MEDION Akoya E7226T E1317T E1318T coming

There is little need to introduce on the screen that the screen is anti-glare screen , so you can direct light or strong case can also see the contents of the screen , ideal for business users to use complex and changing environment . In the top middle of the screen is its camera, the camera is 720P HD camera , use to meet the needs of users daily video conference , and in sides of the camera is a dual digital array microphone with noise reduction function , can effectively improve the video chat when sound quality.

Most commercial consumer notebook screen resolution is not high, they may be faced with the demand at any time and browse text input files or Web pages , over high resolution will be their burden , prolonged use of the eyes can be very fatigue uncomfortable for them 1366 × 768 is the most appropriate. Like resolution 1600 × 900 or 1920 × 1080, just for games or entertainment notebook laptop products .

We worked all introduced Akoya E7226, its built-in dual- battery design criticized because of their dual battery for longer battery life can bring the original intention is good, but it can not do E7226 which a replacement battery ( all-in ) , the effect of hot-swappable and can not do , which a lot of people suspect it 's in the design process , " improvise trouble ", while E7226T with 6cell MEDION Akoya E7226T Battery was supposed to so we present the use of this form : removable battery has a different capacity users can mix according to their own habits of different combinations of capacity and is fully hot-swappable.

Although the Windows operating system provides a number of security measures, such as we are most commonly used is the boot password, but the security measures are not safe , the network already has a variety of ways to break completely with less hacking techniques , a lot of users can easily get. In contrast, the fingerprint recognition technology even more secure. HP 350 G1 notebook equipped with a fingerprint identification device that can provide one more security for users.

The HP 655 will Yangtian thickness reduced a lot , so naturally the battery capacity will be reduced , we see the 655 battery capacity is only 32 watts, and most laptops up some of this capacity is indeed low, However, because the 655 uses a low voltage processor , battery life will not offset the back? Weight, after the actual measurement , 655 with 6cell HP ProBook 655 Battery weighs 1.869kg, the thickness of the aspects of 22.9mm, for a 14 -inch notebook, this result is fairly good , considering also using a separate graphics card , so we in the heat should pay more attention .

No not cost-effective products consumers love , who want to buy more high-end products at the same price . Recently, a brand launched a high cost notebook products , although we can not say "no before or since ," but it is a " exciting " products. I also no longer guessing , this brand is MEDION, but this product is MEDION E7226T gaming notebook .

Medion Akoya E1317T with 4cell MEDION Akoya E1317T Battery selected in the processor Intel Core i7-4700MQ, in addition it is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card, the test results from the above point of view, at 1920 × 1080 resolution and the full effect of case , Medion Akoya E1317T score very well in terms of fluency game quite stick, the current mainstream market for the big game to play with no problem , 16GB DDR3 memory , 128GB SSD × 3 configuration and 750GB HDD combination in which it played no small role.

After the " Tyrant, we be friends ! " This is the Golden Apple Tyrant iPhone 5s, most everyone on the local tyrant Kim user ridicule sentence , and since then a variety of local tyrants equipment frequent, while MEDION E7226T also uses an enviable the Tyrant golden rule of being "black , gray, silver, white ," four-color notebook product is definitely the highlight of the presence of personality . Design , it uses a relatively tough style , this laptop design style is mostly tend main flow line shape, rounded corners direction, but MEDION E7226T has embarked on a " non-mainstream " line, it highlights the tough masculine, very suitable male users .

HP 250 business this uses a removable battery, the battery capacity is 11.1V/65Wh lithium HP 250 Battery. 65Wh for the average 14-inch product is already regarded as a high-capacity , but I have reviewed this HP 250 with a low model , which is clocked at 1.7GHz using the i3-4010U Ultra Low Voltage processor , the maximum TDP heat Power consumption is only 15W, and it is not equipped with discrete graphics , the screen does not support touch . Taking these factors , HP 250 business will be able to be able to present the life of a long time , following the author use MobileMark 2012 software to test it.

As a high-end notebook products classified gaming notebook with other products can not match the performance, size and price , also, therefore , the high-end gaming gradually also become a symbol of a kind of " identity" . However, its sales did not decrease because of the high prices , but are rising year by year. In today's sluggish PC market as a whole , has become a gaming notebook does exist inverse growth . The MEDION E7226T classified as a high-end product in a high cost , greatly reducing the threshold for players to buy gaming notebook saves them a lot of expenses , so that " Cock wire " players can also have high with game weapon !

But people more puzzled with a touchpad below the Akoya E1318T silver trim ( commercially available version here with MEDION Akoya E1318T Battery and a fingerprint identification ) , providing three lights above , although you can allow users to easily see the operating status of the machine, However, when using the touchpad will not consciously will use it as a touchpad left and right buttons , this design feel somewhat different.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z Series laptops mentioned I believe we are not unfamiliar , the series launched to locate the user -oriented fashion entertainment . However, you may not know is that the association has a "BZ" series. Erazer affiliated with renowned German consumer electronics company Medion , Lenovo Group on June 1, 2011 acquisition of the German company Medion , Medion company has a leading position in the PC , multimedia products and consumer electronics and many other fields. Relative to the IdeaPad Z series , Lenovo BZ series design is more stylish, more robust performance , but also more light weight , set in one of the many advantages of Lenovo Erazer, as if there really attracts you the same abilities , all the time !

This came to the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is attached to the "B" series, Lenovo B5400 notebook , which is equipped with a frequency of 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-4200M, built-in Intel HD4600 graphics card, equipped with nVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics with meet the higher demand for graphics processing tasks ; storage using 4GB DDR3 RAM +500 GB HDD mechanical hard combination , the overall staffing levels to meet the daily needs of home entertainment .

Lenovo B5400 notebook with stylish feature is the beautiful industrial design , to meet the demanding needs of " the appearance of the party ," consumers , Lenovo B5400 provides a fresh two colors, white and chocolate brown appearance for consumers to choose , I get that fresh white , can be seen from the figure Lenovo B5400 with 6cell LENOVO B5400 Battery is very beautiful , in the silver trim off even more perfect. White appearance can fit all types of home decoration and layout style, and the use of body surface with leather texture painting process , feel very comfortable , feels not want to leave.