LENOVO E49 laptop and ASUS A56C Series Ultrabook detail

LENOVO E49 as a high-end business notebook, its rich interface, strong expand. Almost every interface, the fuselage the left: VGA, USB 3.0, headphone jack each one fuselage on each side; fuselage on the right: HDMI, eSATA, USB 3.0 (the charge off) ExpressCard module card slot 1; machines front of the body: an SD card slot; the fuselage behind: USB 2.0, the telephone line interface (dial-up), a network port; underside of the fuselage: to expand the dock interface.

Look at the number, type, and expand based on the interface, LENOVO E49 is worthy of a high-end business, the distribution of its interface is more reasonable, basic not appear to use interface conflict embarrassing phenomenon. As for the the ExpressCard module card slot and to expand dock allows E49 to expand more storage space with the interface according to the user's mind. Data security is the most important aspect of the business people, data loss and leakage often mean the loss of property, and the results of the work were destroyed. The high-end business notebook usually take a number of ways to strengthen data protection, LENOVO E6430 is no exception, it provides a fingerprint identification, contactless smart card and password three login, to prevent the intrusion of third-party software to prevent any invalid login, users have access to the data can be effectively controlled.

Outside the smart card and fingerprint recognition, power-on password three barriers, LENOVO k49 also supports Intel AT technology (Intel Anti-Theft Technology), it is an anti-theft technology provided by Intel, when the notebook is lost by internal detection The trigger mechanism or remote server start to lock a lost or stolen laptop, making it completely unusable. At the same time, once to retrieve the stolen notebook can also be easily re-activate the system. For large corporations and government agencies as a high-end business notebook, LENOVO E6430 only has an excellent safety profile, to facilitate the management of enterprise IT departments, E6430 also supports Intel vPro technology, Intel Active Management Technology ( AMT), allows IT managers to remotely manage and repair Intranet computer, which saves users time and computer maintenance costs.

The measure sent LENOVO E49 equipped with the latest IVB platform Core i5-3320M processor, Intel HD4000 Graphics Core with 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive, office skills. LENOVO official website has a variety of configurations with version, the songce machine is a lower configuration, users can add discrete graphics, solid-state hard drive (SSD), memory according to their needs, an upgraded version of E49 enhance the performance can be doubled, The price range is in the range of 8700 to 13,000 yuan. Here is the site to its do performance testing, let the data speak for themselves. CINEBENCH Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses CPU and GPU test developed for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine. CINEBENCH R10 CPU performance tests, we used precision by rendering a 3D scene screen test processor, multi-threaded processing processing capacity.

LENOVO E49 with 6cell LENOVO E49 Battery equipped with i5-3320M dual nuclear power plant thread processor, QM77 Express Chipset, its performance is very powerful, can be compared and the dual-core i7-3520M, with such a powerful CPU, its office capacity necessarily impressive, and even the not good at the games can be improved relative. SYSMark is a a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer, LENOVO E49 in the test 217 points, more than a lot of similar notebook office performance of the average horizontal office capacity very good, both handle general office documents, or have no problem running specialized software, such as Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, then add the SSD, then I believe the the files processing speed will be faster, doubling the efficiency of the office.

LENOVO E49 equipped with Intel HD4000 Graphics Core Entry mode 3DMark VANTAGE GPU score of 15,852, because Core Graphics sake, its gaming performance is relatively low, but run a general network game no problem. With the more popular "Dust 3" and "Call of Duty 8" and "The Elder Scrolls 5 its game measured. Run 2x antialiasing medium quality "dust", the average number of frames of 27.19, nearly 30 smooth horizontal line, you can basically run the game smoothly. "Call of Duty" frames hovering in the 24 or so minor Caton phenomenon may occur when running for a shooting games, smooth screen user experience in running 2x antialiasing high quality prerequisites, it is not recommended to use Core Graphics to play these games.

In body heat test, we AIDA64 system stability tests under room temperature 25 ℃ environment, under the premise of not checked GPU project, LENOVO E49 30 minutes Kaoji test, then use infrared thermal imager shooting keyboard surface and the bottom of the fuselage to issue such plans. Fever figure we can see LENOVO E49 of little heat, a keyboard surface maximum temperature of 39.1 ° C, the high temperature region is mainly concentrated in the middle of the keyboard surface, when we use the hand are generally in the side of the keyboard, it will not affect the heat the keyboard The skin contact high temperature will not feel discomfort keyboard. The bottom of the fuselage maximum temperature of 44.3 ℃, heating region, users can rest assured that prolonged office.

It seems this year, is battling over most of this period, the major notebook manufacturers introduced a different form, color of most of the product. But even so, the traditional 15-inch entertainment notebook is still the key to consumer choice, in order to cater to the needs of consumers, ASUS "Qige" design of a new mold, with the latest Ivy Bridge processor.

We receive the a coral blue appearance, in addition to provide users the appearance of the color scheme, the delicate surface grinding process is worth recognition, and the texture is also good coral blue light refraction color to make the whole look more translucent.

Throughout the entire keyboard surface ASUS A56C with 44wh ASUS A56C Battery, compared to previous generations of the product is simple and a lot here, apart from a power button, chocolate keyboard, the embedded touchpad and touchpad buttons outside, no other function shortcuts design. Maintain a reasonable distance between the aircraft is equipped with the chocolate keyboard keys, while benefiting from key surface grinding process, effectively prevent finger slippage and increase the wear resistance of the surface of the keys, but remain a key key-way rebound struggling with inadequate.

Interface equipped and distribution, ASUS A56C designed to compare and quite creative. Start with the left side of the fuselage, the aircraft's power connector is designed in a cylindrical screen hinge frame, followed by a heat vent, VGA video interface, Ethernet network cable port, HDMI HD output interface, and a USB3. 0 interface, USB3.0 finally become a standard.

In the field of mobile graphics, AMD's Radeon graphics card more performance and features, advantages, however, NVIDIA earlier introduction of the Optimus dual graphics technology, and how their strengths can be rolled into it? A Series did.

Due to the competitive relationship between AMD graphics card is difficult to automatically switch on the Intel mobile platform, ASUS is through the improvement of the circuit, BIOS and driver optimization, breaking this barrier, the latest 8470p Intel HD4000 core graphics with AMD Radeon HD 7570M discrete graphics automatically switch function. State system can be based on application load and its optimization, dual graphics card preferred and QuickSync features using core graphics such as video encoding, 3D applications, switch to the latest support DirectX 11.1 with significant independence. At the same time meet the needs of performance characteristics, the intelligent switching technology has also brought a change of battery to further extend.

Apart from the above in the the ASUS series of business this technological innovation, ASUS more user provides a comprehensive after-sales service: by experienced laptop experts 7 days 9 hours for answering all kinds of problems, at the same time enjoy the remote telephone Exclusive queue support; hardware problems enjoy ADP accidental damage protection, free replacement of negligence by the consumer damaged parts; provide a warranty of up to five years for the A Series, to maximize lift the worries of consumers. Comprehensive safeguards so internally and externally, presumably any user can not resist, and is also ASUS series of business of the continuing popularity of the important reasons.

Among them, A56CM using a 4cell ASUS A56CM Battery and third-generation Intel Core i5-3210M processor, ASUS A56C third generation Intel Core i7-3517U processor, both equipped with 2GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card, 8GB of RAM, optional 128GB SSD hard drive or 750GB ordinary hard drive, with a resolution of 1600 × 900 LED-backlit LCD screen.