SAMSUNG 350V 350V5C NP350V5C Series Notebook

SAMSUNG 350V of this mold with SAMSUNG 3 Series Super pole this without any change in the top and bottom shell are metal materials to build the roof and the wire drawing process, on the one hand is to the solid body, on the other hand enhance the the product level, feeling more loose SAMSUNG notebook before a change of this product "temperament" in his hand, immediately becomes compact and up - the texture is not far from SAMSUNG. A shell above the bar Wireless LAN antenna area, which is the typical style of the SAMSUNG, with the middle of the Logo, one could make out its essence.

Windows, the Intel patch to "is also ultra-pole of this trend, compact palm rest is more beautiful, but SAMSUNG will do the opposite opinion from the detailed configuration of the right side of the palm rest stickers, which is the SAMSUNG The usual style. I thought the thicker the body will bring a longer keyboard key way, but SAMSUNG ultra-pole of this advantage in this session but did not, the actual operation of the keyboard a bit loose - key soft key way than the short, it is a lot of money outstanding, after all, cost control. At the same time, independent shortcuts disappear in this area still requires the user to a lot of culture to use habits.

Due to the larger body sake, SAMSUNG super pole of this interface design is more at ease, standard VGA interface impressively before this super pole this Toshiba Z830 Business, which details also reflects the SAMSUNG in the mold design on the intentions of the Department. The only downside would be near the USB interface when connected to VGA impact that the USB interface can not be fully inserted.

The standard screen and widescreen notebook screen on the market, but whether it is a standard screen or widescreen mode is specified by a ratio of 4:3 or 16:10. However, according to the study of ergonomics, found the field of view of the two eyes is not a party, but a rectangular aspect ratio of 16:9, Therefore, most notebooks on the market are using the 16:9 widescreen display, only a small part of the high-end notebook is still a 16:10 wide-screen. Nowadays the mainstream 1366 × 768 resolution is non-standard resolution.

Screen size, most consumers will choose the 12-inch, 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch notebook. Generally opt for the 12-inch and 13-inch users, focusing on portability. Configuration may be less powerful, but it will perform well in terms of light weight and battery life, in line with the appetite of the business people. 14-inch display frequency is the minimum size acceptable by gamers, for gamers, game-based visual effects, high-resolution display of the notebook 15 inches or 15 inches would be a better choice. Larger the size of the notebook, the price will increase with, therefore, the buyer, but also according to their preferences and budget their own measure.

Brand new SAMSUNG 350V and SAMSUNG 350V Battery super pole this the biggest change is the platforms using the Ivy Bridge processor, it has been substantial progress in performance. This songce SAMSUNG 350V powered by i7-3517U dual four thread low voltage processor, its TDP is 17W, clocked at 1.70GHz, Turbo Boost single-threaded up to 2.00GHz and integrated intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics. Using a 22nm process, so although the frequency decreased, but its performance rise, not fall. It also built-in 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM, 256GB the SSD.

IPS also known as a hard screen, wide viewing angle screen, has a unique molecular level conversion structure, able to achieve a viewing angle of 178 degrees around the upper and lower display technology is the color reproduction of the most accurate one. IPS screen notebook is not even an appearance that will make us feel amazing, such as high-end ThinkPad X220 with IPS wide-angle screen, viewed from the side show the effect of instant spike of the same model using the TN screen notebook (TN a relatively low price, the most widely used on the notebook LCD panel), even face up to the IPS screen display compared to the TN screen is improved significantly.

Since the IPS wide-angle screen display upgrade, then why should only a handful? The high cost is a major factor. In addition, the screen is small, portable and so even more notebook personal items, the lower the probability of friends to share. Even worse, most business applications, users (or designers of the PC manufacturers) prefer to the screen viewing angle is small, in order to avoid the people around you spy on the screen caused the secrets to. Notebook display, there are usually two different styles, they were smooth (commonly referred to as mirror) or non-smooth covering. Smooth display of the advantages of the contrast and brightness are high, while images appear rounded patch grainy. However, this screen also has its drawbacks, because the surface is very smooth, so the reflection rate is relatively high; non-smooth display is a little older products, but they are still widely used. Non-smooth display there will be no reflection interference, and the new display is quite good in contrast. However, the graininess of the screen will be slightly stronger.

