DELL XPS 15-1591 laptop review

DELL XPS 1591 equipped with back-mounted seamless sub-island keyboard, feel comfortable, stable and smooth sound input for the user experience. At the same time, the models with a new and more smooth and intuitive touch pad, can be multi-finger multi-touch touchpad area of ??104mm × 61mm was amazing, whether it is mainstream online games or viewing chat are more accurate, comfortable and convenient. Cool with the DELL the exclusive IceCool cool is equipped with cooling technology, leaving your hands enjoy the lasting cool and comfortable.

Not only has a thin body and the strong performance of the DELL the XPS 1591 is more elegant and atmospheric, in the pursuit of color and elegant taste even more convenient applications. Deep and distant, starry night black elegant pearl white, the DELL XPS 1591 adhering to the "ZEN" concept, aesthetics, performance, sound, battery life, thin and light, the price to achieve the perfect balance is one that allows viewers heart. buyer action, who moved to "thin the United States to share. During the hot summer, the white body gives a feeling cool and fresh and comfortable.

For those who love fashion and leisure, the DELL XPS15 1591, two-tone body can meet their unique way of life, in each specific occasion, you can choose a contrast with the color. Body fine grinding process, not just to attract people's attention on the color, feel more comfortable, refined and delicate, gorgeous fashion. With simple style, the appearance of the atmosphere in the daily use of this experience, but also by a calm and competent.

Thin portable slim design, elegant atmosphere, texture, quick, comfortable and strong performance. Dell XPS 1591 Ruichao high price, not let your heart do? If you have just joined the workplace, if you want to have a value of thin, then seize the time to act now!

As the manufacturers of "thin" concept of excessive publicity, so the notebook market, there is a misunderstanding that thin this is a good business in this, causing the user to buy troubled. In fact, thin means portable business notebook, but subject to space and weight constraints, the light of this there is no perfect interface, there is no room equipped with a CD-ROM can not be built-metal stents, resulting in products compatible with the deficiencies in the business security.

Good business in the design of this should take into account all aspects of the user process, such as security, battery life, portability, compatibility factors. The XPS 1591 with 6cell DELL XPS 1591 Battery is Dell's high-end business of the LATITUD is also Dell's top business series, reflects the strength of Dell's pragmatic, solid design. Present the full range of updates, the official website can be seen more than a dozen new models, of which 1591 is a 13.3-inch business notebook does not support online ordering, but channels can buy this product.

Many users will agree that the ThinkPad notebook, close the lid! Yes, this is classic, timeless classic is no need to change, as long as inheritance is enough compared to its predecessor W520, W530 almost no change in appearance, it's still dressed in black, angular body, know that the people of ThinkPad notebooks, one will recognize to this descent pure black.

The roof is still using the aluminum-magnesium alloy material, surface grinding treatment, texture, and very good solid feel. Left and right corner of the set of "lenovo" and the "ThinkPad" LOGO. The overall look is relatively simple, in line with the style of the business people. The W530 is equipped with a color calibrator, so the roof edge near the shaft working indicator into three, in addition to the sleep indicator, charge indicator, the far left there is a color correction instrument indicates lights. The screen color correction will flash, the correction work is completed, the lamp lit, the next time you open the screen will go out.

In order to ensure the stability and security of the 15.6 inches screen, the W530 is equipped with a large metal shaft. Use process, damping the intensity can feel fine one-handed opening and closing the screen did not. The opening and closing angle over 180 degrees, to meet the multi-faceted needs of business users.

15-inch fuselage, the fuselage interface more convenient to deploy. For mobile workstations, the interface must be equipped with a rich, in order to meet the demanding needs of business all kinds. The W530 is doing a great place. The interface layout is reasonable, and are equipped with high-end business need to use the interface. The left side of the fuselage, the end of the cooling vents, turn toward the front end is a mini DisplayPort interface, VGA interface, USB3.0 interface up and down layout, most front-end, but also from top to bottom layout, the top is a very narrow SmartCard slot. Below is a USB2.0 interface, a 1394 interface and a wireless physical switch.

We can find the standard DisplayPort into a mini DisplayPort, and the space is smaller, and the interface shape and Thunder Bolt, perhaps consider the future of the two compatible. USB3.0 interface, transfer rate, but the two interfaces to suffer too close, use a little inconvenience.

The right side of the fuselage, the end of the set safety lock and RJ45 network cable port, the central part of the bay. The front end of a 34mm express card. Slot and multi-card reader, audio combo interface.

Fuselage right side of the back-end, we can see the sony t13 series laptop with SONY VGP-BPS30 Battery is also equipped with RJ11 interface disappeared, only a USB2.0 shut down the charging port. The other end, set up an auxiliary heat vent. The power adapter interface and the interface of the the Feifei mobile workstation models, high power consumption, because the W530 is equipped with a relatively large size, power up to 170W adapters can not be mixed with non-mobile workstation products. Open the top cover, black and classic atmosphere blowing. Black matte screen frame, roof design, with classic screen locking devices, has provided a guarantee for the security of the whole machine. Superstructure in close, you can work closely with the C surface fit more tightly.

Touchpad design, coordination and overall body color, the use of frosted and tempered glass panel design, soft plastic material with and feel comfortable about the mouse button, a good navigation experience, as always. At the same time, FUJITSU LifeBook is also equipped with a fingerprint reader.

Even with 11-inch mold, FUJITSU LifeBook still have a business office should be the interface, the types of no less than the traditional 14-inch products. In addition to the fuselage comes with the interface, FUJITSU LifeBook can also be connected with a matching docking station, in order to be more fully extended. Two speakers in the bottom of the fuselage. Body within the same interface, such a small body includes two memory slots, and set aside a PCI-E slot, with the SIM card and WAN interconnection. At the same time, the demolition of the FUJITSU the LifeBook bottom shell is also very simple, the latter part of the maintenance and deployment easier.

PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether it is in the hands of the professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, system performance can understand through the PCMark Vantage test content can be divided into the processor test, memory test, graphics test, hard disk test.

The songce FUJITSU LifeBook equipped with a 4-cell 30Wh lithium ion battery, the highest performance of the state, through the MobileMark 2007 test, the whole life can even reach about 4 hours to replace the 6-cell or 9-cell battery is entirely possible to do all day unplugged state.

FUJITSU has been the pursuit of excellence in business notebook, this LifeBook fully demonstrated its superb craftsmanship in the commercial PC, solid metals and alloys as a whole, complete and user-friendly interface layout, everything aims for the business office environment . Hardware equipped with discrete graphics, but more than enough IVB structure of the i7-3667U processor to cope with the heavy form of the document processing with FUJITSU FPCBP281 Battery , it is worth this application needs, as well as the portable needs of the workplace elite purchase.

Material decoration integrated of Satellite E300 touchpad and palm rest, but its surface after special treatment, with a coarse grainy, fingers in the above slide is relatively smooth, sensitive cursor control. In the interface configuration, Toshiba  Satellite E300 with most notebook provides us with two USB3.0 interface, a USB 2.0 interface, HDMI interface and VGA interface, the interface type and quantity of basic to meet the demand we use every day. just then the left side of the two USB ports spacing smaller, some difficult to insert U disk.