ASUS ROG GL552VX GL752VW PK MSI GS72 Gaming laptop

In the past few years with the mobile phone, tablet more energetic and laptop manufacturers in the sales at least steady. In the PC cultivated years of ASUS is also true, but with tablet phone application bottleneck and gaming craze continued to rise, today's PC vendors and ushered in a turning point, the various strategies are directed at market segmentation. In the past, the game, ultra-thin, business from the appearance of material to the internal configuration must be fully upgraded!

Actually since last year, the ASUS slim gaming the shadow Knight available is a signal, is on December 13, "ASUS gaming big lie" activities, ASUS, general manager of China He Qianyong accept the celestial pole net interview. The interview ASUS He Qianyong: Gaming center comprehensive foreshadowing development "and talks about the ASUS umbrella strategy, the umbrella of the most sophisticated is the high-end gaming the predator series top-down full coverage level to meet the needs of users.

In 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show (IFA 2016), ASUS high-end gaming brand Rog predator series product appearance in Berlin, the ASUS Rog series actually display, projector, notebook, tablet and desktop. The evaluation of the ROG 15 (specific models GL552 with 48wh ASUS GL552VX Battery, hereinafter referred to as ROG GL552) is one of the series. The appearance not only to fill the embarrassment of the past without high-end gaming, soaring more depending on the sense of that, make full use of the characteristics of product line length full sprint, this can only let other manufacturers prohibitive.

ASUS Rog series has always been the pursuit of the ultimate gamers are chasing one of the Chong brand, nine years has been low-key and pragmatic products and "only to transcend" brand philosophy of making the a classic product, the brand step by step to build to become the true price of goods "Rog". And at the end of 2015, the brand created for the players update their flagship game the mold, contrary to the usual low-key style. This name for the GL752 top game this is equipped with the before a lot of unprecedented appearance design and new features, to pull the wind and strong, the ASUS for their once exceeded.

The GL752 mold and under the metallic silver and orange lamp strip interwoven a surface hide how much surprise, the new design of the ventilation system and before and how many similarities and differences? Xiaobian this to you to uncover the mysterious veil of GL752 with 4cell ASUS GL752 Battery and price to enjoy the various meanings of "second generation game the" style.

To say that GL752 compared to the previous generation of GFX71's biggest change, then it must be in the shape of color and material on the self evolution of the material. A million years of constant black skin material with red logo of a surface, metallic silver space with full sense of science and technology of the orange echo each other, quite handsome and threatening.

Splicing C surface is 2015 notebook of a popular elements, but can use the manufacturers are not many, GL752 is Xiaobian see using mature a stitching program. After the opening of the fuselage surface C keyboard also has a considerable change and greater keyboard area, metal and skin texture of black and white mosaic and Rog series is the most classic red and black keyboard declared a is still the classic Rog.

GL752 with 15V ASUS GL752V Battery portion of the keyboard through the special design, the five can be custom programming quick keys, long 2.3mm keys and 30 key does not conflict with the anti ghost key design combined with subtle red light, make the keyboard Yan value and strength of both, become the ASUS Rog series the most practical a keyboard. Type of skin touch pad area design of large area surface and C profile, all blend into one harmonious whole background, have excellent feeling.

In the right side of the machine, from left to right distribution of a SIM card slot, a SD/MMC card slot, a USB 3 interface, a VGA interface and a network cable interface. As shown above, in the SAGER NP9755 the back of the fuselage from left to right in order to distribute a USB 3 interface, a HDMI interface, a DP Mini interface and a power interface.

A person to succeed, we must have a good mind, and a computer to have a good performance on the need to have a good processor. SAGER NP9755 is equipped with a new generation of Intel Skylake system processor i7-6700HQ, the biggest feature of this new system is to be more economical in power consumption and in the performance has been further improved. Different from the previous TDP value of up to sixty or seventy of the processor, 82Wh SAGER NP9755 Battery, i7-6700HQ power consumption is only 45W, which for a processor is undoubtedly a leap.

