SAMSUNG NP300E4X NP300E5X Series laptop review

A few days ago we took the lead in the forum for everyone to make the SAMSUNG NP300E4X the big picture, and dismantling Figure, and sent part of the evaluation results for everyone to catch the time, presumably, many users also see the foggy, and now we re-do a full evaluation of offer for everyone.

The SAMSUNG CoolSence Chi-cool cooling system through the hardware and software collaboration, effective to enhance NP300E4X thermal performance, and thus play to reduce the machine temperature to enhance the user manipulate the purpose of comfort. Hardware, dual heat pipe radiator design, optimization of the internal parts of the fuselage assembly location, speed up the discharge of the heat generated due to the processor, graphics and other components, and let all the heat the gate hole away from the users hands and body. SAMSUNG also designed for CoolSence intellectual cool cooling system design supporting regulation called "SAMSUNG CoolSence" software to adjust the internal fan speed, the combination of hardware performance, regardless of mobile office or fixed on the desktop, bedside watching movies, playing games, computer surface temperature is kept at the optimum. The software presets multiple cooling mode, to facilitate the selection of users in different scenarios and applications. The user to set the cooling mode under different scenarios, SAMSUNG CoolSence intellectual cool the cooling system by an accelerometer-aware user is intense work on the desk or relaxed in bed watching movies, playing games, which automatically switches the cooling mode, be intelligently adjust the notebook temperature.

Of course, the temperature is determined not user-controlled comfort of the whole. The keyboard and touchpad design, SAMSUNG is NP300E4X good market reputation chocolate keyboard keycap surface after the grinding process, feel comfortable, and has a large area to facilitate the users fingertips and keyboard fit. The touchpad surface is covered with a layer of class skin touch coating, design and originality in the upper left corner of the touch pad touch pad switch, double-click to turn off the touchpad in order to avoid the occurrence of the text input process, inadvertently.

NP300E4X sound sense, touch, and design sense were to raise the overall design concept of people-oriented, so SAMSUNG, in addition to the above-mentioned CoolSence intellectual cool cooling system efforts in the tactile aspects, for the user to listen to feel Beats Audio magic sound sound system to bring personality The appearance of Mosaic design concept of the "magic code" so that SAMSUNGNP300E4X to become the first choice for young and trendy users!

Computex 2012 exhibition held in Taipei has long been concluded, and the second generation just got on the stage of history. Review of this exhibition, many manufacturers have introduced equipped with Ivy Bridge processor can be regarded as a good start. This times will we bring SAMSUNG 300E4X with 9cell SAMSUNG NP300E4X Battery the evaluation, and interested friends can look at.

SAMSUNG NP300E5X in fact, is not new, this super game this early in the last year has been published, released in early June this year the look and the old is exactly the same, the difference is more powerful processor and graphics card replacement, while maintaining The original fine workmanship and the cool shape at the same time, make the game more and more robust performance. However, looking at this GT650M significant independence, feeling seems less NP used to some domineering, after all, a lot more than 5000 yuan in the end game of this with the graphics. Perhaps you would like to say that the PRO 1W6 GT650M it, but it is known for NP performance, is twice the thickness of the NP in the Pro.

Compared 300E7A these big guys 305E7A, 300E5X should be more will sell a book, because it has the most mainstream 14-inch body, in the generally overweight NP notebook is lightweight. Its body is still heavier than the ordinary 14-inch notebook, 2.9kg of weight to carry around or acceptable.

SAMSUNG NP series models in a long time been extremely domineering appearance, the keyboard lights of the distinctive personality and extremely powerful performance has attracted a lot of love for the game. The brand new 300E5X is still continued the NP consistent design style. Class black skin material feels very sense of "meat" of this material, although not as good as the paint is so glossy, but wins in the highly practical, and low-key and calm is very restrained. The body uses a shape similar to the super sports car exhaust fan, even if the color subtle, this style is very individuality.