Substantial speaker design really does make the laptop generally tasteless sound quality is a lot of the larger units greater sound field, but also the bass more full. In addition, the power button is also the only machine function keys, simplified design in line with this 655 portable, simple to the overall style. HP 655 using the common chocolate keyboard design low keycap feel slightly soft. Suspension keyboard using the sinking of Square design, equivalent to elevate the wrist, while increasing the key way, you can get a better feel to ease the fatigue of the wrist.

The palm rest part of the HP 655 with 48Wh HP 655 Battery in particular, to increase this part of the area, especially the size of the touchpad compared to the previous generation increased by 50%. Wider palm rest with a larger touchpad, which can effectively enhance the positioning of the keyboard keys, and can also ease the discomfort after prolonged use of hand to a certain extent.

Interface part of the HP 655 complete include the common interface of the mainstream user, the left side in turn set up a Kensington lock slot, RJ45 cable interface, USB3.0 interface, USB2.0 interface and CD-ROM drive. Right part of the body, the interface followed by the headphone jack, microphone port, USB3.0 interface, HDMI interface, VGA interface, and strip vents and power interface. Is still the right side of the cooling of the HP notebook As for this design is reasonable, benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom, please judge for themselves.

The active matrix LCD is the one of the best LCD color display device can display 24-bit color depth, true color, and can be done under the standard of high-speed, high-brightness, high contrast display, so now the notebook the mainstream of the computer's display device. For display, the screen resolution and proportion of its important parameters, XGA, WXGA screen Electronics Standards Association worked out that we often see a display resolution mode, different patterns represent different specifications rate and the screen ratio.

SAMSUNG NP350V5C still chocolate keyboard design, feel and resilience is relatively good. SAMSUNG NP350V5C the trackpad to make a comprehensive transformation to give up a split trackpad into a large area of ??the integrated touchpad, so since very conducive to completion of amplification, narrow, forward and backward simple gestures such as manipulation, and use the positioning is very accurate, NP350V5C this change is very good. And the SAMSUNG NP350V5C keyboard also backlight design, the LED backlight of the keyboard in a dark environment and comfortable operating experience, but only when the user keyboard input, the backlit keyboard will light up, you can save battery power.

The interface, SAMSUNG NP350V5C still maintain the tradition of the SA and SD series, all interfaces are set in the right side of the body, front to back followed by a safety lock, HG Duo Memory Stick slot, SD card slot. VGA, HDMI, USB3.0 interface, a USB2.0 interface, support the shutdown charge, RJ45 network cable port and power jack. The left side of the fuselage, set up a slot-loading optical drive. Types of interface may seem a fairly complete, but this one-sided design remain hidden, if you insert mold interface or mobile device, will inevitably have a certain impact, but the interface design is specified by the design of the motherboard To change is not a simple matter.

SAMSUNG NP350V5C cooling performance is good, we can see that the overall temperature of the keyboard area at 37 ° C, and the palm rest is only little more than 30 degrees Celsius, but the temperature is higher near the location of thermal windows, but does not will use a major impact. The rear cover open, we can see the SAMSUNG NP350V5C using the 4400mAh lithium-ion SAMSUNG NP350V5C Battery, and hard disk storage and memory compartment arrangement, the internal body is quite compact. Thermal testing: furmark will be two hot parts of the machine CPU and graphics up and running, running 30 minutes after the temperature at the meeting to a limit of a high degree of thermal analyzer for temperature detection (temperature cross-pieces 28 ° C-55 ° C: below the lower limit of temperature is displayed black; more than the upper temperature limit will be displayed white).