And in the interface, rapid charging the four support USB3.0 interface seems to be the standard and type-C and lightning 3.0 interface both joined the expansion performance is greatly enhanced the. Here have to mention a word of ASUS really is the popularity of type-C interface pioneer, last a period of time to launch a new almost all standard in it.

And other such as HDMI, RJ45 interface and audio interface, and so naturally do not have to say, one of the other is not absent. BD CD-ROM reserved also love nostalgia, provides a very convenient tube plate has a large number of game game player old gun. Finally to boast of, and a surface light Sao style echoed, the radiating part of the hollow using acrylic material, combined with a large number of see lines in the sense of science and technology make people feel quite stunning, network also called GL752 with 4cell ASUS GL752VW Battery"has the most beautiful D face the game".

In just the past SAGER technology anniversary, SAGER not only summarize the achievements over the past year, also preview the about future development, both because of the joy of SAGER and because of SAGER "for the game and life" concept and practical action and proud. Is in this grand ceremony, the science and technology of SAGER also released a new gaming laptop, the SAGER NP9775, let it SAGER past Lunar New Year's painting a perfect full stop!

The game in the yen value play and half, this is the new game the NP9775 have temperament! Not hype can headlines this game should grow this kind, is not has according to cannot bear the heart is the combustion and expansion of desire? Let's go, to see the "yen value help" said the true face of Mount Lu!

A game of the brand, not to say that it is the pursuit of the idea of what it is. Look at the products in the appearance of work materials can feel its attitude, used in a SAGER NP9775 is after anodic oxidation coloring process of aluminum alloy material, in addition to the friction resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics in the glare of the shining it is light abnormal, very domineering texture.

As a game notebook, how the game experience is the essence of it. So small make up on the selection of several popular computer games to test the SAGER NP9775, what is its performance, let us speak with the facts. Call of Duty: advanced war is a movement shooting game developed by Games Sledgehammer. Can support the split screen game function, but it is part of a multiplayer game or only in a task to achieve, Condrey did not disclose more details. In addition, this version at the time of sale also has 13 game modes, and won the Japan game awards the global award in 2015. In a small series will be the quality are transferred after the highest, SAGER NP9775 in the course of the game average frame numbers probably reached 40%.

2015 so to hurried and we said goodbye, the traditional PC market in the years can be said is questionable, sales record low enable many people have constraints to switch to other industries. However is also in this year, in the game live, under the impetus of the e-sports competition gaming notebook has ushered in the new spring. After countless bits have joined the army to buy the game's future is still worth looking forward to.

We put the lens closer, we can see the NP9775 A SAGER face another big feature, that is, through the eight lines will be divided into six blocks of the shell, so you can feel it in any angle of the shining luster. In addition to the three-dimensional surface modeling, SAGER NP9775 with 12cell SAGER NP9775 Battery a side also hidden the a big surprise, it is in the picture above the row of holes, it is SAGER exclusive patent innovation slot antenna design, dual band wireless network card, support wireless 802.11 B / g / N protocol can meet the fans of the game is no longer the Caton troubles.

Traditional concept, gaming laptops has been accompanied by a large body, like the well-known Dell alien series, ASUS Rog series, Toshiba Qosmio series and so on, they invariably has a beyond regular laptop size and weight, the relationship between the dimensions of the gaming performance and notebook like fish and bear's paw, the two can not be achieved concurrently. Recently, however, the MSI MSI launched a "small size" gaming notebook GS72, as it is in gaming notebook "ultrabook", have only 21.8mm slim body design, let the subversion of the previous cognition of gaming notebook, below I with you together to recognize this product.

MSI game notebook is divided into GT, GE, GX three series, and the launch of the GS72 with 5400mAh MSI GS72 Battery should belong to the new GS series, exclusive ultra-thin game notebook products. MSI China's official website has not yet this product and series, can only use the search to find an English page on the GS72. English page display model of the full name of the STEALTH STEALTH, GS72 means secret action or stealth aircraft, the official did not give a formal name, the author or simply called it GS72 bar.