ASUS GL551J GL551JK GL551JM and ASUS PU451LD PU550CA review

ASUS in the recently launched a new PU550C game notebook, body appearance of architecture design of previous generation PU550, body shape and almost no change in the situation, the new PU550C is built on the hardware, intensive, with the Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, 2 128GB SSD RAID 0 1TB HDD schema match hard disk configuration, the most important is the PU550C from the previous NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M independent display chip, direct upgrade to the current electric pen drawing chip the highest order GTX 980M independent display chip in the computer, the overall effectiveness, does have a certain growth. In addition, 15.6 inch display screen is also from the previous Full HD 1920 X 1080, the replacement for the current use of WQHD+ 2880 X 1620 real screen resolution, also have certain effect to visual experience points.

From the Pirfiform Speccy software, you can see the hardware specifications, detailed, contain Intel Core i7 2.50GHz processor, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics chip, Raid 0 architecture of 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD hard drive configuration.

Internal packaging also does not have too big difference, can avoid the vibration and impact of sponge tightly clad electric pen body, the rear is equipped with a special transformer box. Special transformer for the separation cable configuration, the volume of the transformer seems a little small than before. By the transformer old Delta Electronics manufacturing, to provide international standard 100-240V~2.34A/50-60Hz voltage configuration, the output voltage is 19.5V/9.23A. But in the weight of the transformer, special transformer ASUS PU550C power- ASUS PU550C Battery cable with weight about 818g, compared with PU550CA 586g, weight 232g, about a HTC M8 with the last of the protection shell weight, but for there will be substantial influence not convenience, the truth will not be too big.

With the electric pen body protection bagged up, in the first picked up the feelings, in fact, with the previous generation models gaps. With the built-in lithium battery weight is about 2.51Kg, the weight of the body, more of a 1TB 2.5 inch hard disk PU550C, PU550CA more than the weight of about 242g, of course, also include other hardware configuration of different.

Rechargeable lithium battery for the design of detachable, installation mode and the same general electric pen. Rechargeable lithium battery for 6Cells / 56Wh ASUS GL551J Battery set. Rechargeable lithium battery weight is about 312g, the design is also not too heavy. Come back see fuselage design, fog surface texture coating while creating good visual texture, but still easily stained fingerprint oil need often to wipe, can keep clean. With metal hair texture in the light screen cover can see detailed texture, with metal ASUS Logo and ROG Logo with respiratory lamp design. Pen electric fuselage black ROG identification of red body lines, which is almost equal to represent the design of ASUS ROG.

PU550C uses the dark body color gray, unlike A all black color, basically the two colors have the same visual experience, in actual use, shallow gray if leave fingerprints oil, than black more obvious to some, so diligent cleaning becomes a very important thing.

The material of metal ASUS brand Logo is inlaid on the screen cover, and unlike the eSports laptop has design breathing light gorgeous (mean as a sub brand of AORUS have no such design...). In the front of the fuselage of the visual sense of view, PU550C does have the main thin capital. The front end of actual measurement fuselage not containing rubber anti-skid pad thickness is 20.95mm, compared to the previous PU550CA with 6cells ASUS PU550CA Battery 21.21mm not a big difference.

A dedicated input voltage transformer as the standard international supply voltage, output voltage 19V / 6.32A configuration. The actual measurement of special transformers and power cable weight of about 524g, with the eSports laptop isn't design is too heavy, but also enhance the convenience for carrying

ASUS has for its ROG gaming brand launched many new products, including the fuselage shape quite distinctive eSports computer host G20, and a positioning in the high ranks of eSports laptop GL551 series. Small make up the secondary test this ASUS ROG GL551 series gaming laptop with 6cell ASUS GL551JK Battery, equipped with 15.6 inch screen, the DVD composite CD-ROM GL551JM, in body weight and thickness comparable with previously tested ASUS and ROG G56JR, as ROG GX500 series laptop before seeing more thin. Built in Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, the largest independent 860M display higher order level hardware drawing chip with the highest 256GB SSD hard drives and other configuration hardware specifications, the overall point of view, many game player can really meet the needs for efficiency.

