ASUS X452C P550C Series coming

Business notebook, is none other than the leading brand of non- ThinkPad ! Many years in the commercial market position no shake . For many businesses, individual users , ThinkPad has also been listed as preferred brand. In the ThinkPad 's , T Series is the flagship flagship mainstream business market , although the X Series flagship portable, but super thin promote the emergence of the development , T series , there have been a lot of thin high-performance models.

Delay the release of the fourth generation of Intel platform , so many manufacturers originally released in the first half of the new machine has been dragged or even years before the end of Q3 to meet with users , ThinkPad T series models of the new platform is long overdue trace. T431s and X230s release, we see the appearance of new products in 2013 with more changes , but it was still equipped with last generation processor platform. X240s release, proved X230s just pioneer, but the appearance has not changed . So we have reason to believe , T431s upgrade - T440s in appearance would not be significant changes.

Upgrade line of T-series has finally caught up with 2013 the last train , shock release , so wait forever for black fans to see the light. The T series models and some changes in terms of , for example, an upgraded version of T430 , model T440P with LENOVO L12L4A02 Battery, and T440 models for the super pole , T440s also Ultrabook models. From the model we can know that the most at the end of s logo is more high-end positioning . The latest generation of the T440s performance then ? Next we will look at in detail .

In terms of performance , A10 quad-core processors to meet the family entertainment is no problem , APU Crossfire dual graphics technology in response to high-definition movies, and time can experience the big game came out, with the " vocal master " sound, the whole video Entertainment capability is good , although the final performance may not imagine tough, but if the home cope with it this laptop is sufficient competent.

Before evaluation, we take a look at the detailed configuration of this flagship entertainment notebook . Equipped with Intel Core i7-4702MQ fourth-generation processor , CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, Core frequency up to 3.2GHz, integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics core . 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM , 1TB HDD × 2 +24 GB SSD hard drive. 17.3 inches LED screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, ten-point touch support . Independent graphics cards for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (4GB), to meet consumer demand for large-scale 3D game play . It is worth mentioning that the machine pre-installed with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

ASUS X452 with ASUS X452CP Battery is still using the keyboard part of the mainstream of the island-style chiclet keyboard . Feel and force feedback are also good, long entry will not feel difficult. Backlit keyboard ASUS X undoubtedly added 17 high-end image and experience a lot of extra points . Each key has its own independent LED lights , allowing users to easily operate in dark environment. In the audio area , we once again saw the book preface "beats" logo. Friends will be familiar with notebook PC makers know , "beats" with ASUS as the sole partners in order to bring a great visual feast.

The completely redesigned T440s, which lasted 18 months, compared to its predecessor , the body is more slender , sexy black beauty while yet low-key . T440s T431s with exactly the same in appearance , but also with the X230s, X240s also have the same purpose , we seem to be able to see the future ThinkPad Ultrabook will continue this minimalist style.

The ThinkPad T440s with LENOVO L12M4A02 Battery still maintain the traditional appearance of black tone , but this is not the traditional dark black , but a black ink . Carbon fiber body to create and handle delicate cover , feel very comfortable. And carbon fiber material to ensure light weight machine at the same time , to provide the greatest degree of safety .

Though slim, but the shape of the black box is still obvious, it also allows fans feel close to black . Entire cover is not too much decoration, only two corner "Lenovo" and "ThinkPad" LOGO, compared to the previous conventional models , LOGO direction is reversed 180 degrees. When the user opens the books work , and looked across the LOGO is positive .

After spraying red paint finish , there are two options, one is spray paint layer extinction , it would appear before the exhibit A matte effect ; another is the author of several layers of varnish applied spray , it would piano paint surface effect . To note here is that if you want to spray paint extinction , then we must be careful not to spray too much, but also be careful not to spray in wet environment, otherwise you will see there is a layer of red paint ugly pan white , if you spray more words , and even completely destroy all your work before .

As the first somatosensory control technology equipped notebook products , E17t launch, ASUS with ASUS X452C Battery is not only a consumer of computer products in-depth interpretation of the new strategy , it is the perfect show for brand innovation capability . It is not only the first time to provide Leap Motion Control somatosensory wonderful experience for consumers , but also has a ten-point touch ASUS Smart technology , as well as the current top hardware platform. With these many advantages , you can say it has been in the increasingly fierce market flagship notebook , the first to seize the commanding heights of victory.

In the previous years, black body cap , work lights on the right side hinge also been canceled, the whole is more concise. But "ThinkPad" LOGO letter i red dot is a breathing light , steady state power under standby flashes, this thoughtful design also allows users to keep track of the status of work books .

In the shaft part , still using the ThinkPad classic all-metal hinges, but to ensure that thin body , with a sunken design . Combined with the front we tested several models of ultra-extreme point of view , you can find this T440s and T431s with LENOVO L12S4A02 Battery, X230s, X240s have adopted the same design , is under the top cover and the bottom edge of the rear fuselage sections have adopted the 45-degree chamfered surface , so even with a sunken shaft , you can still ensure that the screen 180 degrees opening angle , not only does not hinder the timely opening , and a good fit. To facilitate the daily work of business users .

Referred to the "flagship " of the word , many people may think of the high-end price , gorgeous appearance , powerful hardware and so on. Although each brand's flagship model abundance, but a true flagship of the highlights of the full , all consumers will win plaudits . In the case of global PC shipments continued to decline , and the various PC manufacturers to introduce new ways to the PC integration with the other novel technologies. ASUS X452 is such a equipped with Leap Motion somatosensory controller 's flagship home entertainment this .

Keyboard just below the toucASUSad as a whole , compared with the previous product , the aircraft did not add a shortcut to disable the toucASUSad , it could be the reason for the wide body to consider . On the right side of the toucASUSad is the biggest highlight of the aircraft - Leap Motion somatosensory controller . By Fn + Spacebar to open and close fast , but need to use with the software . Somatosensory right side Leap Motion controller is fingerprint recognition for increased data security protection . ASUS X452 fuselage relatively large , somewhat less in terms of portability . But everything pros and cons, the ASUS X452 because of the huge body , interior space naturally have a lot of space to set up the heat and Leap Motion controller.

ASUS P550 with ASUS P550CC Battery at the interface is also equipped with relatively complete. Most interfaces are set up on the left side of the fuselage , followed by child lock, cooling port, HDMI port , RJ-45 network interface , dual USB3.0 interface , multi-card reader . ASUS X452 Although a big man , but in terms of body weight and thickness control is better. After the actual measurement, the ASUS X452 of the body weight of 3.36kg, travel weight of 3.92kg.