Newest ACER TravelMate 5360 5360G Series laptop

Fashionable issues are always taken into account in the purchase of their own notebook varied: the appearance of unusual stuff the public how can highlight their personality? Body to be lightweight, the influx of people naturally will not stay home all day, of course, is the preferred can be easy to carry notebook. More readily Internet, the microblogging control more and more, can not access the notebook how to use it? Final performance, of course, to be decent, although not necessarily apply, but the performance is like banknotes, like how are not too many, the heart is also practical to use them ...

So is there a notebook can meet these needs? The answer, of course, is yes. With Intel ultra-pole of the rise of, a series of thin and light, ultra-long standby fuselage brand ultra-extreme mushroomed competing to come out. But over most of this growth path is uneven, the initial product in order to ensure a lightweight, had to abandon the interface, optical drives and other components are integrated graphics configuration, performance is also greatly reduced, coupled with its expensive the price was super great this is an an awkward dilemma.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. With time the wheels run over the technical problem is gradually overcome, this time over most of this performance has been gradually close to or exceed the part of traditional low-end notebook, and even more pleased with its the price is no longer so high above. The advent of a new generation of ultra-extreme, so that we have more expectations for the future. For example, today I will introduce this Dell Inspiron 14z.

Ultra-extreme, Dell has been playing the role of a pioneer. For example, the original XPS series, its exquisite workmanship and light level so everyone was impressed.

As the saying goes the blacksmith is hot, coincides with the ultra-extreme collective outbreak of the era, Dell's natural to come up with new products to consolidate their position in the market, Dell Inspiron 14z emerged in this context.

To a more objective understanding of the performance of the  Dell xps, we conducted a routine test of the performance data are the most convincing. CINEBENCH Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses CPU and GPU test developed for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine. CINEBENCH R10 CPU performance tests, we used precision by rendering a 3D scene screen test processor, multi-threaded processing processing capacity.

Appearance using same abrasive with Inspiron series with DELL 9JR2H Battery is no different, but there is a cloud of mud inherent differences. Remove it only 21mm thickness, 1.8kg weight configuration changes alone is enough eye-popping. Let's look at the official configuration single.

Dell XPS 15 comes with the popular integrated touchpad, its large area of ??the touchpad, touch smooth, accurate cursor positioning, touchpad keys are comfortable to use, did not appear the phenomenon of the integrated touchpad common cursor offset when a key is pressed provide good support in the case of mouse. Dell XPS 15 the right side of the fuselage to set a slot-loading CD-ROM drive, In addition to the headphone and microphone jacks, and card reader, the remaining three USB3.0 Mini DisplayPort interface, HDMI interface and RJ45 interface are provided in the body left side, which makes the XPS 15 interface located on the left side more intensive.

CINEBENCH R10 score above 35W Core i7 3612QM quad-core processor performance over previous generation TDP 45W Core i7 2630QM, but with the new generation of 45W Core i7 3610QM are still some gaps, but its performance is still in The mainstream notebook CPU at a higher level, fully meet the daily demand of audio and video entertainment processor performance. SYSMark is a a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer. Dell XPS 15 with excellent overall hardware performance in the test achieved a total score of 222 points, this score is higher than the average of the current mainstream notebook that can meet our running Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max and professional software needs.

Equipped with Intel's new Ivy Bridge Core i7 3612QM quad-core eight thread processors in the machine on the hardware configuration, the Dell XPS15 configuration NVIDIA next-generation Kepler core GT640M discrete graphics, 8GB DDR3-1600 memory and 1TB 5400 rpm large-capacity hard disk machine hardware configuration is more balanced, fully meet the daily needs of audio and video entertainment, 1TB hard drive provides plenty of storage space in a relatively strong level in the current mainstream notebook. CINEBENCH Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses CPU and GPU test developed for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine. CINEBENCH R10 CPU test section, we use precision by rendering a 3D scene screen test processor, multi-threaded processing processing capacity.

GT640M the Dell XPS15 equipped the NVIDIA launched this year a new generation of highest product positioning GT600M series graphics cards using NVIDIA's new Kepler architecture, with 384 CUDA cores, using 28n manufacturing process, core frequency of 625MHz, Memory Interface 128bit. 3Dmark is futuremark a software designed for measuring the graphics performance of graphics benchmarks, we have chosen to test the DX10-based 3Dmark Vantage GPU, the Dell XPS 15 total score E17522, which GPU score 27268 notebook graphics in the mid to upper level, a strong gaming performance. Thanks to the high-performance processor, plenty of memory and 2GB DDR5 graphics memory, the actual playing surface of the Dell XPS 15 is better equipped with DDR3 memory, GT640M, more than 1366 × 768 resolution medium quality run smoothly Battlefield 3 "," dust "and other large-scale 3D games.

