ASUS PRO450C PRO450V and EUROCOM M4 coming

Concerned about the business from the start, launched ASUS B series, P series, PRO series, these three series enough to support its entire business in this industry, and we launched the business from ASUS seen, low-key, tough, lightweight, has become a Its exclusive terms, even in other brands we did not find these elements. Today, the re-launch of the Asus Pro Series Business New-Pro450, this product by virtue of workmanship, more stable and low-key colors and configurations to meet the daily office, enough to make it once again became a business star.

    The biggest difference between a business and this is the game, the game primarily for the home entertainment, and the use of fixed-position display, which possess the characteristics of this business is the mobile office, and if the key way long, when the office is typing comfortable. The Pro450 ASUS key business processes of this very long and able to meet the daily needs of business users.

    Configure this product is Intel Pentium dual-core 2117U processor, 4GB memory, 500GB mechanical hard drive, 1GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M graphics card and Intel GMA HD 4000 core significantly, this product has a 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Here we take a look at how the evaluation part of this product with ASUS PRO450C Battery.

    We received this Asus Pro450, body with a black and gray two colors, two colors belong to business people love the calm understated color, either as entertainment notebook or as office-type use, can be meet the needs of different users. ASUS Pro450 Series is specifically designed for small-medium-sized enterprises, so the appearance looks more refined atmosphere.

As we all know, the video codec is very time consuming system resources, many users will remember that in the beginning 1080P popularity, many computers when playing full HD video will be very smooth, it is because there is no specific time for video decoding core support, thanks to CPU software solution, take up a lot of system resources, so not only enhance the next generation CPU computing power, but also added to the kernel specifically for video codec, which is a multimedia accelerator.

ASUS Pro450 with 6cell ASUS PRO450CD Battery crisp body lines sketched and tough, straight edge at right angles to show the modeling business people prefer simple and capable, and we see on the top cover, this product does not use a line drawing material more ruggedly , but more slender, so touch up and feel more smooth.

In the video encoding engine part, Kaveri upgrade to VCE2, supports H.264 YUV420 (I, P & B frame), H.264 SVC encoding and temporary VCE DEM (Display encoding mode), the new H for 60GHz wireless display .264 YUV444 (I-frame).

The machine's screen size is 14 inches mainstream, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, the screen surface with a matte material, compared to glossy screens used in strong light irradiation, a user watching the screen, does not appear annoying reflective phenomenon. Details, screen junction seamless design that allows the LCD panel is fully protected.

Asus Pro450 with 56Wh ASUS PRO450V Battery overall layout of the keyboard is simple and stylish, metallic gray brushed effect throughout the C surface, especially over very natural process keyboard on the bottom edge of the between. In addition, the keyboard adds dual consideration of ergonomic and comfortable design through precise layout, and has a longer key way, so long typing business users more comfortable.

As a new generation flagship APU, AMD FX-7600P is not only part of the CPU processing capacity doubled, and its built-in Radeon R7 single significant performance is also very eye-catching.

Similar 3Dmark 11, 3Dmark is the latest generation of Futuremark benchmark software, which offers three different levels of the test environment for graphics, which FireStrike DirectX11 graphics card designed specifically for high-end products based design, CloudGate mainstream hardware supports DirectX10 and IceStorm for entry Class DirectX9 equipment to build.

ASUS Pro450 with 6cell ASUS PRO450VB Battery silver touchpad also uses similar colors, surface textures and palm rest position, the finger feels fine silky touch, position the pointer is also more accurate, while the touchpad with anti inadvertently function, intelligent recognition of the fingers and palms Different shapes and feel the pressure to avoid interference situation occurs typing. The control mode touchpad supports multi-finger touch feature, which can effectively simplify the user to browse web pages, images and charts zoom level of complexity.

Although the plastic cover material, but they are not weak under pressure, stress tests cover more than 20% of the ordinary notebook standards, improve the load-bearing capacity from 25kg to 30kg, enough to provide security protection to the screen. Cover the center position with embedded metallic "ASUS" LOGO, after stroking the surface, can clearly feel the exquisite workmanship of the degree, especially visible brushed metal texture, create a texture is excellent.

Meanwhile, ASUS also been conducted on the size of each key layout and graphics optimized ergonomic typing posture can reduce spelling errors, achieve fast and accurate input. In addition, the most noteworthy is the ASUS Pro450 spill-resistant keyboard with a design, after repeated testing, the keyboard can be easily ruled out 30 ml of liquid, while sitting in the office for regular users no longer need to worry too much to drink spilled notebook condition.

ASUS Pro450 with ASUS A32N1331 Battery fuselage interface layout is relatively reasonable, from left to right on the left side of the fuselage is safe lock, power connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port, D-Sub video output port, HDMI high-definition output port and USB3.0 interfaces , and the position of the reader is arranged in the body front left end. Among them, the video output with a more comprehensive, retained the D-Sub interface connecting projectors often used, while also providing a high-definition HDMI output port.

Radeon R7 has eight single significant GCN architecture GPU core, supports Direct X11.2, the maximum frequency of 686MHz, supports Mantle technology, multimedia accelerator upgrade to UVD4.2 \ VCE2.0, joined AMD TrueAudio technology, the highest third-generation models support PCI -E interface, DDR3-2133 memory.

Finally, we take a look at the ASUS G56J with ASUS G56JK Battery overall hardware configuration and performance aspects of the case, this get this product is equipped with a 22nm process technology Intel Pentium 2117U dual-core processor, equipped with 500GB hard drive, and 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory speed, No machine factory pre-installed Genuine Windows 8 operating system, in addition, the model uses the NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, and supports two graphics.

After a detailed introduction to the front, I believe we already have a more comprehensive understanding of the new generation of AMD Kaveri, you first need to be sure that Kaveri PU in performance over the previous generation does have increased dramatically, so they took the test for the FX-7600P example, 4-core "roller" X86 core +8 nuclear GCN architecture reached its highest GPU core APU with AMD's next-generation, AMD demonstrated the highest technology in the areas of CPU and GPU field, accompanied by the introduction of hUMA HSA architecture technology, the CPU and GPU unified addressing accelerate the integration of CPU and GPU, for the future development of APU clear direction, broadening the road.
Judging from the test results, FX-7600P Kaveri family as a mobile platform in its flagship product, the CPU processing power over the previous generation flagship doubled in the GPU collaborative computing support new applications, FX-7600P will have a huge performance advantage.

At the same time, 47% of the transistors used to build the eight core GCN architecture GPU, as the FX-7600P brings unmatched midrange gaming performance alone was newly added AMD TureAudio enhance the user's listening experience, while Mantle technology upgrade operating efficiency of the game, let the user choose it is possible to get better audio and visual experience in the game.
Undoubtedly, the new generation of Kaveri highlights many significant performance boost, but to play the direction of its full capacity will be needed to support software, which advocated AMD heterogeneous computing is the future of PC development, his greatest advantage that centralized management of the various parts of the whole computing power, rational allocation of resources, it brings performance improvements, at this stage simply upgrade CPU computing power alone can not match. So in the future to support heterogeneous computing software must be getting rich, and heterogeneous computing model is not confined to the x86 CPU and GPU used on the PC now, as it is now the most popular ARM architecture processor chip will also join them.

EUROCOM M4 with 6cell EUROCOM M4 Battery trackpad has also been designed especially modeling aspects and the whole appearance is very sharp match toucASUSad surface using a male players really like black, red, silver and three kinds of dynamic colors, touch buttons simultaneously sharp corners and instructions lines, are fully reflected in its distinctive feel. In addition, the notebook toucASUSad below the status indicator to facilitate users to understand the operation.