LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 E540 coming

The last two years , our country education sector increasingly rapid pace of information technology , according to industry reports data indicate that in 2012 the entire education sector to the total size of IT investment in order to achieve 44.22 billion yuan , in 2013 reached 52.47 billion forecast ( data source : CCW Research). This reflects the education sector reform in doing information technology , on the one hand reflects the teachers' demand for audio-visual equipment is rising .

2013 information technology education industry focus "three two platforms ," from the School Link to pass classes and finally to everyone through , in fact, the most basic and most extensive hardware product is the laptop , and coincides with the end of the year , but also a new round of procurement season, following editorial notebook on the education sector demand and procurement issues for everyone to be brief.

In fact, for industry users, are different from our ordinary consumer users , the need for the daily use of the environment demand purchase , the education sector needs proposed several reference points: 1 , the procurement costs ; 2, the quality ; 3, the service ; 4 , the hardware requirements. Here that may be more general , but the cost is definitely any purchase or bidding staff are a matter of concern , in fact, no matter which brand business fixed models have built specifically for the series of industrial users , such as the ThinkPad L series .

In quality, we take the ThinkPad E440 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 Battery , ThinkPad E440 / E540 through the dust, moisture, shock , impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature and other U.S. 8 military standard testing, durability general entertainment non- consumer products can be compared , and the fuselage interior design of the APS hard drive protection technology, fingerprint identification and spill-resistant design, etc. , which are highlighted in the industry custom machine special product value.

DELL Latitude series notebooks we read familiar yuan price , often configured GTX 770m above the top game configuration , the performance level of the product , of course, size is also biased thicker . So it makes a lot like the pursuit of portability , while friends are interested in the game has some problems. DELL finally the market for thin launched a new game , a 14-inch -thin high-end gaming , DELL Latitude E7240.

New product price is not expensive , Latitude E7240 with DELL GVD76 Battery basic version , priced at just 5,999 yuan , equipped with GTX 760M alone significantly , 1600x900 resolution display, size is only 2.2 ~ 2.9cm, 1.9Kg ( including battery ) . And from the appearance in terms of baking black glossy appearance with a brushed metal palm rest design, there are beautiful touchpad , on the whole is more than the Latitude series of compact , more stylish.

While in the service , with Lenovo 's powerful service network throughout the country , ThinkPad E440 / E540 can provide enterprises with exclusive top level service, in order to reduce the risk of post-purchase and maintenance costs : During the warranty period , the warranty for all parts of the machine services ; limited warranty Service ; full-time warranty service online and telephone support, etc., lifted the child 's teacher worries.

On-demand , ThinkPad E540 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E540 Battery can be achieved for large customers demand the freedom to customize the hardware , demand for teachers is not high on performance , usually running Office to do so it is not necessary configuration demonstrates significant independence or additional modules , and for university lecturers , according to the operating procedures to adjust the configuration , the configuration professional graphics , display , and so can be freely customized . This allows the basis of performance without wasting cost savings .
Since it is a game of this, we should have to say that with the CPU and graphics card , you can say that the price of 5999 , in addition to the Shenzhou Ares K650C-i5, you rarely find such a powerful configuration , even if the same is known for its affordable Acer V3 Series the same configuration also 6200 yuan or so. DELL so I think this is a big benefit to the consumer .

One might ask , why not on resolution 1600x900 1920x1080? Actually graphics and resolution is needed for a match . Want to 1080p high-definition GTX 760M graphics cards in the next one to kill the game is difficult , such as the Elder Scrolls , Battlefield 4 , the island three such games after effects full 30fps frame rate will fall below so 1600x900 resolution is a more appropriate resolution, you can guarantee the highest possible effects of 3D games run smoothly .

In general , Latitude E7440 with DELL PFXCR Battery dimensions in a balanced performance and good price is not expensive, than the game more than 12% of the light , it should be said that the price of mainstream games , high-end gaming performance. And Latitude E7240 also has a wealth of custom extensions ( its internal reserve a SATA3 HDD hard drive, 2 m-Sata SSD drive bays ) can choose to upgrade SSD demand , etc., edit comparison recommend students , or portable gaming entertainment needs friends to buy .

AMD gesture control (Gesture Control): This feature is unique to AMD , which through the use of APU shader instead of x86 implementation , which can effectively reduce power consumption and extend the standby time . AMD landing face (Face Login): use facial recognition algorithm analysis eyes, nose, cheekbones and chin, the relative position, size and / or shape , to identify facial features , AMD will accelerate the process .

New products to edit biggest impression is a lot of thin , according to our measurements , this machine where the thickest only 2.9cm, and wedge-shaped design make it more tighten the front and rear ends of some energy into 2.2cm, so the grip would be better on the other side in the front edge of the child C is also designed to have a tilt , have used a lot of games this , play Games for a long time , the wrist will often be separated out Indian children . The test of the DELL Latitude E7240 is not the case .

Indicator is designed to be unique and placed in front of the touchpad , and blue lights affixed to the top with a layer of acrylic facet , the night will not look so dazzling , DELL Latitude E7240 lights more, a total of six , more commonly used hard drive status lights , Wifi lights are on it. As an entertainment platform , the interface naturally a lot of left VGA, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 , and other key interfaces have . With 2 * USB 3.0 +1 * USB 2.0 interfaces, especially for the external monitor set up entertainment family entertainment center.

Earlier we looked at the LENOVO ThinkPad X140e with LENOVO ThinkPad X140e Battery  some frivolous game design side of things , that is actually the most affordable place this product or performance to the force , we got this product configured i7-4700MQ quad-core processor + GeForce GTX 760M significant independence , CPU than the basic version of the core i5-4300M dual-core processor higher, of course, to pay an additional $ 680 upgrade fee .

ThinkPad brand quality, keeping ThinkPad features, powerful service system, fully customized hardware platform , complete interface , all this constitutes a ThinkPad L series of the same distinctive features , is ideal for industrial users to purchase, especially for precise control purchase cost of the education sector , not only to meet work requirements faculty , while with HP ProBook 640 g1 's HP ProBook 640 Battery, be flexible with, so that the entire procurement program easier to make the trip.