Alienware 15 and LENOVO Yoga 3 14 review

As the ASUS ROG G series of a member under eSports laptop, GL771JM does with many e-sports ROG elements in the fuselage design, of course, the most eye-catching is the black body, relatively bright red color, as a brand representative color, make the product itself identification also increased a lot. But the fuselage structure design of GL771JM, but not as the traditional ROG G series laptop was full of ambition, but with a family N laptop series mellow and soft feeling, with the ROG G series, the whole body structure and design and G56 series electric pen, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful design. In fact, a careful comparison of the two paragraph of the aircraft, and more can be found even in I/O terminal configuration is quite similar, but GL771JM RGB terminal into mini DisplayPort, adds support for three display screen output function. As for the G56 series advantage pen electricity, from from the sound technology N series laptop, collocation Headset / micro
phone independent audio jack, and subwoofer random bonus, in the overall sound will experience more better than GL771JM.

If less on pen friends electric sound presentation, GL771JM in the overall hardware specification configuration, than the G56 series of high order several more prominent, whether in the processor or independent display chip, has greatly promoted the efficiency, perhaps you can think of GL771 as the G56 series of hardware Enhanced Edition, may be easier to understand the laptop. But in the hardware configuration, the GL771JM with 6cell ASUS GL771J Battery or the existence of a few areas in need of improvement, in the portion of memory, the biggest support capacity if can go to 32GB, for the love of high hardware specifications of the game player, perhaps even more add a few minutes of attractive, after all, the fuselage bottom cover provides convenient replacement and upgrading. Moreover is the storage disk configuration, 7200 turn 1TB HDD configuration, you really don't know where to start it, if only to cost considerations, may wish to consider hybrid should disk configuration, for there will be some help performance, of course, if you re
ally like this pen electricity, reluctantly replaced it SSD solid state drive, is an efficiency way to upgrade.

Notebook computer is usually used for mobile office, both in people's work life, play a very important role. Since the super this appears, more to meet the needs of the mobile office business people, get of consumer love. Recently, ASUS brings ASUS X550LNV series of gold, silver, minimalist coat with 14 inch thin body, we can see that the ASUS computer has been in the production of computer technology, has been upgraded to a new level. Introduce today the ASUS X550LNV-i5 4572 S1 (hereinafter referred to as ASUS X550LNV) has the excellent materials and workmanship at the same time, it also has both high performance!

ASUS X550LNV with 41wh ASUS X550LNV Battery continues the ASUS consistent products style and market positioning, the appearance compared to previous products have certain progress. The 1080P screen and the fourth generation i5 processor and SSD+HDD double disk configuration, to provide strong support for the daily office, high cost, the natural self-evident.

AIDA 64 in the memory and cache memory performance test, delay the timing of main memory is 66.7ns, L3 cache memory latency time sequence is 12.6ns, is the performance of normal performance. The built-in storage hard disk for the 1TB HDD hard disk configuration, using the SATA III transmission interface, 7200 RPM hard disk speed architecture. CrystalDiskMark hard disk performance test, the measured average read and write speed of 136.0/121.1 MB/s (read / write). ATTO Disk Benchmark measured mean 137190/126322 MB/s (read / write) speed. The test of Parkdale hard disk performance, can see the average read and write speed of 107.1/110.1 MB/s (read / write).

The OpenGL efficiency of CINEBENCH in R10 was 6654, single core CPU acceleration efficiency is 6469 points, multi core CPU acceleration efficiency is 23578 points. The OpenGL efficiency of CINEBENCH in R11.5 was 51.78 FPS, which belongs to the better performance in the same system ranking. CPU hardware acceleration performance is 6.72 PTS, in the same system ranking fell in the middle of the position, the performance is quite satisfactory. CINBENCH R15 performance testing software, obtained 77.42 FPS results in the OpenGL performance test, the same performance in the same system performance.

As for the CPU hardware acceleration performance test, the effectiveness of CB in 611 fractions were obtained, the effectiveness of ranking also falls on the central position. 3Dmark for the Ice Storm test patterns with mobile device and entry-level computer design, obtain the efficiency score of 95459 points. Ice Storm Extreme test mode, then get efficiency scores showed 85131 points.

GPU-Z can be seen in the Intel HD 4600 display chip information, FPU clock 400MHz. It also can be seen in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M independent display chip, with 4GB GDDR5 independent memory, GPU clock is 1020 MHz.

This Asus GL771J with 56wh ASUS GL771JM Battery uses is FX-7600P processor AMD of Kaveri architecture, with DDR3 4GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard disk, the independent video card graphics for the APU built-in R7-Graphics with R5-M230 hybrid crossfire. The FX-7600P processor codenamed "Bald Eagle" translated as "vulture" (how many a little bit 90's TV drama, the villain of the taste), it uses the socket FP3 slot, built-in Kaveri architecture of four physical cores and 8 graphics core, thermal design power 35W, the maximum frequency of 3.6Ghz.

The ASUS X552W is a very high value products, the machine core i7-4558U processor, the Intel Haswell platform, equipped with fourth generation intelligent Intel core seamless fusion sharp torch graphics card, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard disk and 8GB hybrid mechanical SSD. There has been a great improvement in the product performance, and low power design and make new outstanding performance in the aspects of life.

Strong inner need more corresponding packing to foil, light using designed ASUS X552W with 4cell ASUS X552W Battery appearance fashion, a total of berries, vanilla, cocoa brown color optional white. Then let the feelings of this product excellences and everybody.

This part, through our online play online video to test, test process to keep the screen brightness to 50%, connect to the network through the WiFi, and close the Alien FX lamp. Before testing for 100% of electricity consumption, the remaining power 30 minutes after playing for 86%, estimated 13 Alienware in non game mode using the high load condition, the whole life can reach 3.5-4 hours, than other alien games this is not a small upgrade.

Alienware 15 with 8cells Alienware 15 Battery the top of the screen has a 2000000 pixel camera, with a shaped body indicator light, convenient for checking the running state. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a stereo pair of digital microphone can effectively filter the noise, in the voice and video call can bring better entry effect. In addition, the screen frame is adopted on the rubber protection layer, can effectively avoid accidentally scratched off the screen when the screen.

Appearance is a major highlight of the ASUS X552W to attract customers, but not all of his. Body performance comprehensive promotion is effectively for users to enhance the experience, core i7-4558U processor Intel Haswell new platform, hybrid hard disk 500GB mechanical and 8GB SSD, not only increased the graphics capabilities of the machine, but also makes the data transmission, the boot start more quickly and efficiently.

ASUS X552W has a priority for many consumers are concerned, the high value so that the product is popular. If the use of friends want to get the portability of feeling, and the application of smooth complete experience, then ASUS X552W with 4cells ASUS X552WA Battery will be a good choice.

In the AS SSD test, 64GB solid state hard disk read and write speed to read and write 264.41MB/ seconds 161.25MB/ seconds, and the 4K random read speed reached 24.80 MB/ seconds, overall performance is quite well, compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk upgrade is very obvious, especially the boot speed, contrast only adopts mechanical hard disk products quickly, and after the boot will not have Caton feeling, in short, SSD solid state drive make the ASUS X550LNV quickly into the work of the state.

We use the Furmark copy machine software for limit test of association of YOGA 3 14 with built-in LENOVO Yoga 3 14  Battery, Furmark will be two large heating components CPU and graphics card machine fully up and running, running 60 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation condition of each machine at runtime, we also the use of FLUKE infrared thermal imager were observed, each position of the heating temperature.