ASUS S46C S46CA S46CM-Newest ASUS S Series Ultrabook

The theme of the sea voyage, gold medal protection ASUS SMEs gold medal media salon was held in Taipei, Taiwan ASUS Print and Information Products Group, Gold Service Business Development Manager Miss Deng Yuni-depth introduction to the media scene ASUS Gold Service users efficient, professional services covered by rich product line, especially recently for small and medium users launched unprecedented promotional activities, and the actual IT needs of SME customers and IT service market conditions and the presence of media conducted in-depth discussions.

ASUS Gold Service to users' interests as the core for the majority of SMB customers to provide professional, efficient and convenient IT services to small and medium enterprises are more focused on their own business, from the details of the office to give users a real "gold value" for the enterprises have grown rapidly to provide a safe power.

ASUS print with the Information Products Group, Gold Service Business Development Manager Miss Deng Yuni On the ASUS SMB Gold Service, said: "With the increasing homogenization of IT products, business users in the IT purchase decision is no longer a simple product performance in the first place, and more to consider in product procurement, the truly effective product management and maintenance, and full professional support from the manufacturers in their life cycle. ASUS-depth understanding of the lack of SME users to IT professionals, tremendous pain points of IT cost pressures, as well as business continuity urgent need for efficient IT platform, stability, security and the actual needs of the recent gold medal service promotional activities launched for SMEs, not only really solve the actual needs of the user above, but also in the IT services the background to become a mainstream trend for the industry to establish benchmarking for the majority of SMEs trusted high professional IT services. "

Business notebook is usually black, gray, simple and tough design, looks a bit dull lack of fashion sense, while the ASUS new generation of the S46C business notebook to break the traditional business notebook concept, design simple and stylish fresh and lovely, with red, body of white and black three colors, configuration, 13.3-inch display, the machine weighs only 1.53kg, has a good mobile portability. Then the next into the common fashion and lightweight ASUS S46C business notebook.

CINEBENCH R10 look at the CPU test project, the ASUS S46C using the third generation of Cool Core i5 3210M processor multi-threaded score of 10,918, more than the previous generation standard voltage and i5 processor score of the previous generation dual-core i7 level for daily office applications to provide adequate treatment capacity. SYSMark 2007 is a hardware performance assessment tool, which focuses on the assessment of the performance of business operations and production performance of the computer for business notebook, this score is more important. ASUS S46C with 44Wh ASUS S46C Battery in the test score of 200, higher than the average mainstream notebook, fully meet the needs of running Photoshop, in After Effects, 3ds Max and other commercial office software. 3Dmark VANTAGE is a performance testing software DX10 API-based game, the score of its GPU graphics card gaming performance can be reflected. Equipped HD4000 core graphics cards ASUS S46C, its 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU score is 12,609, compared with the previous generation HD3000 enhance significantly, but compared with the new generation of discrete graphics, gaming performance is relatively weak, only in low quality to meet the street Pa 4 "," World of Warcraft "and other entry-level 3D games.

Notebook originally defined is the mobile office, light the importance of self-evident, designers have been exploring how to make the laptop can have more mobility, through the Internet in the short-lived, we have ushered in the latest ultra-pole of this solution become the current barriers to the adoption program, but the price is too high, the light of this low price there are still a large market demand, so ASUS this year out of the 11.6 inches APU platform S46CA series, hoping to cut through low prices in the low end portable market.

If you go to a coffee shop, we can still see some people use the Internet, but we all know that netbooks eventually failed can be sustained in the glorious cause in its performance, the late CULV thin and light could not let the consumer satisfaction, so for ASUS S46CA for APU platform should first consider the performance can not meet the basic needs of the office and the game is a key element of the success or failure

The ASUS S46CA Jingdong Mall price is only 3299 yuan, the lowest 3099 yuan plus some preferential policies, the notebook can be won, has a strong appeal. A lot of people are concentrated for S46CA concern in this notebook is suitable for office, and portability in the end how, on whether the standard of endurance and heat, our evaluation from the aspects.

