LENOVO IdeaPad 700 710S Y900 and LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review

As a notebook channel editor, always meet my friends on weekdays for the recommended product model. In the various demands of the encounter, regardless of the specific details of how the majority of people's psychological costs are located in the five thousand floating up and down. Combined with ZOL's consistent data analysis, the five thousand files of the notebook audience crowd is the most. At the same time, along with the time development, users for notebook performance requirements continue to increase, a lot of users or does not pursue this form of the game, but he looked comfortable products have close to the performance of the game, in this trend, many image delicate high to Entertainment Notebook in our field of vision. Today, we are going to bring you this product is Lenovo IdeaPad 700.

Lenovo ideapad 700 follow the game player favorite exquisite design lines and understated luxury black body, the notebook the sixth generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor, graphics card equipped with a NVIDIA geforce GTX950M the independent video card and with a 15.6 inch screen, can meet the needs of gamers. Challenge game this frivolous new standard of heavy said bye bye! Weighs just 2.3kg (including battery) thin body to 22.7mm, speakers use metal material and bevel design, in addition to the enjoyment of hearing, sense of the full three-dimensional, dynamic fashion. Integrated chocolate keyboard design, compact and not only a good dust function, the key is more accurate, feel more comfortable. Now also launched a new listing appointment sweepstakes awesome activities, what are you waiting for? Come and buy this super thin high performance game book.

"First generation" of ideapad products from 2014, Lenovo ideapad this notebook product line has been greatly enriched, both performance and size, or in the design and use of color, the ideapad will continue to give users more choices space. This sent to test the ideapad product for Ideapad 700 new types with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 700 Battery, a combination of standard voltage of the sixth generation Core i7 6700HQ and GTX950M high performance graphics card. The whole positioning are very balanced.

In addition, due to the frame design, in the course of the game, the screen will have good visual extension of a sense of can help players get immersive experience, better play the game and feel the fun.

At the top of the screen there is a camera, you can meet the needs of users of video calls. In the left corner of the B plane and the lower right corner of the white ASUS R752M logo.

What is worth mentioning is that due to the adoption of the glass cover design, in ASUS R752M with 4cell ASUS R752MA Battery around the screen are equipped with continuous convex strip-shaped adhesive strips, can avoid screen closed and C surface contact caused by wear and tear.

Lenovo ideapad before being well-known is because it is a regular laptop price killer, but this time the new launch of the Lenovo ideapad 710S but with the price of 5000 yuan file came to this area of the game, this let Xiaobian again refresh for the ideapad understanding, but a mule is horse to pull out yo ah, right? Now the next small series as we face to it will be.

In fact on the laptop have the understanding friend of Lenovo ideapad this series of products are not unfamiliar, a comprehensive upgrade of the Lenovo ideapad 710S equipped with the Intel i7 of the sixth generation 6700HQ quad core processor, BUILT-IN LENOVO IdeaPad 710S Battery, 4GB of memory to run and 500GB of storage space, NVIDIA GTX950M 2G display card in the configuration in full compliance with the positioning of the game, but the thickness and weight in the level of business, we can imagine Lenovo heart and talent in manufacturing. In the software side, Lenovo also gave the user a lot of support. But a good machine is far from the accumulation of data, so now have to look at it.

Input, the device does not use Toshiba more high level design of the keyboard, so relatively speaking comfort is not outstanding, another point, touch panel can operation area is relatively smaller, so more wasteful use may feel a bit cramped.

At the same time, ASUS R752M on the keyboard and ASUS R752MD Battery was still standing in the player's level has set three adjustable red backlight function, and in the WASD internationally micro keys are brightening treatment, is convenient for the user in the dark of night environment can also operate freely.

Most of the game players are more like the desktop PC, because the desktop PC is equipped with a more powerful performance of the hardware and more advanced cooling system, and the price of their assembly is also very cheap. But if you want to consider buying a game, you have to choose a good one. Lenovo in the current CES released this IdeaPad Y900 is worth considering the product.

IdeaPad Y900 is designed for gamers to build the game notebook, equipped with a 17.3 inch display, and provides a variety of different resolutions from 1080p to 4K. To know the super HD resolution on the 17.3 inch screen can bring quite amazing results. Also the core configuration, ideapad how equipped with Intel Core i7 processor and the highest 64GB of ram DDR4, and equipped with 4GB/8GB NVIDIA geforce GTX 980m graphics and 8cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y900 Battery.

ASUS R752M C using the class of skin material, after three times with rubber coating paint and into, the benefits of this material is able to bring soft and smooth to the touch, also summer heat will not feel the winter will not feel cold, say it is like skin delicate touch may be slightly exaggerated, but soft tactility is definitely not exaggerated talk. The touch panel will touch the touch region and button, and the middle of the dark red line is used. The overall feedback of the button is obvious, and the key process is more soft and comfortable.

R752 with 44wh ASUS R752MJ Battery Association on the right side of the fuselage, with two USB3.0 interface, to and the whole of the red and black colors consistent characteristics will be changed to red, in order to make the overall style to maintain a high degree of consistency. There is one for the external HD display standard HDMI interface, network interface and notebook lock.

Beijing time January 5th news, Lenovo ThinkPad series notebook with its solid work and exquisite design and much of the consumer favor. In the CES conference this year, Lenovo has brought the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga deformation. It not only combines the X1 and Yoga series of advantages, and also for the first time with the OLED display, display is quite amazing, and further reduce the thickness of the screen and the body weight.

In addition, the Association for the first time introduced the handwritten pen design, resembling Microsoft's surface series products in the system interaction layer of bread containing the keyboard, touch, hand in three ways, can adapt to more usage scenarios and for business people is definitely very worthy of attention of a product.

Starts with a ThinkPad X1 Yoga still stressed its business location, open traditional packaging is the appearance of the familiar black and as a 12.5 inch screen notebook computer, the weight of X1 Yoga thickness 1.94cm fuselage and 1.58kg control decent. Although aluminum metal outer cover but not sharp, it still very modest comfortable to touch, this to feel is very have help, both mobile computers or cover take in hand are especially.

Although the emphasis on light, but X1 yoga as well the identity of the main machine, connecting port is readily available, on both sides of the fuselage were read two USB 3.0 ports (including a charge off) and HDMI, 3.5mm headset, SD card reader card slot, flat supply support both sides in. If the connection to pull open next to the lid can support Onelink dock, for severe work users still use the. Also because of X1 Yoga of the use of a variety of forms, on the right side of the fuselage on the outside position provides the power button, decrease the volume and the locking keys -- the follow-up we will think, even if it's just for a regular laptop form, this button to set the equally convenient.

In this year's Computex Taipei Microsoft booth to attract me in addition to windows 10 new system, as well as Microsoft to demonstrate windows 10 ThinkPad X1 yoga with 8cell LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Yoga Battery, although two years ago, Lenovo has also launched the products with similar characteristics, ThinkPad office efficiency and Yoga series of a variety of product form together, but in the year Lenovo updated this product, and with more efficiency elements, so that the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga still can be said to be one of the best productivity tools moment, and from a certain extent, this, too, is associative camp "master".