.But in the thickness of the body like this, the laptop is still provided removable hardware architecture, the original factory default is DVD composite burning CD-ROM, the user can also change into 2.5 inch hard disk, providing more diverse product expansion. The front end of the cover can also be seen on the screen slightly protruding device architecture, is used to make the screen cover to open more convenient. Almost as high a fuselage structure, match body edge design of circular arc, little eSports laptop despot, but more of a calm technology texture. The body right has DisplayPort image output terminal, two groups of USB 3 port (a group of support charging function). The rear and HDMI terminal, VGA computer output terminals and the power input socket.

Circular arc design edge folding angle also provides laptop overall sense of mellow. Fuselage end provides double cooling hole configuration, basically the current commercially available game electric pen or the eSports pen electricity, all with double heat radiation hole configuration, in order to increase the heat dissipation of the whole. Fuselage end not containing rubber anti-skid pad thickness is 21.48mm, and the 21.16mm fuselage end thickness ASUS PU451L with 5200mAh ASUS PU451L Battery, in fact, no big gap. The left side of the fuselage with anti-theft lock, RJ-45 cable network terminal and the two group USB 2 port. Finally, you can see the microphone sound source socket, earphone sound source socket and SD memory card slot.

The front end of the left configuration has SD/MMC memory card slot. Two holes in central lamp configuration, used to identify the starting state and battery state. On the right side of the fuselage can see Headset / microphone composite audio plug and a USB 3 port.

The arc body waist line so that the original should be thick body look thin many, one can see on the right side of the DVD composite CD recorder. You can also see the anti-theft keyhole configuration. Fuselage end did not deploy any I/O terminal, can only see the rechargeable lithium battery slot.The fashion of the dazzling silver, cutting-edge technology exquisite, luxury blend with global wisdom science and technology with the ASUS GL551J with ASUS GL551JM Battery the Intel.

In the hardware configuration, since it is positioned in the eSports electric pen, for the needs of network connection is particularly important, after all, now there are many games will tie line function, RJ-45 cable network terminal as a fixed specification configuration, of course no problem too big, but only 2.4GHz of the wireless network specifications, let a person really there is a spring feeling. Temperature control parts of the performance, people can not help but think of long ago ASUS laptops overheating tradition, perhaps some exaggeration, although not overheating situation in the game, but if we can use the system of double cooling fan, make the overall stability and more ascension, as the battery capacity is part of, uh! Suggest you or even a special transformer together bring out more comfortable. Overall, the ASUS ROG GL551JM to meet the most hardware of high order the needs of users use, additional game experience is quite complete, with less than 45 little friends want to taste the price ba
nd, perhaps for eSports pen electricity consumers, is a good choice.

Single fan, single copper tube design using the cooling system of ASUS PU451L, the stability of the system testing tools are running AIDA 64 software processor, graphics card and other components will be full after a period of time using the thermal imager were tested in the keyboard surface, the maximum temperature of 41.5 degrees, the average temperature of 36.4 degrees, although most of the heat accumulation in the keyboard right part, but feels just a warm feeling, will not affect the use, but is located on the right hand side of the heat radiating window will bring great distress to the normal use. At the bottom of the fuselage, the maximum temperature of 46 degrees, the average temperature of 28.3 degrees, only in the radiation near the mouth of the heat distribution, performance is quite good. Puts forward Beats Special Edition 15 on the right side of the screen frame some let hand temperatures up to 40.5 degrees, without much heating assembly position temperature is so high it is difficult to satisfactory, but that the daily use almost no influence.

If the perfect standard requirements for this ASUS PU451L, it does have a groove point full, from outside to inside everywhere is not perfect, but as an entry-level notebook, setting apart on the right side of the air outlet opening, it will all weigh very well, screen, keyboard and so on are in line with the pricing, coupled with a thin body, the HP brand ASUS PU451L with 6cells 56wh 5200mAh ASUS PU451LD Battery , in my eyes, can be called the model home introduction.