LENOVO U31 U41 and LENOVO ThinkPad T450 T550 detail

For Chinese District, Mr Lanci said at present China area share has to 35-37%, the future there is still room for growth but is not very big, mainly focus on the requirements China region to achieve better profitability level, also can continue to make product more refined, better, put to use high user experience, make products the light is a lot of people to buy, but also to establish a leading position in the market. In addition, Mr Lanci said acquisition of the IBM x86 server, enterprise products do up. In China, Lenovo can put the enterprise products do the relational customers to. This is the association at present in the commercial sector and enterprise field strategy.

Development of David Roman will be the Lenovo brand is divided into three stages, first of all, Lenovo is a China based company, its development in China is very powerful, and incredibly, the first stage should belong to China's development stage; the second stage we can say that after the acquisition of IBM's personal computer division to in 2009 2008, this stage, adjustment stage, belongs to. How to adjust at this stage, how to adapt to the internationalization of the change and the pace of internationalization. In 2008, experienced a very difficult period, with the change of the market environment and the outbreak of the financial crisis, this time the association also in constant adjustment, constantly adapt to the market trend of the rhythm of the game; the third stage is a high growth great period for lenovo. From 2009 until now, the market share from the original global sixth has been developed to become the global leader, to become the world's first, in the high growth period, Lenovo has become a trul
y global company, has truly become a global leader in computer.

Lenovo U41 body with 4cells LENOVO U41 Battery B surface paint surface before into a matte surface, C surface from black to gray, in general, the overall color of U41 is more uniform, the subjective feeling is more simple. Lenovo U41 screen at the still quite satisfactory, using the common 16:9 ratio of 14 inch LED backlit screen, the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. There is a 720P camera is arranged above the screen, can achieve good video call function.

From the product application, at present the Lenovo PC business SMB, consumer and business three business groups, in the commercial sector is mainly sell ThinkPad products, has been around for a very long time to remain in such a position of a market leading, including both at home and abroad. In the consumer market, Lenovo has reached the first in the world, but also to achieve a profit growth, while in the SMB field, our product line and its products, and products of ThinkPad, Lenovo coverage in the low-end, ThinkPad is in the high-end positioning, in the SMB field, Mr Lanci said Lenovo the main objective is to enhance the market share. In addition to Chinese outside, at present share has not reached such as big business and consumer market share position, so the next goal is to focus on the increase in SMB sector of the market share, especially in areas outside the China.

LENOVO M40-35 with 32wh LENOVO M40-35 Battery is a big screen entertainment in the LENOVO upcoming, during an appearance on the M40-35 extension of the concentric design LENOVO classic, cover full texture, simple yet stylish. At the same time, it also uses the AMD flagship FX-7600P APU with AMD R5 M230, independent graphics card can easily achieve dual graphics card crossfire, machine has more excellent performance in terms of performance. In addition as a video of this, the machine is also equipped with LENOVO SonicMaster bel master technology, can provide more comfortable audio-visual, game experience. Below we have a look at the specific performance of the M40-35.

David Roman think of a company, the process of an excellent brand building, it must first be a brand, and became a brand which can be based on this success, after a very successful and powerful brand, it can have a foothold in this market.

David Roman said, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing decided long ago, Lenovo is not only to gain market share, but also in the brand's success, it is going to be a great brand globalization. A great company and a great brand is different, if you want to become a great company, you need to have a strong supply chain, strong shipments data, you need to have very good financial data. As a great brand, you in addition to have these, you also need to have a and user, there is a good relation between and your customers, have a good interaction. You need to let all consumers will think you are a great brand, this is a great company and great brand is not the same place, Lenovo is undoubtedly towards a great brand forward.