The surface of the roof is not flat, and there are traces of a similar car hood can still see the shadow of the car from here. The designer should want to express is under the "hood" is like eight-cylinder engine power surging strong hardware configuration. Turn back, could see the strange written in the product logo (Xiaobian not know what language, find friends advice), the other is the shape of two fans. In the middle position is a metal nameplate, this brand can be customized products of official personalized lettering. In the lower right is a power indicator.

The SAMSUNG NP300E5X with a 14-inch LED backlit screen, the screen ratio of 16:9. The best resolution is 1600x900, PPI 131.1. Compared to the common 14-inch screen to be crisp and clear. The recent Apple's Retina (Retinal) screen so that the entire notebook industry were surprised, although the majority of notebook tours to reach the amazing resolution, but slowly out of people tangled 1366x768 or would like to see. Although the high cost of the high score screen, but the SAMSUNG 300E5X itself is not cheap, if you can upgrade to the IPS Full HD screen, and will definitely be more competitive.

Compared the SAMSUNG 300E5X with 7800mAh SAMSUNG NP300E5X Battery fuselage common notebook much thicker, mainly the need to address the problem of the high-performance high-calorie, another powerful expansion capability also requires a wider fuselage to achieve, so weighing 2.903kg also understand. Weight far more than an average of 2.2kg, 14-inch notebook, but also more than 15 inches of average 2.5kg notebook. Surface of the SAMSUNG 300E5X C with top cover, like feeling the comfortable class skin material, its keyboard is the moment has become increasingly rare traditional keyboard. In order to increase the area of ​​the wrist rest for added comfort, the location of the keyboard is quite close to the screen, and also removed other than large-size models on the shortcut keys.

Lenovo in recent years, the main push of the new keyboard is the arc-shaped floating island-style keyboard, the new S-series follows the keyboard keycap surface showing curved, fit very well with the pulp, coupled with appropriate key process design, the overall touch is more comfortable.

Both sides were set up around the top of the keyboard JBL speakers, support for Dolby sound, loud speaker better than the average notebook speakers. In addition, the S110 keyboard next to the right speaker has a display mode switching shortcut keys and mute shortcuts; the left side of the power button located next to the Lenovo OneKey rescue system shortcuts, it can enter the shutdown state by Lenovo OneKey rescue system on the notebook such as antivirus or System Restore operation.

Before there is news that the new generation S-series notebook keyboard with backlight, but before the test Y480N and Y480M, no backlighting, but this test Lenovo S110 has a backlight function, Fn + Spacebar to open and turn off the backlight interface configuration, the Lenovo S110 provides us with two USB 3.0, USB2.0, HDMI interface, VGA port, RJ45 network interface, common interfaces, more outstanding performance in the same type of products to fully meet our daily usage requirements.

Lenovo S110 equipped with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge Core i7 3610QM quad-core processor, the choice of NVIDIA enthusiast gaming graphics card GTX660M Y570 compared with the previous generation game performance boost larger, and this is the first S series notebooks equipped with the GTX-level graphics cards.

The overall score in 3Dmark Vantage GPU test based on the DX10, with GTX660M Lenovo S110 Entry mode, E39578, which GPU score of 39470, similar to the GTX 570M the score with the previous generation. 3Dmark11 test scores, using the new Kepler framework of three 6-series graphics cards are relatively good, especially GTX660M total score of its P2627 Lenovo S110 to run DX11 games more. Battlefield 3, Mark Penn, a very large game there are some games we tested, from the results can ran about 50 + fps in medium quality, from the perspective of the game NVIDIA's GTX 660M indeed very strong. Of course, the advantages of the new structure as previously said, not just a performance boost in power performance, fever, and even the driver update has better performance, so want to play the game with friends to buy do not buy the old principles, equipped with The GTX 660M Lenovo S110 is a good choice.

After the release of the IdeaPad S series launch of new products, the most significant change is to replace a new line of chocolate keyboard, before we have introduced the S Series S100 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad S110 Battery of new products and new keyboard features, although the design style a change in the structure and use the new keyboard with the traditional 7-row keyboard is basically the same, and further enhance the configuration of a new generation S-Series also has a small increase performance. Next, I will introduce the detailed evaluation of a new S series S110.