ASUS The shape of the fuselage on the "surrounded by" design, this is more obvious in the white and pink models, from the top to in the end to the keyboard surface, using the same color, form a Wanqu lines from side looks very nice look and feel of continuation of the generations of portable models, the impression from ASUS P Series. Roof design is relatively simple, made of high strength engineering plastics can see the metal "LOGO most prominently in the top cover, top cover of the strength of good hand pressing down without any noticeable deformation, while not will screen the impact. The ASUS S46CA with a 11.6 in. LED-backlit LCD screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

Let's look at the keyboard surface, and 11.6 inches mold the size of the C surface by a certain limit, the left and right function keys is some small, but the keypad is very small both sides of the border, gives very full the feeling of the keypad is slightly sinking, can provide percussion feel more comfortable to the user. Weight for ASUS S46CA with 4cell ASUS S46CA Battery the bare metal with battery weighs only 1.46kg weight with the mainstream 13-inch ultra-extremely, but body size than the super-pole of this small lot of, after all, the mold is 11.6 inches, length and width were only 290mm and 203.5mm, the body size should be said that can easily put in the school bags, carry and use suitable way to work and long-distance travel.

Cooling: In order to balance the body's thermal conductivity in the interior of the upper position to increase the thermal conductivity board of a special material to enable the machine under partial location of the motherboard and the heat of the heating element to move up, and ultimately makes the heat more balanced, especially in the The temperature is very good near the user touches the palm rest and the primary key. More slender as ASUS S46CM body, this piece of thermal conductivity board also played a role of reinforcement body strength, so a single hand also did not think the machine is not strong enough.

Battery life, ASUS S46CM built-in ultra-thin lithium battery 7030 mA, tested about 7 hours or so, essentially guaranteed to be a full day of work. The ASUS S46CM 21:9 screen ratio specifications, the best resolution for 1792 x 768, in order to achieve the multi-screen display function, randomly installed a very useful split-screen software. Start the split-screen software, the upper-right corner of each window of the system are inlaid the partakers screen button, drag to (the desktop background will appear translucent line prompt is set a good split-screen area on the desktop after the press) .

Enter ASUS split-screen program, the default consists of four split-screen programs to choose from, and around the bottom also with screen graphic proportion, in terms of for the first time a user operation, illustrated a simple and intuitive, in addition, under the Advanced Settings the software, you can also program custom split-screen up into nine screen. Need to be reminded that ASUS practical sub-screen software only supports unified border title bar defined in the Windows system software, software (such as a custom title bar TTPlayer QQ chat tool and a number of audio and video playback software) is not yet supported.

Currently, most video players support 21:9 without black bars to play, can recommend two players to use the convenience of users, is the KM Player and PotPlayer. Similar to the MKV in the production is to remove the black edges image (such as 1280x544), so you can directly play the original proportions, but the Blu-ray of the original disc, MPG, TS file format as the standard 1920x1080, with a black edge pixel data at this time available Kmplayer the right-click menu - pan & scan - 21:9 cropping function. 1792 x 768 resolution in addition to a movie that everyone can think of application, advantages in their daily office can also play a meaningful role. Users to make and the discharge of the two window or multiple windows within the same screen, same screen, so the screen can get a richer information content. For office who is practical, frequent use of Office, office staff, programmers, typesetting and shares can be split-screen mode, without the need to repeatedly switch the window to substantially increase the efficiency of your work.

S46CM use a 44Wh ASUS S46CM Battery capacity, a little pad in the fuselage rear of the notebook, so to a certain extent at the expense of the thickness, but let us enter the experience better, S46CA thinnest, 23.5mm, the thickest at 31.5mm, accurate to say that  S46CM  is not a thin and light notebook, but a portable notebook. The touchpad part of a very eye-catching part of is ASUS  S46CM the size is not too great, but the edge of the plating metal ring decorative touches very refreshing and will not let the machine appears to be too monotonous, but also improve the grade sense.