And to achieve this goal depends mainly on the following points, the first is the association in three years ago began to consolidate the market foundation. If we look at the distribution of European countries, it should be said is very fragmented, there is no one like China and America of a country, a channel forming can cover a large market. So the main management mode is to take root to each country, every country has its own national local sales and management team, continue to build the local channel relationship, guarantee it has a strong operation system in each country, are successful in all of the product line to guarantee it. Secondly, it should be said that from the initial acquisition, the business field from Lenovo, IBM based view is strong, the past three years the consumption of products, including PC products, including flat so also do together, we have implemented in all countries, a situation in all channels and all market segments are full the blossom.

Lenovo U31 with LENOVO U31 Battery adopts the type of shaft sinking is very common screen design, the maximum opening angle of about 130 degrees. Lenovo U41 the overall style is the most popular style of simplicity, dressed in white, the appearance of a lot of extra points for this machine. Especially for the fashion Master and MM, having a greater temptation. Because of cost considerations, ABS engineering plastic body is adopted, it has little effect on hand.

Cloud Gate test model is designed according to the basic notebook computer and household personal computer, suitable for DirectX device 10 compatibility, efficiency score is 21208 points, the efficiency ranking just below a high order PC game, and the performance scores are also not much difference.

As a new product of TOSHIBA L50-B series with TOSHIBA PA5185U-1BRS Battery of games electric pen of the third generation, Satellite L50-B continuation of many Satellite L50-B series laptop design style fuselage configuration, thickness and weight also is almost the same as that to maintain the design style consistent perhaps for consumers, is not easy to forget about the laptop products impression, but also of course will let the advantages and disadvantages of original products continue. The first Satellite L50-B excellent thickness and weight design for portability, it is really a bonus points, this is the recent for high performance common game pen electric fuselage structure design, but as a game notebook, aiming at the design of the actual game experience is also inadequate, such as the keyboard can provide a set of hotkeys etc., are to enhance user convenience in using the laptop. But the electric pen, see LENOVO placed a connection management software, with the previous Smart software such as Manager, for considerable attention to game player network efficiency, is helpfu

In the left side of the fuselage, ThinkPad T450 is equipped with a One Link interface (port replicator interface), USB 2 interface, Headset / charge off microphone combo interface, and the card reader interface. Can meet the daily needs of the business. This evaluation of the ThinkPad T450, with the Intel core i7-4510U processor, 8GB of memory, 6cells LENOVO ThinkPad T450 Battery, large capacity 512GB solid state drive, GT 840M graphics card. With the Intel core i7-4510U, is a Haswell architecture based on the fourth generation of Core i7 low voltage processor, using the 22nm process, with 4MB level three cache, clocked at 2.0GHz, turbo boost after can ascend to 3.1GHz, uses four threads design of dual core, the largest TDP 15W, is a low voltage processor an energy saving type.

Compared with the fuselage silver appearance, body B, C on both sides of the species used carbon black design, including screen frame for scrub treatment, and in imitation of metal wire drawing design for the body surface C, the overall feel better.

At the bottom of the fuselage design of Satellite L50-B is relatively simple, and has 4 large pads, edge part of left and right sides in the fuselage front-end respectively have a speaker, stereo sound can be realized easily. It also can be seen, Satellite L50-B uses 4cells TOSHIBA PA5184U-1BRS Battery, so you can more easily achieve thin fuselage design.

Mixed mode graphics professionals is one of the 14 "features, although the technology is not very new, but the application is rare in the workstation level. Dynamic switching of AMD graphics technology is AMD's first seamless handover solution, similar in function to the NVIDA Optimus, seamless switching between integrated graphics and the graphics card, graphics card switch can automatically select the application configuration file. To open, closed when not needed, can prolong the life time of the battery. This is particularly suitable for mobile group, usually placed in the office can rely on high performance ThinkPad 14 as a desktop machine, and mobile use, switch to more power saving mode, you can have it all. This part will be introduced in the test section.

The speaker part ThinkPad T550 with 56wh LENOVO ThinkPad T550 Battery relatively good results, but also do not have too high expectations, because no matter how high-end laptop speakers whose sound is like that. Although sound in general, but it is still very comfortable keyboard, the keyboard has a large key process and high resilience, typing on the keyboard allows users to enjoy the pleasure of.