ASUS ROG GX700VO and ASUS N752VX R752LX X751LN X751LX review

When it comes to the water cooling system, we'll think of the winding tubes and weird coolant colors on the desktop chassis, which will not be linked to a laptop computer. The world is so simple, until the ASUS ROG GX700 laptop turned out.

Yes, ASUS GX700 this laptop can only use the "Crazy" two words to describe. No matter how stressed game performance of laptop and portable is always one of the basic needs, however GX700 but have a thick liquid cooling system. So a paradox appeared: GX700 seems destined to be on both sides of the game performance and portability are not pleasing. What is actually going to be? Let's see it through an early evaluation:

With 980 graphics of the NVIDIA GTX Intel Core i7 6820HK processor and desktop GX700. When connected to the water cooling system and its moment have the coping overclocking ability, open more powerful game performance. If you want to try Rift Oculus or Vive HTC in the future so that there is a high demand for the function of the device, then the game like GX700 this may also really need a good heat.

Not to mention the large cooling system. GX700 with 8cell ASUS GX700V Battery actually is very beautiful, but also very thin, probably only an inch so thick. Appearance, GX700 line is hard, plus the overall dark metal color, very able to discuss the love of those who like the game of male consumers. The most worth mentioning is that it's the back of the radiator interface panel, beautiful design is really very eye-catching.

Familiar with ASUS notebook users on the ASUS series of X not unfamiliar, this series of notebook computer main is entertainment series of high-end products, because the range of products from design to performance are very good can give the user to bring the ultimate enjoyment, and Evny today we tested 17 is the latest product of ASUS, designs do not do too much, it is still inherited the X series of excellent workmanship, it is worth mentioning is that this product supports leap motion motion sensing for users can experience to new forms of entertainment and feelings.

In the disposition aspect, this ASUS R752L with 4cell ASUS R752LX Battery equipped with Intel's fourth generation core i7-4702MQ processor, CPU frequency 2.2GHz, integrated the Intel HD 4600 graphics core. DDR3 1600MHz 8GB memory, HDD 1TB x SSD 2+24GB hard disk. 17.3 inches LED display 1920 x 1080 resolution, support ten point touch. Independent graphics for GeForce GT NVIDIA 750M independent graphics and the latest Windows 8.1 operating system, users can experience a very good application entertainment experience.

In fact it has as to make water cooling radiator is not so large, fine polygonal shape very cool. A glance in the past, do not know what people think your computer is dragging something very tall on the device.

The GX700 with include ASUS GX700VO Battery configuration arrogant, but that cooling system it really attractive place is certainly behind the. In order to alleviate people's rejection of the giant, ASUS deliberately design it is very good-looking, like a flashing light of the beetle. However, the existence of the radiator, after all, limits the portability of the pen, so it should be used in the end where it?

Mentioned "flagship" the word, many people may think of the high-end price, gorgeous appearance, powerful hardware and so on. Although each brand's flagship model is numberless as the sand, but a really full of highlights of the flagship will win the applause of all consumers. In the case of the global PC shipments continued to decline, the various PC vendors, trying to find ways to PC and other new technology integration. ASUS X751L is such a Motion Leap equipped with a sense of the controller's flagship home entertainment.

In fact, we are not unfamiliar to the X ASUS series notebook, mainly ASUS consumer product line to create a stylish Entertainment Notebook series. The X series is jealous, is one of the seven original sin in the bible. ASUS will be named to the high end of the series, it seems very appropriate. 17 inches flagship entertainment, with desktop performance, coupled with the Motion Leap somatosensory controller, ASUS X751L with 44wh ASUS X751LN Battery must be able to consumers a different kind of novel experience.

