HP EliteBook 820 840 850 G3 and LENOVO ThinkPad L460 L560 review

DELL Vostro 5459 is a design of the atmosphere, simple products, so the whole body is not much detail. But the overall workmanship, quality is very good. To understand the overall appearance, we then look at the design of the keyboard part of the.

In addition, Vostro 5459 also uses the white backlit keyboard, the power button in the upper right corner of the blue light is used, and the front of the fuselage of the backlight hemming silhouetted against each other, in the vision to the excellent user experience, and meanwhile shows the individual efforts of Vostro 5459.

The Vostro 5459 touch control panel design is very delicate, surrounded by a chrome bright surface of the metallic material wrapping, the surface did not use to increase the friction of the grinding process, but by a relatively smooth surface treatment, but the whole touch feel is still good.

In the interface configuration,Vostro 5459 with 4cell DELL Vostro 5459 Battery can provide a practical and complete configuration scheme for the user. The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a card reader, USB 3 interface, HDMI interface, RJ-45 Ethernet port and power jack.

Laptop computers using the latest 802.11ad standard multi band wireless technology, you can use the 60GHz band wireless spectrum to achieve up to 4.6Gbps transmission speed, 10 times faster than the 802.11ac technology. Due to the less delay, 802.11ad technology can play the wireless content of the laptop time delay reduced to only 30 milliseconds. Multi band wireless solution with multi user multi input multi output parallel system (MU-MIMO) supports 802.11ac technology, in the typical multi user case the 11ac standard network throughput increased by three times.

DELL Vostro 5459 weighs only 1.7kg with 4cell DELL Vostro 14-5459 Battery, the thickness is only 2.12cm. Back cover created by high strength carbon fiber and glass fiber, palm support and a bottom cover made of magnesium alloy is made, so as to ensure the light at the same time very hard. The full sized keyboard backlight with splash proof design, in addition to providing comfortable key process, easier to work in a business trip or journey. And in order to maintain its stable operation, DELL Vostro 5459 more DELL exclusive intelligent dust removal fan technology, effectively prevent dust clogging caused by the cooling performance of the whole machine.

The development of chip technology has accelerated the process of frivolous notebook, especially the release of the Pentium M processor, emergence of a group of 10 mm thick ultra-thin products, although many banner to portable business the name, but in fact these ultra-thin notebook in durability, anti breaking capability, limit environmental adaptability, stability, expansibility and so on exist some shortcomings, so the real business notebook tend not to be the light of that paragraph, they will in many aspects: portability, performance, scalability, durability and other comprehensive considerations, like today, we introduce the HP EliteBook 820 G3.

The HP EliteBook 820 G3 is HP a new generation of flagship business notebook 12 inch products, its exterior design continues the EliteBook820G1 design, use black matte texture cover, the fuselage shape is less a few minutes of edges, more slightly soft. In the part of hardware, the EliteBook 820 G3 upgrade to the fifth generation intelligent Intel core hardware platform, can provide stronger performance.

Today I will introduce to you the HP EliteBook 820 G3 is EliteBook 820 G1 upgrade products, the two models are completely identical in appearance of mold, only different is EliteBook 820 G3 with HP EliteBook 820 G3 Battery in the part of hardware, upgrade to the fifth generation core processor.

Of course as a flagship commercial portable notebook, with strong technical strength and market experience of HP EliteBook 8.2 G3 set a sufficient number of species rich interface, have the ability to pick dock barge, provide guidance rod, fingerprint identification and smart card read card device, matte display screen, the all metal airframe material, through the test of mil-std810g can adapt to the dust, elevation and high and low temperature and other harsh environment... For those who pay attention to practicality, security, do not need to touch, flip and other fancy features of business people is very worthy of recommendation.

LENOVO Protected Workspace L460 function can help users at any time on their own important office procedures and data encryption and protection, away from the bad network attacks. Which includes the browser protection and working documents (office Word/Excel/PPT, adobe reader) door two, the operation is very simple, cut can be at any time to change the running state, so far, this is the business affairs of LENOVO products unique function.

One of the advantages of wireless network management is L460 with bug capacity 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L460 Battery. Due to the use of intel wireless wireless management scheme, we through hardware and software supporting system can be ready access to real-time wireless network access information, consists of the real-time monitoring did not get approved by the user equipment access, at any time can clean up operation, thus in the equipment of the wireless terminal established relatively safe, confidential work environment.

