ASUS K46CM K56CM Ultrabook coming soon

The ASUS K46C is a 14-inch notebook, so there will not be too much space to arrange the buttons, some shortcomings in terms of ergonomics, for example, the keyboard's width and height have small problems, and the palm rest is very short, you wrist often hanging out of the notebook.

The left side of the fuselage has a network port, VGA, HDMI and USB2.0, microphone jack on the right side, USB2.0 and USB3.0, one each, as well as the power jack and security lock slot. The K46C keyboard is very comfortable typing with it, although we did not reach the record for the fastest, but also a little "finger flying" feeling. However, the key seems a little shaking (This is not to say that we are worried that the keys fall).

ASUS K46C score in 3DMark06 is 5351, with other Intel integrated HD Graphics 4000 graphics models at the same level, you can play some lightweight games, such as "Batman: Arkham City" fps per sec 50, "Call of Duty" is only 20 frames per second.

Aspects of day-to-day performance, this ASUS K46C series cold start took 50 seconds, really annoying. Two browsers open Spotify to play music while playing the games, and will make this machine costs some effort, especially to open the game, we note that it is a little fever. Short, this laptop is not severe user design, but use it to deal with the day-to-day work, such as the use of Microsoft Office, listening to music, the Internet and the like, or more than enough.

Even open to the maximum volume, the sound of K46C sounds very distant and faint, small movie dialogue sound. It is definitely not a recreational model, we recommend that you buy external speakers. ASUS K46C equipped with a 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge processor, 500GB of storage space, 6GB memory. In PCMark Vantage, it scored 6152 points, far lower than with the SSD solid state drive models. The maximum read and write speeds of 104 MB / s and 95 MB / s, far less than with the SSD models.

ASUS said this type of life time up to 5 hours. Test open WiFi, and loop playback video brightness set to 65%, adhere to the results of the ASUS K46C four core 3100mAh ASUS K46C Battery 3 hours 31 minutes. If you want to buy a 14-inch notebook, you can try the ASUS K46C-171-6869, after all, it is equipped with a Core i5 processor with 500GB storage space, although the fuselage space is limited, but its keyboard with them also operator comfort. Then again, if you have more budget, bag space is large enough, you can consider to buy better, bigger, battery life longer, more comfortable keyboard models.

The new ASUS K46C series of innovative bowl-shaped craft, bowl-shaped keyboard so that the island-style keyboard with numeric keys more prominent, and the texture of the touchpad of the bowl-shaped curvature of the fingers and the body more fit, to prominent island-style keyboard with numeric keys so feel degree upgrade chrome speakers to make the sound clearer, these clever detail design all the time in making users comfortable experience.

I got this ASUS K46CM gray version, the overall appearance of adhering to the style of the design of the Dell Inspiron series design, and ASUS K46CM such widely known notebook abrasive consistent, but small and thin.

Machine materials, the ASUS K46CM body cap with a magnesium alloy material, workmanship very good use of the material is very solid, its surface showing silver gray metallic luster, simple fashion with a sense of science and technology. Of course, the top of the ASUS K46CM is not only a very good-looking, and very sturdy when our hand to press hard on its roof, there was no significant deformation, can better protect the notebook's screen.

Details determine the success or failure the good details highlight the taste of the product, DELL designer well aware of this. Further emphasize the ease of use of the product in the appearance of great beauty in to strengthen fashion and fine design into DELL's unique features.

The new ASUS K46CM series with 4cell ASUS K46CM Battery antenna cleverly arranged in the roof at the bottom, add soft touchpad laptop sophisticated and easy to grip. Strip speaker and screen integrated to reach the the linear sound transmitted to the user's destination.

Both sides of the shaft between the metal grid beneath the speaker area. The machine shaft is sunken design, the the shaft damping force control in place, so that the maximum angle of about 150 ° screen open, basically to meet the demand of user multi-angle observation.

ASUS K56C design no special highlights, but in the details, such as the shaft opening and closing angle setting on the touchpad and function keys still very humane. It is worth mentioning edit this notebook tested several games after feeling the heat very well, the keyboard the average surface temperature of only 37 degrees, the temperature is even lower than the current ultra-extreme ...

Terms of performance, the new ivyBridge high-end i7 3720QM + Kepler GTX 680M introduction makes the ASUS K56C to play the leading role in the performance, significantly improved graphics performance, should be able to easily spike this year under the high-definition large 3D games.Stacy Wolff has a systematic and rational thinking in terms of design, he look at the design of the future of the PC industry that several trends will lead the PC industry design direction. The birth of a perfect design works, nothing more innovation to the overall appearance of the details of the process, as well as color. Material plays a cornerstone role in determining overall appearance, Stacy Wolff has a different view of the trend of the material, a few years ago, we do design, glass or plastic and I am sure you will think incredible, but this application now become a reality. Because as long as there is some natural material, more resilient material in order to produce a unique product.

The ASUS K56C the notebook bottom of the design using two removable baffle and heat window, the user can upgrade the hard left bezel, the middle baffle memory upgrade, operation is very convenient. ASUS K56C notebook using the most popular chocolate keyboard, is worth talking about is the keyboard keycap edge also decorated by a light blue, let it be consistent with the whole style of plus backlit keyboard at night or dark at very convenient to use. Above the keyboard is a collection of three shortcuts, pop-up drive key boot button has unveiled, hinge with brushed silver material, the speaker parcels which improves a lot on the texture and detail.

The ASUS K56C sunken shaft is maximum open angle of about 140 °, but fully meet the user's visual. ASUS K56C with 44wh ASUS K56C Battery integrated touchpad, not much decoration, and C very consistent, light blue border decorative edge, the pursuit of a simple fresh style. More integrated large touchpad is not only more aesthetic, you can visit a wider range of operation, more accurate and comfortable operating experience, a variety of gestures intelligent touchpad also allows you to operate, flowing freely browse pictures or web handy.

Compared to the performance of the GTX 680M GTX 580M can improve by up to 80% of the actual test 3Dmark Vantage's Entry mode GPU 60,818 points, single card single significant performance GTX 680M should be regarded as the most powerful. Actual test, this metamorphosis "Metro 2033" game in front of high-definition fluency performance can be maintained over 55FPS.

Hardware acceleration, the the ASUS K56CM and K46C with Super RAID technology high-speed memory technology, the technology can support two solid-state drive and a traditional hard disk storage rate is also amazing performance, transmission speeds of up to 800MB / S above. Game loaded with software programs start faster than the traditional hard 3-5 times faster.

The the ASUS K56CM top thin this be considered a deadly! The machine still maintained a tough look and feel, plus the a domineering multi-angular solemn shape, one that reflects an ultra-thin qualities of the rough and publicity. Full of personality, a variety of changes in effect K56CM keyboard light efficiency is not completely lost on the alien keyboard design considered quite comprehensive, fine-tuning of the key position players in full compliance with the operating habits.

Most worth seeing is the top performance of the GTX 680M graphics, a score of over 60,000 points allowed to become a leader in the ultra-thin. Cost performance, ASUS K56CM also have certain advantages, this ultra-thin this sale Jingdong website, the price of 17,999 yuan, with the same level compared to the other top of this still relatively affordable. If you are an out-and-out game enthusiasts may wish to refer to this ASUS K56CM.

ASUS K56CM Battery and keyboard left to the upper right corner of each built a metal chrome irregular shape of the speaker, the speaker than K46C slightly smaller, but still work together with audio manufacturers Dynaudio speaker sound position and distance after Precision Tweaker, so to ensure that the players get more accurate sound effects.