DELL Inspiron 7437 7537 7737 coming

Today 's products are tested Dell Inspiron 147 000 laptop , which grew out of Dell's flagship home series XPS, completely out of the spirit of the more series to our stereotype , more slim, stylish body , the whole large area metal material, fine workmanship, solid materials .

On the hardware side , the more spiritual 147,000 Series package introduced different price for different hardware of your choice, the test of this price of 9999 yuan of high-end products , the choice of the fourth generation of Intel Core i7-4500U processor , providing 256GB large-capacity SSD solid state hard drive, 8GB DDR3 memory onboard , the hardware configuration is quite good , the program runs smoothly , responsive , data processing quickly .

Of course, in addition to powerful hardware and sleek appearance, the more spiritual 15 7000 with DELL Inspiron 7537 Battery also provides 14.0 inches 10-point touch screen, the screen brightness of 300 nits , with the Windows 8 operating system , provides a very good touch experience and display effect, and Corning Gorilla NBT glass has a stronger wear , extending the life of the touch screen .

Keyboard for notebook computers is very important , although many people may use an external keyboard, but using a notebook laptop keyboard users themselves are also many . Keyboard layout , feel will directly affect the user experience , so if you feel bad , then the keyboard , the product itself is not a good thing.

X550L entire C surface layout is very simple, the upper left corner to set up the power button, SonicMaster logo printed on the upper right corner , which is ASUS 'vocal master " sound system , optimize it from the bottom of the notebook computer's audio output , so the sound quality aspects , are essentially different . X550L with 4cell ASUS X550LB Battery wrist rest area in today's perspective is not too big, but not small, the case of prolonged typing , wrists will not feel tired , but very soft touch wrist rest , wrist mounted on top also feel very comfortable.

We in this machine is listed, has carried out regular performance tests , but today, as we bring the editor to use this machine recently when some of the experiences that are mainly from two aspects of performance and functionality come, including a new processor performance increases , machine vision experience and the experience of some of the subjective evaluation , etc., so that we hope to be able to go more in-depth understanding of this excellent product.

On the whole , the Dell Inspiron 147,000 overall quality is high, the 14-inch notebooks and ultra-extreme has a highly competitive , especially for white-collar workers for higher quality requirements and digital Daren choose. Dell recently introduced the Inspiron 147 000 series with DELL Inspiron 7437 Battery, can be said to craftsmanship Dell once again appear in front of people. The overall use of metallic materials to create products, although from the spirit of the more mainstream consumer-grade series, but its quality , workmanship, performance have reached the level of high-end XPS level , perhaps Dell Inspiron series to promote the high-end market the first attempt .

Notebook trend is light and thin and simplistic , gradually began to focus on the user experience , while in terms of hardware to make targeted changes , into , this is the user 's needs, improve performance blindly been unable to meet the needs of users , but while in the pursuit of frivolous users are unwilling to sacrifice basic functionality , minus a few millimeters thick and a few hundred grams of weight sacrifice the drive / common user interface, is clearly unacceptable , and this is ASUS ASUS F552C build out a lightweight , high-performance notebook models .

Through the official website we have seen some information about ASUS F552C , F552C this is still the first self-developed version of the ASUS motherboard, through the 8 -layer PCB layout optimized arrangement and cooling system components , to achieve the optimal thickness , followed by the use of embedded lithium battery design, so that the body slimmer , while also avoiding the traditional plug-in battery is easy to loose drawbacks. You can see , ASUS F552C is still the product in the first place , there is no touch screen and deformation other gimmicks , the real deal to reduce the thickness and enhanced user experience.

The ASUS F552C with 4cell ASUS F552C Battery shape is another big selling point, using a unique "U" shaped design and impressive , it is easy to differentiate from other brands , but this design can reduce the risk of injury notebook accidental bump probability , while the membrane transfer technology and superb snow crystal white color, fully demonstrated F552C series have fashion sense .

In fact, before the adoption of netizens after routine evaluation feedback, everyone for Dell Inspiron 147 000 series design , workmanship , quality is extremely recognized . The next article , the author mainly through the use of their own these days , as we show you what Ling Yue 14 7000 Series features in the application , to see such a configuration , this feature can bring to the user's application experience What kind of help ?

Dell's Inspiron 17 7000 series uses 58Wh DELL Inspiron 7737 Battery and a 17-inch 1366 × 768 resolution display , support for multi-touch, although not popular IPS display panel, but Dell 147 000 Series Configuration screen piece of children or to than the average laptop screen a lot of high quality , at least in the color saturation has done relatively well, so the screen does not display partial white , and in color reproduction is also very good, there is no obvious phenomenon of color cast .

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DirectX 10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool , and can fully play multiple cards , multi-core processing advantages of PC gaming performance to meet the testing requirements . Through the actual test, in Entry mode, eventually won 23,702 points.

I believe we are very concerned about ASUS F552C cooling performance , the machine further optimize thermal design , the heat-generating components concentrated in the rear fuselage , and the use of rear cooling design , so that the keyboard and palm rest area remains cool , has a long comfort . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU operate at a higher load, almost running at full speed . View this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

End up seeing , graphics cards or some pressure, temperature reached 100 degrees, while the experience of watching from the body surface , the palm rest and keyboard position most areas is still relatively cool , does not affect the use, etc. overheating . Finally we HDTUNE software to test ASUS F552C in the hard disk 's performance , and ultimately get the score of the lowest 38.1MB / s , the fastest of 105.2MB / s average speed of 74.5MB / s, access time of 19.2 milliseconds , the overall performance qualified.

Battery life , ASUS F552C equipped with 4 -cell lithium ASUS F552CL Battery 44Wh new polymer lithium battery, then life is how successful it ? We selected test software is still PowerMark, it PCMark, 3DMark , just as developed by the FutureMark launched . It will run a continuous loop of test scripts , including four common applications : Internet browsing, word processing, video playback , 3D games, so as much as possible close to the vast majority of the user's actual usage.