HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE series coming

DIY players the highest level , not put together to save a bunch of high-end hardware stuffed into a computer , but the MOD. A good MOD, you can let the machine reborn , becoming eye-catching individual elements , players will also DIY your own ideas into a pathway. But after all, we are not MOD Great God , can not make their own personalized customization, while there may not have so much money to please God helped MOD one big machine , this time , we need to build yourself up .

Relative to the MOD desktop , the laptop and the transformation of the space is not large . A face only , the screen frame and C face the most suitable transformation, while not as to transform the structure like a desktop , can be personalized on the existing basis. So, how to make their own laptops become different? How can transform yourself to your own laptop computer? Edit the ThinkPad S5 recently occupied the blind out the whole lot, the final effect is still relatively satisfied with yourself , so I decided to brazen out to share with you a little longer. After all, I , like everyone else , nor is MOD of people, but their first attempt. Transformation process unsightly , but some of them experience is worth learning in the transformation .

Many people at first glance , ENVY 17 with HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE Battery is especially tall on . Chocolate style keyboard like Apple feel. Keycaps look ENVY 17 is matte , but not the traditional chocolate keyboard plane, which has a similar pillow -shaped depression, fast typing fingers will have a clear sense of moving boundary , less error-prone , high typing efficiency. Personally feel that if we can Leap Motion sensors placed on the location of the touchpad would be better . Because the hands are doing big move when the left hand may be beyond the inverted cone low range of the sensor (Leap Motion has a fixed height sampling scope ) .

Since it is the transformation of a laptop for personal use , then you need to prepare some transformation tools used , although the author himself is not the transformation of people, there is no god of technology, but because of the usual hobby model making , so there are some basic tools . So what transformation laptops need things?

TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A with TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A Battery selection of MSI GS70 mold , has a relatively high degree of completion , and the design of the Razer Blade is somewhat similar to before , Omo blank to allow body design has a strong Scandinavian minimalist style, right-angle trimming the tough line with rounded edging to reconcile with each other , forming a seamless beauty, and this beauty and Alieware American muscle notebook completely different, more elegant , understated .

The first is all kinds of paints and thinners , such as those things listed above , the left is varnished two Tamiya spray paint cans and a can of gun disabilities. Generally, if you want to transform something bigger , then Tamiya spray paint cans is the best option . If the transformation of the laptop , or something smaller , then the right side of those vials of paint is a good choice .

If I choose to spray cans , then, need to transform objects directly into the spray can, spray it should have paced up and down or left and right shaking spray, spray instead of a point in front , so as to make the paint more smooth , shaking speed faster , try to follow the principle of thin layers of spray .

LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga series with LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga Battery of plastic material at the bottom , on both sides of the fuselage in front of two speakers set up right at the bottom to provide a separate bass unit , consisting of a 2.1-channel sound system, compared with an ordinary notebook when putting sound more full . In fuselage EasyNote TE provides a HDMI port, a USB2.0 port, two USB3.0 interface , headphone microphone composite interface , RJ45 network interface and multi- card reader , despite the lack of a VGA port, but such an interface to configure basic enough for everyday use .

And the right of those paints , then, is not directly used , need to use the image above to the right blue cap Tamiya paint thinner , or marked with a blue label after dilution Gunze 400 to spray paint dilution , dilution ratio about 1:2. As a paint diluent 2 .

If the spray paint is the choice , then you need to use the above two items shown below , the first image is a commonly used model of jet pumps , inexpensive, about 400 yuan to 600 yuan a jet pump is very Yes , while the second graph is essential airbrush , airbrush the paint into the paint pot , open the jet pump , set pressure can be sprayed .

Let's look at the details of the design TOSHIBA Satellite NB15 Battery , the first back of the fuselage , TECRA W50-A in the back near the hinge position , joined a large area of ??skin trapezoidal pad , turn fur texture feels great, while also very good in the cold and the metal body , turning fur not only feel good, and play a decorative role , but also to prevent the bottom of the metal is scratched , in addition to the bottom of the fuselage there are six pieces of silicone pad , play shockproof effect.

Just received a high-end entertainment notebook ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE paragraph from HP , Amazon quoted 11,299 yuan (ENVY 17-J106TX ( 5 people interested ) ) , a product to the testing room , and immediately attracted a crowd of small partners , in fact, the focus of everyone's attention is to join the Leap Motion somatosensory technology - a new human-computer interaction . Personally think that this should be HP's industry-leading a new attempt for tired mouse, touch and like the early adopters of friends can pay more attention.

DELL M4800 series with 6cell DELL N71FM Battery is the ace of consumer entertainment series , 14,15,17 inch product line has covered a lot of new technologies, will be the first to join the ENVY series of its products , such as Beats Audio sound technology , intellectual shield hard drive protection technology, biometric fingerprint recognition, ultra- high-definition 3200 * 1800 screen ( some models ) , as well as the added Leap Motion somatosensory operation , etc. , the series features a minimalist metal exterior style, projecting the true entertainment experience .

Somatosensory technology is a high-precision , similar to Kinect, connected via special sensors, motion information rebuild palm real measurements , identifying rich gestures to get the effect of a change in top operating experience in the application . In addition, the fact that technology can not only identify the finger movement , some fine hand tools , such as pen , chopsticks and so can be used as an interactive tool somatosensory .

As for the principle , you will see a black bar children under the HP ENVY 17 keyboard , a sensor that is LeapMotion , Leap Motion grayscale camera with infrared LED + 3D information collected manner , since only collect hand information, it 's Leap Motion good operating efficiency , the identification is also very fine . Currently, in addition to the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE, there is news that there will be one 11 HP desktop computers and built- Leap Motion technology and, according to the company Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald at a press briefing in London , said , after the 2014 CES, the technology will also be integrated into future phones and tablets , so you can imagine, this is likely to be operated after the touch experience yet another revolution !

And traditional keyboard / mouse, touchpad , multi-touch screen technology is different , Leap motion without touching the computer, you can operate the computer within a certain distance , so use them greater flexibility . And his hands expressing mouse pointer movement information than more complex, and therefore there is a great difference on the play, but to master this trick is very simple operation , use both hands , pointing or scratching , edit play very addictive !

Currently , Leap Motion has attracted a total of over 85,000 developers has released more than 150 equipment and technology to support the application on the App Store . TOSHIBA Satellite NB15t Battery also built many models featured games like everyone 's favorite classic " version of karting fruit " , foreign version of cut fruit "forest uncle chop wood ," and so on, to experience these games are controlled by gestures very interesting.