machine looks very texture, also need not worry completely fingerprint problem, very easy to do, but this product is also at this price for the few metal materials with notebook models. In addition to the top cover, ASUSPRO BU201 while the rest using composite material to build, but started feeling work was a solid.

In the heat the test link, the stability of the system testing tools we use the software of AIDA 64 were tested in the testing process, continuous full load in processor, memory, hard disk, and after 30 minutes after thermal imaging analysis. In the cooling effect, the body heat of C mainly concentrated in the cooling air outlet and a touch control board area, the highest temperature in the cooling air outlet, is only 37.1 degrees; mainly concentrated in the corresponding region in the D cooling fan body surface heat, most of the temperature is 45.7 degrees, other regional heat well, overall thermal performance is excellent.

As a large screen video and audio book, DELL Latitude E5550 using the APU + with AMD alone and 8cell DELL Latitude E5550 Battery, the performance can completely satisfy the entertainment aspects of the use requirements, combined with the SonicMaster sound system DELL unique and cool the cooling system, the machine has a good effect on heat and sound output.

In addition, we also adopted the method of playing online video to test endurance. Keep 50% brightness in the test, the link to the WiFi network, the network broadcast video for an hour before the play, the charge is 99%, after the completion of the power play with 75%, the prediction of high strength endurance of the machine for about 4 hours or so, lightweight use environment issued to 6 hours is not a big problem.

The overall appearance of ASUSPRO BU201 with 4cells ASUS BU201 Battery is very traditional and even with the flavor of ASUS, if you look at the familiar ASUS machines, the basic one eye can recognize this is a ASUS style. The machine gives people a boxy fuselage edge feeling, also used the fillet transition more traditional, top cover front with a sliver of plastic material design, which is more conducive to the computer for signal reception.

I believe we all know Intel HD Graphics, it is the core graphics the onboard Intel processor, the performance can meet the routine use of demand. But Intel referred to "Iris" card sharp torch, you probably have a lot of friends is not very clear, it is the Intel in 2013 June and launched, the performance is much higher than the Intel HD Graphics core graphics performance, can meet the user more rich use demand, even running some network game or low quality operation the big game, Intel Iris sharp torch card can be easily!

DELL Inspiron 7547 with 43Wh DELL Inspiron 7547 Battery is a Intel Iris notebook graphics cards sharp torch products, processor models for Intel Core i7-4760HQ, the core operating frequency is 2.10GHz, Rui highest frequency can reach 3.3GHz, also built in Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 graphics card sharp torch, the maximum thermal design power consumption for 47W TDP. The Intel Core i7-4760HQ this processor, Intel offered $434 for the suggested retail price, about 2653.3 yuan, almost with an entry-level notebook prices similar, really cheap ah!

This aspect of our test by the stability of the system using the AIDA 64 software test tools, test process for continuous full load operation of the processor, memory, thermal imaging analysis was performed after 30 minutes. The machine C the heat is mainly concentrated in the body after cooling outlet, the highest temperature appears in the shaft on the right side of 44.5 degrees; the body part, the heat is mainly concentrated in the D cooling fan on the fuselage area and at the inlet, the maximum temperature of 44 degrees, the radiating surface is more outstanding, have very overheating full body will not place.

ASUSPRO BU201L with 32Wh ASUS BU201L Battery both in the body of work or the fuselage Portability has outstanding performance, the flagship business should be consistent with the level of. The performance of the machine parts, standard four generation of core i5 processor is enough to use the demand to deal with the daily office. However, solid state drives the machine only 180GB, remove the system occupies space, available space is about 130GB, the higher requirements for the hard disk space for user should choose large capacity hard disk version.

Assassins creed 4: the black flag is Ubisoft Montreal produced an action role-playing game, is the "Assassin's Creed" series of sixth works. This topic develops around the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the game's story is based on real historical events adapted from around 1715, because at that time the European government monopoly rule, lead to piracy. This period appeared some very famous pirate characters, the protagonist of the game is born in this environment. The game supports PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U six platform, in which PS3 and PS4 version of the game also has exclusive game content for 60 minutes. In 2014 March the title was "the British game BAFTA Award - best action adventure" 4 awards nomination.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 22.95fps, the minimum number of frames 20, 25 highest frames. "Jian Yong legend: Ninja Gaiden Z" by Epic Game, Team Ninja and rice ship Jing two jointly launched the game using the Unreal Engine 3 to build. Although this is a zombie works, but with other worldly zombie game, for the first time will let players play a mysterious Ninja "blade", he was slain by Ryu Hayabusa, now is resurrected, nature will kill the Ninja Gaiden series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa orthodox

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 55.3fps, the minimum number of frames 29, 61 highest frames. 3: the rise of Titan is the rise (Risen) series RPG a new, according to introduction this is an open world game, the game is set in the middle ages. This work will enter a very gorgeous world, filled with many terrain, each choice here will have an effect on the plot, the world, the team will return to "Gothic" wind, let players experience a high degree of freedom of the medieval world, exploration will be the theme.

The resolution of DELL Inspiron 7547 with 11.1V DELL Inspiron 15-7547 Battery very good choice FULL HD Full HD, it is currently the lowest and the best game of this resolution is too low, is not suitable for. The material is selected the IPS screen, providing broad visual angle for the game player.

On the right side of the fuselage, the aircraft have headphones / microphone interface, USB 3 interface, a DP output interface, the docking interface and a power supply interface. Can be seen that the decrease in the thickness reduction and fuselage interface than most of the same size business has, but for this light business of this, we can select the external docking used in daily office, so the expansion ability also need not worry too much.

The fingerprint identification device ASUS ASUSPRO BU201L also has the standard high-end business book, facilitate business for data encryption, so as to enhance the security of the important data in the use of. Pure black kind of skin material design is used at the bottom of the fuselage, the surface is sprayed with a layer of paint finish, not only smooth to the touch, but also more durable, wear-resistant. ASUSPRO BU201L with 7.6V ASUS BU201LA Battery the whole body bottom plate are integrally formed processing, good sealing and fixing screws to ash and upgrade the words only remove all of the process is not complicated.