Hardware, low-pressure the latest generation of core i5 processor, 4GB standard memory and discrete graphics, plus plenty of interface design, can see the HP EliteBook 850 G3 is a standard business, performance is also very good. The price, we refer to the last year price 850 G1, should will in 8000 yuan of above, in this price, without the use of large capacity SSDs, without the use of Full HD IPS screen, let a person have the feeling of a big car Mara unavoidably, in domestic is likely less vulnerable to consumer recognition. Even if it can adapt to a very harsh environment, but compared to the more popular ThinkPad, it still appears to be weak competition.

Since it comes to the office of white-collar workers, so small make up today I have to give you a business notebook that is worthy of attention. Yes, small series today to give you the evaluation is the beginning of this year, HP has just launched the so-called military standard class Super business book EliteBook 840 G3. The so-called military standard level is to say that the aircraft has an army of strict requirements of the quality, regardless of internal and external it is sending a soldier like rigorous temperament. The machine adopts the new Intel Core Broadwell low voltage processor, 14nm production process, standby power consumption reduces by 40%, up to 10% performance improvement, bring faster loading, shorter waiting time, seconds on all kinds of conventional software, so that users can in multiple tasks fast switching, work efficiency step upgrade. In addition, the machine and other business is different from the unique file protection settings, privacy settings, etc.. How on earth, also please follow the small series to look down.

In recent years, the traditional PC market appears to be slightly depressed, so it brought countless tattle and prate. Some people say it has become a sunset industry, some people say the expressive force of the market will continue to slump, even some people said the traditional PC industry has come to an end. But in the heart is still passion behind it, games, business can be said is behind the biggest reason, players in the game of many small series of don't have to say you can glance in the heart, and the use of business the exclusive crowd is absolutely can not be ignored the.

First from the shell, the HP 840 G3 with 4cell HP EliteBook 840 G3 Battery shell is made of special plastic material, the touch up is not difficult to hold a single hand and not the smooth surface of the kind of rough particles feeling. Therefore, it can be called is to take the essence and discard the dross in quality. In addition, the dark color feels like a soldier like strong compressive tough feeling.

In contrast, the ThinkPad L560 is mainly to create a portable, price and performance of the more balanced three portable workstations. On the configuration, ThinkPad L560 equipped with Intel's sixth generation i7 Core processor, according to the needs of the highest matching 32GB running memory, supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology, with a backlight Precision ThinkPad keyboard, four and a card reader, docking port and so on, the screen is the resolution of 15.6 inches 3K screen, using Crystal-Clear technology, can make the image more clear. The Lenovo comes with the Bridge Power technology, making the ThinkPad L560 endurance ability to reach 17 hours, very durable.

ThinkPad L560 will carry Intel sixth generation Core i7 processor, NVIDIA Quadro 500m graphics card, hard drive optional 1TB mechanical hard disk, 512gb SSD or 256gb PCI-E SSDs. L560 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L560 Battery maximum memory can be equipped with 32GB, but it does not seem to support DDR4, the system specifications show support for the maximum memory frequency of 1600MHz, which means that the use of DDR3 memory.

HP and ThinkPad, but also has been focused on the design and production of business notebook manufacturers, although it also relates to other products, but has been used as traditional business notebook it retains; EliteBook product line for the U.S. military MIL-STD-810 standard design, can be in some extreme environments still maintain a reliability and performance enough EliteBook; 850 is HP last year launched a 15.6 inch notebook business series, and the introduction of the new EliteBook 850 G3 is mainly aimed at the generation of product updates, in the absence of change ideas, update a new generation of Intel i5-5200U core processor, and equipped with a graphics card and ssd. Next, we will look at it together in the evaluation of its actual performance.

The bottom of the HP EliteBook 850 G3 with 4cell HP EliteBook 850 G3 Battery is very simple, even screws are hidden up, but provide the very convenient disassemble, only need to figure in the red circle in the switch is allocated to the left, you can easily open and remove the rear cover, all internal parts at a glance, both add, replace the memory, or to replace the hard disk, cleaning, are very simple and quick.