LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga and LENOVO Y70 Touch review

Home entertainment is one of the most important roles of personal computer. A home entertainment this, perhaps no theoretical performance is particularly strong, very strong high-end discrete graphics, no light of this then the portable, its characteristic mainly lies in the balance, not too much to the outstanding single characteristics, leading to other aspects of lacking sacrifice.

We will be evaluating today is the manufacturer of a gleam of the LENOVO design of a location equilibrium, atmospheric fashion video notebook - G50. In the Intel platform is popular today, with flagship FX-7600P Kaveri APU architecture has the characteristic.

Body, LENOVO G50 with 6cell LENOVO G50-80 Battery AMD FX-7600P four core APU, built in 8 groups of a total of 512 GCN ALU computing unit and the independent video card R5-M230 consists of a mix of fighting, the strength of strong, also equipped with 4GB DDR3 1600 memory and 1TB hard disk, how is its comprehensive performance, we interpret for you.

The autumn of 2014, NVIDIA released GTX980M mobile graphics architecture instead of their ancestors Maxwell, GTX880M, once again acquired mobile display chip king status. GTX980M performance with unprecedented power, and power consumption of previously unimaginable control performance, conquered numerous gaming notebook user heart.

As a famous game in this price vendors, LENOVO has updated its own line of products, has launched a new product with the GTX980M mobile g-sky -- LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70-70 Battery. Even this equipped mobile LENOVO notebook also become the strongest in the family, in the succession of the classic design at the same time, colorful backlight keyboard and its collocation is also very cool, provides a very tempting price choice for the majority of the love of the game game player.

To some extent, a notebook, if the appearance design is very attractive, can be successful in half. Nowadays, computer technology has stepped down altar, more as entertainment Office tools active in people around them, how to ensure that products of intimacy, and retained the digital characteristics of the product itself, the problems facing manufacturers designers eyes. LENOVO G50 in the design, it should be said to go in more appropriate route.

From above, the G50 cover with 4cells LENOVO G50-75 Battery the brilliant sense of metal to greet, classic fashion concentric hairline shining luster, which revealed a delicate, also radiates with the atmosphere. Set against the surrounding gray, LENOVO bright silver "LENOVO" logo appears particularly attract sb.'s attention.

LENOVO Y70 is a 17.3 inch products, with a i7 4710MQ processor core of the fourth generation Haswell architecture, a 8GB DDR3L-1600 memory, 128GB LITE-ON solid state disk and 7200 1TB to the high-speed mechanical hard disk. In display, LENOVO Y70 took the combination Intel core graphics HD4600+Nvidia GTX980M. In addition, LENOVO Y70 having a total of 4 memory slots, 2 9.5MM 2.5 inch hard disk position, 2 MSATA solid state drive, with a recorder, provides additional strong expansion capability. With such a configuration of Y70, the comprehensive performance of how, we will be following you on one one.

Mold products with LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70 Touch Battery before the family brothers, are used by the P177SM die classic blue sky. This 17 inch die angular, based on large size is made on the design and cut a large angle bevel design, hand edge pressing reveal the personality, on the other hand also air surging, has a different pattern. In addition, Y70 shell covered with a layer of type of skin material, feel soft, add a lot of soft colors for the machine.

SYSmark 2012 is a benchmark test software developed by BAPCo, it has brought many new characteristics of the graphical user interface, a separate test execution and strengthen the built-in configuration management, can reflect the true performance such as office efficiency, data analysis, system management, media creation, 3D modeling and web page development system, suitable for corporate users for reference.

As the first generation of works on PS4, the time series of the latest "call of duty senior war" in the picture quality is reached first flow level, enhance the huge. Diversity play law, near future science fiction setting let this works with new playability and vitality. But the graphics upgrade also means "call of duty" further into the ranks of the graphics card killer.

We open the "call of duty senior war" most graphics options, close relates to CG but the two cache does not affect the image quality of the pre load options, open the SMAA anti aliasing, close the super sampling, testing of GTX980M with fraps.

LENOVO this product once again demonstrated the price butcher fierce, even Intel I3 processor and FHD score screen ultra-thin notebook a drop down to two thousand yuan files, for consumers is a very good thing. According to the present situation, the market also has no other product can compete in price, while the LENOVO does not like the Ares that performance of the best, but from the price of this consideration, this Z70 with LENOVO Z70-80 Battery is really nobody can the enemy (machine).

LENOVO Y70 uses the rear side cooling design, the heat radiating window two sports exhaust as placed at the rear of symmetry, the interior can be seen metal omentum prism of six, when the notebook of high-speed operation, the heat discharged from here, relatively speaking, the mute effect is general, after all, is a high-end alone game models, the current heat and noise choose difficult to conclusion.

Compared to the D surface LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70 Battery under relatively simple. Around the radiating window is arranged above the surrounding region, under the left two maintenance cover fixed by screws, the battery compartment on the right side of the button to open the way to take the.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga is a big screen entertainment in the upcoming LENOVO, in appearance ThinkPad S3 Yoga continues the concentric design classic LENOVO, top full texture, simple yet stylish. At the same time, it also uses the AMD flagship FX-7600P APU with AMD R5 M230, independent graphics card can easily achieve dual graphics card crossfire, machine has more excellent performance in terms of performance. In addition as a video of this, the machine is also equipped with LENOVOSonicMaster bel master technology, can provide a more comfortable, the video game experience. Below we have a look at the specific performance of the ThinkPad S3 Yoga.

In order to match with matte screen, screen frame LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga also uses built-in LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga Battery the frosting processing, not reflecting the appearance of strong strong light on the screen, providing a comfortable viewing experience for the machine. Corresponding with the black is silver design of C surface, the wrist rest area also has a delicate texture concave convex dot, these details design can greatly enhance the overall feel.