The Dell XPS 15 equipped with a 67Wh lithium DELL 8P3YX Battery, adjust the screen brightness to 50% of the time, in office applications based MobilMark battery use time test run of 319 minutes (5 hours and 19 minutes), and good performance in the same notebook. Due to the configuration of the high-performance graphics card and quad-core processors, Dell XPS15 pager test after 30 minutes, the left area of ??the keyboard surface and the bottom of the fuselage heat accumulation of a large area, you can see from the heat map, this region appears orange-red, indicating that the high temperature here, where the keyboard face up to 48.2 ° C, the bottom of the fuselage corresponding position of the maximum temperature of 47.6 ° C, when prolonged exposure to these places, there will be discomfort feeling.

As the the Dell top home series notebook, the XPS 15 not only has a solid material, fine workmanship and simple and stylish appearance, and it's as good as the hardware configuration, the quad-core and eight-threaded Core I7 processor, with 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, and GT640M graphics and 15-inch high-definition display for us to bring superior audio and video entertainment experience.

Of course, Dell XPS 15 there is a certain lack of, for example, all interfaces are set in the more crowded the left side of the fuselage, the surface of the fuselage relatively high calorific value, but it is undeniable, XPS 15 is indeed a very good notebook indeed reach the the Apple MacBook standards, just the price of $ 2,000 is difficult to bear for the average user, it is more suitable for the operation off the user selects.

Greater advantage by virtue of the fuselage, the Dell Inspiron 17R Turbo inside the fuselage has two drive bays, and fully supports the composition of Raid 0 and Raid 1 disk array, the same time, the Dell Inspiron 17R Turbo also built a 32GB mSATA SSD , Intel Smart Response technology, can be accelerated for the system to enhance the the program response speed and shorten the wake-up time.

Ivy Bridge is the most obvious change is the use of a three-gate transistor technology, new design nuclear significant part, it supports Microsoft DirectX 11 and Intel also improved I / A core ISA instruction set architecture, making the LLC cache and memory control improves instruction execution speed of the IPC (number of instructions executed by the CPU per clock cycle), Ivy Bridge also optimize the ISA for SSE extended instruction set and string processing. Ivy Bridge also stepped up security, strengthen the management of energy consumption, Configurable TDP, and can support a higher frequency of memory and low-voltage memory.

Latitude E6510 is equipped with a 90Wh 12cell DELL Latitude E6510 Battery, the highest screen brightness by MobileMark 2007 tests, the life time of less than three hours for a large-size notebook This performance is also reasonable.

Today's notebook users, while considering performance, heat dissipation, life has gradually become the focus of attention, which also became the Discriminant a laptop excellent key. In after running Furmark half hours, the temperature distribution of the Dell Inspiron 17R Turbo, such as shown in the picture, the higher temperature environment of 30 degrees Celsius, the C shell panel, but considering that this is a high-performance games this heat what followed, after all, the performance is the highlight.

CineBench is a Cinema 4D effects engine developed for the film and television industry, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Major consideration its CPU processing part of routine testing. The test is divided into two: The first test simply use the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen only run in a single-processor, single thread, if the system has more than one processor core or support multithreading, the first to use only one thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads.

ACER TravelMate 5360 with a more common now sunken shaft, the rotor design reduces the cost, while allowing the laptop slightly thinner, less resistance to open the top cover, suitable for strong enough girls, but it has also been a lot of questioning , such as the screen can not open and close to 180 °, the interface can not be set in the fuselage behind the vents. ACER TravelMate 5360 in the left side of the fuselage with a USB 3.0, a network interface, HDMI interface, VGA interface, the distribution is relatively compact, the simultaneous use of multiple sockets may conflict phenomenon. The right side of the fuselage is equipped with two USB 2.0 interface. Trapezoidal design of the SD card slot in the front of the fuselage, the side slot concealed in the edge of the fuselage below. Card slot inside dust blank, no off charging USB interface pity.

ACER TravelMate 5360 the fuselage underside is divided into three zones, the battery area, hard and motherboard area. The latter two regions reelin position Obviously, disassembly is very simple, easy to expand the hard disk, memory, and cleaning. At the same time the underside has the many vents design, it is recommended to use on a desk underneath a cooling fan. The test ACER TravelMate 5360 equipped with a third generation to generation Intel Core i5 3210M processor and HD 4000 Graphics Core, 4GB DDR3-1333 memory and 500GB hard drive. From the overall hardware configuration, ACER TravelMate 5360 is more suitable for office use, CPU performance is quite good to deal with the day-to-day file, run some office software is no problem. As for the game, for the graphics card ACER TravelMate 5360, running large 3D game may be more difficult, but some online games can still be relatively less demanding graphics performance to run smoothly.

ACER TravelMate 5360 is equipped with 9cell ACER TravelMate 5360 Battery and the new Ivy Bridge platform Core i5 3210M processor has two physical cores, CINEBENCH R10 test, multi-threaded score 10878, in the middle level of the current mainstream notebook CPU is sufficient for everyday office use . SYSMark is a a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer. ACER TravelMate 5360 with excellent hardware configuration, achieved 177 points in the test, belongs to the current level of mainstream notebooks can better meet the needs of professional software we run Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max.