MSI GT72 Gaming laptop and ASUS ZenBook UX303L coming

Computex 2014 Taipei International Computer Show in front of reports, msi MSI gaming notebook showing a mysterious new GT72, this product is the most significant feature is the appearance of a new mold, cover for high-end carbon fiber material, configuration msi MSI did not disclose terms of time to market expected in October-November this year!

But for many users, small risking peeked under configuration, CPU clock speed of 2.5GHz i7-4710HQ, memory is 32GB, while viewing the video card is blocked staff, should be at least above the level of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, We look forward to it!

MSI GT72 with MSI GT72 Battery appearance before a change of old-fashioned mode, the new mold design more angular, accompanied by black and red colors make the body lapped great tension in the overall performance. Fuselage material selection by the user of the current favorite forging, as the sense of touch and metal are very good.

In recent years, many manufacturers no longer launch the game will focus on how to pile on the configuration, but will be more refined look cool, but with the MSI brand, for example, we see that MSI's GT, GS, GE series mostly in appearance with a brushed metal material, and this material is widely used, and to increase its exquisite sense, and does not allow consumers to feel the game is just a big, could not move, and has a rough appearance products.

DELL Inspiron 15 with DELL Inspiron 15-3541 Battery entire body with magnesium alloy build, on the one hand to ensure the strength of machine, but it also allows the machine to maintain a fairly lightweight gesture. DELL Inspiron 15 cover with a full black color style, in the middle we can see DELL iconic logo, the overall design is consistent with the business people's style.

In the notebook product categories, business notebook is a rather special type, the reason for something special, because it requires all aspects of notebook products are very high. Among the many brands, as well as the degree of concern DELL ThinkPad relatively high, their performance in work, operating experience and data security and other aspects very well.

DELL has been a long time did not give us a new product, and this time they will be brought to the latest 3541 notebook PConline evaluation room. DELL Inspiron 15 with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, and comes with 4GB DDR3 memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive configuration combinations. Speaking DELL, for everyone to leave the deepest impression than its excellent workmanship, and this time it also brings us a kind of products?

DELL Inspiron 15 uses 6cell DELL Inspiron 5521 Battery a score of 13.3 inches display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, just slightly lower than the Macbook Pro 13 of 2560 × 1600, but from the weight, the 3541 can be said to victory. In the top of the screen is also equipped with a high-definition camera, for business people, in far way video conferencing is very common.

"Heaven" is a professional software testing DX11 effects, it is generally only encountered graphics spike copies, GTX880M face of the game in the end could respond? Is able to run smoothly, "heaven" mean? We'll see.

By ADIA64 software system stability testing tools processor, memory, graphics, all loaded with some time (at room temperature 26 degrees), we used a thermal imager to detect them. Can be seen, the maximum temperature of the bottom of the body 55.8, the average temperature of 35.8 degrees, the heat is mainly concentrated in the thermal window position. Its keyboard surface maximum temperature was 51.6 degrees, the average temperature was 39.2 degrees, the highest temperature point is still cooling window position, the player to the right of the most commonly used keyboard and palmrest touchpad is the coldest place. In general, for having such a high specification hardware and body so thin and light notebook, the cooling performance has been good enough.

uring the test, Benchmark program will display the number of frames and real-time scoring, and the final program will be given an overall score and an evaluation for player reference, assessment is divided into S / A / B / C / D five levels, S High, D minimum. In this test experience, GTX 880M ran 7923 points rating of S, in fact, the score does not represent the strongest, ran before the GTX 870M over 8000 + good results.

DELL Inspiron 15 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3541 Battery chose silver interior color design to match the black screen border and in stark contrast keycaps. In the Keyboard, DELL Inspiron 15 still uses the mainstream chocolate keyboard design, large keys spaced, easy to produce inadvertently, key-way medium, the general resilience. As the body receives the fuselage area constraints, the entire C surface 3541 is very compact.

In early 2014, ASUS at CES to show us its next-generation gaming notebook, and today it officially came to our PConline evaluation room. ASUS ZenBook UX303 compared with Y510P this game has made significant changes in appearance, the new design and color scheme make it more domineering, powerful configuration so that the user can also swim in the sea of ​​the game. So ASUS ZenBook UX303 in the end game of this kind of a product is it? Then we take a detailed look at this product.

When the game got the ASUS ZenBook UX303 with ASUS ZenBook UX303L Battery this, it gives the first impression is the author of a thin, if this is defined in the super 21mm or less, then the game has instinctively close to 21mm and ensure good heat dissipation, then even if it is quite good a product. ASUS ZenBook UX303 top with alloy material to create intricate metal wire drawing process designed to make the machine looks very resolute, very much in line gaming notebook this feature.

Since the first half of 2014, songce countless games of this product, but there is no update on the mold and odd ideas, while ASUS ZenBook UX303 body we have seen something special. ZenBook UX303 cover on the side of the tangent prescribe obvious, so I could not help but think of the famous American F117 stealth fighter, the same angular styling and solid black color, coupled with intricate decorative brushed metal stripes, quite dazzle cool.

ECO mode is DELL 15 with DELL Inspiron 3531 Battery  MAID technology to reduce energy consumption in the use of terminology. MAID is 'Massive Disk Array' acronym, when the low frequency of access unused disk drives, MAID by stopping spindle rotation to reduce power consumption. Any type of disk array or RAID group can be set ECO mode. After 30 minutes of idle time, the drive will be stopped to reduce power consumption. ECO button to set most of the features can be turned off to conserve power has been to achieve the purpose.

If you only see the surface tangent, maybe you still do not think ASUS ZenBook UX303's design anything special, but to see the tail design is not to think of what? Yes, ASUS ZenBook UX303 foot on both sides of a honeycomb mesh design like most of the car's taillights, plus a tangent on both sides, so I could not help from ASUS supercar design. Game of the market in the current environment of large bulky, ASUS ZenBook UX303 to the emergence of the market into the game a shot in the arm, the manufacturers do not rigidly adhere to identical in design, completely independent to achieve innovative design.

ASUS ZenBook UX303 with ASUS ZenBook UX303LN Battery dual fan cooling design, disassemble from the above figure can be seen in the design of its cooling system is very sophisticated, location vents in the middle of the screen hinge position, two cooling fans has its own ventilation window, also It is such a simple design makes the machine more sides.