HP EliteBook 725 745 755 series coming

HP EliteBook business elite to create professional high-end products, as HP's flagship business notebook series, the HP EliteBook series brings together the top technology and craftsmanship, in terms of performance but also to meet a variety of business applications. By the end of 2011, HP took the lead for the business world demand for ultra-pole to take a positive response, which was launched Folio 13 has a lightweight and slim body, superior battery life and a strong safety performance, brings to the business elite more portable and efficient full mobile office experience.

After this, HP also introduced the Folio 9450m commercial Ultrabook, designed in appearance to let us refreshing, while performance in all aspects of it are very good. This time, HP has brought us a new ultra-pole design business this product - 755 G1, it is the biggest change in appearance HP EliteBook EliteBook thickness of the body is to be a significant reduction, 15.9 mm The design in this series is unprecedented, and simple design style is very low-key style in line with business professionals.

HP EliteBook 755 machine using 6cell HP EliteBook 755 Battery and a metal alloy material to build, to cover matte painting process, feels more affinity, corner transition tough part is not a continuation of the previous style, but with slim body selected arc over the design, Let the whole look more beautiful, even so, the HP EliteBook business sense 755 is still full.

In fact, this game is not worth the heat topic of concern, but for ACER Aspire E14 is not the same, slim body in the case of the limit pagers in the end what kind of heat can be done? ACER Aspire E14 will position the window into the heat inside the shaft, which is more popular in recent design approach, the main heat source keypad also concentrated in this section, the maximum temperature reached 56.7 ℃, while the CPU as well as by the impact of significant independence, the left half of the keyboard local temperature reached 50 ℃, for the user will still be some impact. Relatively speaking, the right half of the keyboard area, trackpad, and the thermostat is relatively good performance of the palm rest.

ACER Aspire E11 with ACER Aspire E11 Battery bottom thermal conditions better than the keyboard, except that the temperature of the shaft portion reaches 57.4 ℃, the temperature around 45 ℃, the remaining parts are kept at the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The game itself is a high fever representative products, Aspire E14 with its slim body can get this performance has been regarded as good.

Screen, the HP EliteBook 755 uses a 14-inch LED-backlit matte display with a resolution of 1600 × 900, the screen frame design with rubber material measured, to some extent cushion the external pressure and prevent the keyboard, palm rest of friction on the Screen damage, in addition, we can also see the top of the screen dual microphone array, such a combination of both to achieve a stereo pickup function, but also play the role of noise, so that the video conference clearer vocals .

HP EliteBook 755 in appearance than the thickness of the most amazing parts of the machine, the whole thickness of 15.9 mm seemed very slim compared with a dollar coin, while the whole weight is 1.531kg business people aspire. As a 14-inch ultra-pole of this product, in addition to the maximum degree of reduction of its own weight, while joint power adapter along with portability is also quite good.

HP EliteBook operating area came to 745 with HP EliteBook 745 Battery, we seem to feel the breath of the past EliteBook classic, it still follows the ultra-extreme minimalist style, provides only two position on the right side above the keyboard, the function is still a wireless switch, volume on / off. As for the other shortcuts, still rely Fn + F1-12 keys to open. In addition, the HP EliteBook 755 also has a fingerprint recognition module.

In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded, the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test, compared with the previous version made a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version, in addition, MobileMark 2007 updated version of the software based on the number of users has also increased the software frequently used as a test load, such as: Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project, and so on.

Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system, but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. ACER Aspire E14 this game uses a lithium-ion battery 54.7Wh by MobileMark test the new version, we can see that ACER Aspire E14 game of the life time of 277 minutes, equivalent to down there four and a half hours or so, the efficiency value of 144 performance is quite good.

ACER Aspire E14 with 6cell ACER Aspire E14 Battery this game uses the Intel Core i5-4200H as the processor, clocked at 2.8GHz, it also equipped with a whole new generation of Maxwell Nvidia GTX 860M discrete graphics architecture, but also integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600, in addition Aspire E14 also boasts 4GB DDR3 memory and 1TB HDD hard drive configuration combinations. Whether from the software testing or the actual gaming experience, NVIDIA GTX 860M significant independence have demonstrated the ability to come out pretty tough, killer graphics card tested Lost Planet 2's Aspire E14 also seemed at ease.

Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system, but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. HP EliteBook 745 notebook with a 45Wh lithium-ion batteries by MobileMark test the new version, we can see HP EliteBook 745 life time of 116 minutes, equivalent to about two hours down there.

Like I mentioned in the article, HP EliteBook 725 with HP EliteBook 725 Battery is designed for professional photographers, graphic designers, 4K movie lovers and other users of the launch of a professional high-end consumer notebook, its existence is not to meet the general consumer who needs to buy, so please use the condemnation way to look at it matches your level. And it is an industry benchmark-type products, the laptop screen resolution to a higher level, although to some extent be a drag on overall hardware performance, but also with 4K bring higher quality, higher clarity, greater viewing experience is unmatched. But the same is due to its high resolution, the price will be taken to a higher level, I can not guess what will be many small partners may wish to review its price under discussion will be how much!

In the AS SSD test, we see that the SSD read and write speeds respectively read 1154.81MB / sec and write 749.27MB / s achievements, and 4K random read speeds of up to 27.58 / s, the overall performance is very good compared to traditional mechanical hard disk upgrade is obvious, especially 4K random read speed, the program is loaded, the system is running, such as great speed.

New 3DMark with a new interface design, in addition to test scores, but also to show the real-time curve of each scene during the test, the whole record frame rate, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, CPU power consumption. New 3DMark canceled the traditional E, P, X mode, replaced depending on the load of the launch of three different scenarios, which FireStrike designed for DirectX 11 graphics card built on high-end gaming platform, and CloudGate supports mainstream DirectX 10-based environment hardware, IceStorm DirectX 9 supports entry-level devices, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and so on.

 Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, so this notebook running Furmark pager software, allowing GPU to work at higher loads. After twenty minutes or so, to see this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature.
ACER Aspire E15 with ACER Aspire E15 Battery and body thickness of only 23.8mm, and really slim compared to many previous generation products, the typical wedge-shaped design makes the whole look more stylish.

In the beginning of this year's CES show, ACER has brought a new small Y notebook, the new Y brought very little significant change. Today, we want to say this Aspire E14 uses slimmer body, a great change compared with the overall design of the previous Y series, full of red and black sports car styling looks domineering. The new GTX860M discrete graphics and ultra-high-performance i5 processor also allows the brightest players are looking forward to its game performance, did not talk much to bring this new small Y's professional evaluation below.

ACER Aspire V11 using 4cell ACER Aspire V11 Battery and ACER had never had to use the Y series thin design, streamlined fuselage looks like a supercar firmly anchored, the classic red and black color to highlight its extraordinary combat, body Lines surface also brings a good impression.