Newest SAMSUNG 3 series 355V 355V5C NP355V5C Notebook review

The machine most of the heat accumulation in the keyboard area, the heat of the palm rest and keyboard area also have a lot of the palm of a long period of practical experience in the palm rest temperature will cause some discomfort. Therefore we can say that the cooling performance of SAMSUNG's this 355V 13 inch mold with discrete graphics, and indeed the whole heat on high heat caused some impact.

As a continuation of the commercial notebook models, 355V of the roof surface with a glamorous red rose, is still mired in the texture of the metal wire drawing process, compared to the older generation are not small changes in the interface layout and keyboard mold 350V, but classic one-button recovery and hard drive active protection APS is still a must-have feature for business notebooks.

This seems to allow us to appreciate a different kind of business temperament, this is the series of advantages. Of course, the machine is also some lack of heat in general, this is also the drawbacks of a small mold. It seems that the small mold notebook is not recommended with a separate graphics card, high-injury can not afford to heat people. Fortunately, the aircraft is in the standby state of the temperature performance is good.

It is worth mentioning that the Smart Card interface, the user individually to remove the interface module, and modules defined IC card can be encrypted or read user notebook internal confidential documents can be encrypted, and only used after the definition of the IC card to open, so that information can be more secure.

Notebook comes with a random software usage is not very frequent, but the OEM developed a series of notebook-specific driver and personalized applications are still played a great help, especially everyone in the network conditions the case of re-install the system, driver CD is still very important.

Since the beginning of this year, the market of ultra-pole of this product many, many of our evaluation to the super pole this product. Well-known, high-endurance characteristics of ultra-pole of this, now an ordinary notebook, its battery life will be what? View the SAMSUNG 355V Battery, we see that the specifications for 4400mAh/48Wh battery capacity is not high. Software testing life we ​​choose is PowerMark PCMark, 3DMark, but also introduced by the development of FutureMark company. It will continuously loop to run a set of test scripts, including four common applications: web browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D games, as close as possible to the actual usage of the vast majority of users. The final test results for three hours and eight minutes, just from the point of view the results of this life, this notebook, though not for long without the power of the mobile office, but emergency or can. Obviously, the SAMSUNG This 355V laptop has a bi-directional positioning, home entertainment and mobile office can be.

In addition, some random software is very useful, not only can enrich the user's software application, and security, scalability, ease of use and enough intelligent management. Today we have to try the experience has just launched the the near SAMSUNG 355V thin and light notebooks.

The ultra-thin notebook products this year, has become the focus of consumer choice, in addition to mainstream super-very new emerging, ultra-thin notebook equipped with a whole new generation of the APU is also sprung up everywhere. In addition to its ultra-portable body, APU thin the biggest advantage is cost-effective, less than 4500 yuan price range is still very attractive. Today for everyone to bring a 13.3-inch Samsung 355V5C equipped with AMD Trinity A6 processor platform, processor Core fusion single significant graphics processing capability is also a good performance.

Samsung 355V5C screen size is 13.3 inches, and super-bright image enhancement technology, the screen brightness raised to 300nit 40% increase than the average screen brightness, screen glare, even in strong light outside can clearly appreciate the the screen. In addition, the top of the screen edge section embedded webcam, user-friendly video communication and application. Ultra-thin biggest advantages is very portable, compared to traditional notebook 2.5kg body weight, and indeed a lot of light. After the actual test, the Samsung 355V5C bare metal weight is 1.477kg plus adapter travel weight of 1.744kg, less than 1.5kg weight of either one-handed guidance and help, or back in the bag will not cause too much pressure. In addition, the power adapter to simplify the design, thin weighs less than 300g, is also very convenient to carry.

Samsung 355V5C thin the shaft opening and closing of the design used in the home, the damping force control just right when it is moved does not appear to sway back and forth. Shaft with metal mesh combination is that the cooling air outlet of the machine, and lengthen the cooling gap can maximize the release of the internal body heat. The keyboard layout law-abiding, the very texture of the typical Samsung power button is placed in the upper right corner of the keyboard, there is no alternative arrangements for other shortcut keys. Chocolate type keycap particles have become commonplace, Samsung 355V5C keys feel good performance, press the feedback force control is more appropriate, and designed specifically for the Chinese input method independent keys, user can quickly switch input methods.

Life, this time to send test 355V built-in battery 10.8V SAMSUNG 355V5C Battery system detection software that comes with energy-saving mode, battery life about 4 hours and 20 minutes. Some models will be equipped with 100WHr and 55WHr specifications of the battery, battery backup can choose larger ST08 delay laptop battery (9 cell / 73WHr) and HP the BB09 long life laptop battery (9 cell / 100WHr).

By convention, we use the FurMark software to make this machine run in the high-load condition, after nearly half an hour's time, the processor temperature rises to 97 ° C, discrete graphics, the temperature reached 86 ° C, a single from the sensor temperature, NP355V5C core temperature is high, then the actual experience of how to do? The break away from the part of the average temperature is only 32.7 ° C, when the user does not have a burning sensation, while a higher position for the temperature in the center of the keyboard area. The maximum temperature of only 44.2 ℃, with satisfactory performance.

D surface of the two thermal windows high temperature reached 51.6 ° C and 48.8 degrees Celsius, which means that our best not to speak NP355V5C long on the leg. Recently, a number of notebook manufacturers have started to test the water and electricity providers to promote sales, some heavy products in the above starting this SAMSUNG Jingdong Mall for exclusive custom products, but few NP355V5C product itself, the highlight of the relative competitors, the price advantage is not obvious, although this should be the advantages of the electricity supplier channels.

Performance of NP355V5C overall balance, whether it is more practical performance of the appearance of the process material or performance, there are some SAMSUNG specific features, such as a master of bel canto, ICE COOL DESIGN thermal design and SHE hybrid engines. There is room for concessions of 6499 yuan notebook Jingdong Mall, if you are looking for a large-screen video of this, the budget is not too high, then the series NP355V5C recommended.

In April of this year, Intel released latest ivyBridge processor, a focus on graphics and CPU promotional war and it has started. Early as in May this year, the SAMSUNGSAMSUNG came up with new design NP355V5C series, use of IVB processor, but when the product is equipped GTX670M significant independence, not a new architecture. And now our test room finally got equipped with new Kepler architecture 28nm top the GeForce GTX 680M significant independence core products, even more shocking is that new SAMSUNG NP355V5C also a dual SSD Raid0 mode, in view of the entire configuration there is no bottleneck, the following specific evaluation.

Appearance, this notebook SAMSUNGSAMSUNG NP355V5C adhering to the game atmosphere, tough design style, cover with a composite material, and has a brushed texture, the center of the SAMSUNG logo design is very conspicuous in the boot after the identity You can also light. The edge of the roof using high strength plastic material, and plays a certain protective effect on the laptop screen.

The SAMSUNG NP355V5C with 9cell SAMSUNG NP355V5C Battery game this using a 15.3-inch glare Full HD display, or which game this is rare, even in strong light environment, the user can clearly see the screen display content, a lot of convenience for the user's. In addition, the border of the screen with a matte effect, to prevent contamination during use of fingerprints and other stains. The SAMSUNG NP355V5C display maximum support 1920 × 1080 full HD display, set up a high-definition camera and microphone array at the top of the screen.