Alienware 17 R2 and DELL LatitudeE7250 E7450 detail

Latitude is one of the most classic commercial computer brand, is Dell its most outstanding works, as well as a symbol of quality. And in the fourth generation intelligent Intel core family processor release, we finally ushered in the Dell second Latitude super book -- E7450.

Can be seen, the surface temperature is not high, the keyboard surface, the average temperature of only 34.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is only 40 degrees Celsius. In addition to the keyboard, the left of centre of some areas, rest position almost no fever feeling; at the bottom of the fuselage temperature control is excellent, with an average of only 33 degrees Celsius, heat radiating window inside temperature is slightly high, when in use, only need to pay attention to the heat radiating window ventilation.

Performance, were detected by CineBench R11.5 software, the multi thread performance as 2.48pts, performance is basically developed, and compared with i7, the difference is not great, to meet the daily online, HD, office document processing, pictures, video clips are not the problem.

Is the so-called slow skilled work, the new Latitude E7450 ultrabook adhering to many business models should have the features, using DELL Latitude E7450 Battery the full metal body (touch screen version for the carbon fiber roof), 180 degrees of retractable metal hinge, spill resistant keyboard, with the United States MIL-STD-810G protection testing standards, have a color of the anti vibration and anti throwing, moistureproof and dustproof, high temperature and other characteristics, can be used in many harsh environment to provide the most stable and reliable performance; with fingerprint recognition, TPM security chip, smart card reader and so on to ensure the safety of user data; support docking; optional Intel vPro technology, user management easy to deploy enterprise.

The focus on the stability of business first, this seems to have been the concept never changed. Business people are often on the notebook choice also happens to be the care stability first, followed by a performance. To meet this trait of commercial this we have seen many, Dell Inspiron series can be said to be very classic commercial this series. Today is the protagonist of Dell Inspiron 5749, the continuation of the series models are still outstanding, the fixing screw every tiny are full, rigorous work materials.

The series in order to meet the use demand differences of business user population, product refinement. Dell Inspiron 5749 a mold has two kinds of type, respectively is the non touch type and touch control type, touch type Inspiron 5749 with 65wh DELL Inspiron 17-5749 Battery cover chose carbon fiber material, the firmness of the stronger, the machine is more light, and today we will evaluate the non touch type type 5749, the top cover is made of aluminium alloy material, from the top on the shallow silver can distinguish.

And compared with the predecessor 6430u, mainly in the following several change: Haswell architecture of fourth generation intelligent Intel core platform, more power; the appearance of a more simple, more practical details of hale and hearty; interface has been enhanced, behind most of the fuselage interface to.

Finally, E7250 also provides configuration optional very rich, network card, memory, hard disk and the screen on the WWAN can be customized. I got this table is the most basic section, equipped with ultra low voltage i5-4200U dual core processor, 4cells DELL Latitude E7250 Battery, 4GB single channel memory and hard disk 500GB machinery, spare a memory slot, mSATA/mini PCI-E slot, the promotion space is adequate.

Mantle is the underlying technology of API AMD for GCN APU/GPU architecture, which allows developers to bypass DirectX/OpenGL and direct access to the GCN hardware resources, but also through the use of programming optimization approach, can bring considerable performance improvements. The principle of the whole AMD Mantle technology for earth structure is described, which is the core of GCN Core is hardware layer, and the lower mantle is Mantle Dirver, the Shangdi mantle is Mantle API, the top crust is the display of the application. The main function of Mantle technology, is the connection to the GCN Core hardware layer and the software layer effect.

ASUS E451LD laptop body using 6cells ASUS E451LD Battery drop design popular, visual and feel are very frivolous, cover using the common plastic material, after grinding polishing processing, ASUS official called the "light textured", its texture is good, but feel relatively general. Because it is a matte material, so it is protective of the fingerprint is quite strong, and take in your hand will not easily slipping phenomenon.

Master Lu is a hardware test now ordinary user favorite and maintenance of software, not only can help white the first time users computer troubleshooting, but also detect the integrated function of computer. In the comprehensive performance test computer Master Lu's own, E451LD score up to 105238 points, the graphics score of 13431 points, no matter is the score or graphic scores are very good performance.

4 "thief" is a large 3D game, game player plays the role of a master thief, the shuttle in the city, the main city of steal treasures of molesting overlord Baron, the game uses a first person perspective adventure elements, set by intelligent design, let the game player complete control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge.

The game type laptop showing explosive growth in this year, no matter whether in the industry for many years, the traditional manufacturer, or some unknown small manufacturers, have launched their own corresponding products this year, but that didn't seem to disturb Alienware (alien) rhythm, steadily upgrading process, without sacrificing the blind pursuit of price to cater to the market, Alienware has always insisted on, M17x is always the core of Alienware models, the equipment upgrades, again.

This evaluation is Alienware M17x series of new products, the official price of natural high, compared to the previous generation M17x, in the processor upgrade to the i7-4700MQ, graphics card also improved to GTX 880M, in single card games, performance is still very strong, in addition, the outer shell adopts the anodic alumina and aluminum magnesium alloy material, to create a strong and beautiful body, alien head classic standard, alien inscription, AlienFX backlight and so on individual elements, all one one appears in the user before.

From the design style, Alienware 17 R2 with 8cells Alienware 17 R2 Battery still follow the "character first" principle, and using the steel gray to the fuselage of the sense of science and technology completely released, the entire top game in the field, is a unique existence.

In addition to lightweight design, the machine in the hardware configuration is also completely belongs to the current mainstream level, the fourth generation of the Intel core i5 processor can provide excellent treatment efficiency. So in the end how the comprehensive performance of this machine? Today we have a detailed evaluation for everyone to bring ASUS PU551LD.

This session, we were tested by PC Mark8 software, test total score is 2196, the comprehensive performance of the whole machine enough for daily use.

As a lightweight and portable book, ASUS PU551LD not only pay more attention to portability, and the body design is more fashionable. From the application of group point of view, it is not only suitable for higher requirements on the portability of the business people, also suitable for young group the pursuit of fashion, personality choice. Integrated the machine in terms of Suningyi purchase price of 3999 yuan, ASUS PU551LD with 6cells ASUS PU551LD Battery is a excellent design of business this portable, I believe there will be excellent market performance.

The hardware configuration, Dell offers a variety of configuration options for the user. But this evaluation Dell 5749 using the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i5 4200U low power processor, the configuration of the 500GB hard disk and 4GB DDR3 1600MHz high speed memory, graphics cards, the model uses processor comes with the Intel core 4400 core graphics card. Type Dell 5749 appearance design, handsome white-collar van.

Dell Inspiron 5749 by 17 inch LCD screen, 6cells DELL Inspiron 5749 Battery and can choose the 1366 * 768 resolution, the fog screen surface design for business users especially outdoor workers, a very wide range of uses, ambient light even complex can be clearly distinguished screen, more convenient browsing. In addition, the opening angle of 5749 screen can reach 180 DEG, narrow frame design enhance many visual experience at the same time the fuselage volume compared to the traditional 14 inch notebook smaller.