As asus's had the highest popularity of notebook series, ASUS n video series the exquisite workmanship and excellent video performance is known, although ASUS recently to look to put in the game and super pole of this market, but for the classical n series still does not have ignored, recent ASUS launched the N series of two new products: ASUS n552 and N752 video notebook, in a comprehensive upgrade to Intel Core of the sixth generation processor and NVIDIA GTX 9 series alone significantly at the same time, the design has changed. These two notebooks will be the first to appear in foreign countries in December this year, but the price has not been announced.

New n552 and N752 notebook top cover still using the ASUS classic concentric design, whether it is texture, impressions, and touch are all guaranteed. User selectable 1366 x 768 LED, 1920 x 1080 LED, 1920 x 1080 IPS and 4K level (3840 x 2160) IPS 100%sRGB four specifications of the screen, and with eye protection display technology, it is said to eliminate some of the Blu ray. Keyboard, two machines have adopted the various Silver keyboard design, equipped with white LED backlight chocolate keyboard, and a separate numeric keypad, at the top of the keyboard with two independent speaker, collocation ASUS and world top audio brand Bang & Olufsen ICEpower jointly develop the ASUS exclusive vocal master sonicmaster technology, the integration of ICEpower technology and quality performance quite good.

Hardware, ASUS n552 and N752 notebook with built-in ASUS N752V Battery used Intel newest skylake core processor, user selectable i5-6300HQ or i7-6700HQ two processors, due to HM170 new platform support, two machine supports the highest 16GB DDR4 2133mhz memory (two memory slots), and the highest can be configured 512gb PCIe SSD solid state disk and 2TB HDD Hard disk mechanical combination of. Discrete graphics with in ASUS n552 and N752, include specific configurations of NVIDIA GTX960M and GTX950M, the ASUS n552 altogether has N552VX and N552VW two types, configuration N552VX GTX950M independence (2GB and 4GB DDR3 memory in two configurations). N552VW with GTX960M alone significantly (2GB and 4GB gddr5 memory in two configurations), although domestic licensed version of n552 and N752 not yet officially released, but still hope everybody attention to buy a graphics card configuration.

Coolsense ASUS can intelligently identify the two major application scenarios - respectively, the working environment and living environment. When it determined that you can use on the table, using composite heat mode using D surface and heat radiation of the heat radiation hole; and when you "assistant" found that you are lying in the sofa leisurely surfing the Internet or keep the machine used in the legs of living environment, will automatically switch to side hole type cooling cooler operation mode.

ASUS X751 series with 4cell ASUS X751LX Battery has a very deep origin. Beats was jointly developed by the famous American musician Iovine Jimmy and the super Rap star Dre Dr.. The key problem is how to keep the audio signal from the audio interface to the signal from the audio line to the headset. The Audio Beats sound system, is a unique high performance technology system, is jointly developed by ASUS and by Dr.Dre Beats, equipped with the technology of notebook computers will provide users with more excellent sound effects. "More"

ASUS N552 and N752 design of the body back to the N550 era. Body above the axis of the above part of the silver frame design, the axis part of the use of black appearance. This design than the fuselage frame design of the N551 "biscuit", more beautiful, the overall feeling more strongly, n552 body thickness reduced to 29.9mm. Although still not N550, but than N551 thin 1.1mm, weight is for 2.53Kg, than n552 low 0.17Kg.

The interface design, ASUS n552 and N752 are equipped with a more complete, read the latest USB 3.1 type-C, USB, HDMI, mini DisplayPort video output, RJ-45 network card interface, multi function, headphone output, and the microphone input interface card are standard.

With respect to the Rog (Rog) under the brand name of the game. In recent years the ASUS (ASUS) this brand of each series of notebook computer name is not significant, only ZenBook series over the shore facade. But it is the price and fame also do not show the products hold up the most of the sales, after all, not all people will to buy a high priced Rog the game, or is a game performance weak ultrabook. Recently ASUS and launched a series of n two laptop new n552 / N752 with 6cell built-in ASUS N752VX Battery, performance is relatively balanced, hit entertainment, but also for casual gamers, price not yet published.