LENOVO B55-50 G70-35 B71-80 review

Notebook experienced years of development so far, market is already mature, the industry has entered a segmentation stage, such as light, the super, deformation and other products began to quickly into the market and made. Throughout the notebook market, a kind of product can be called a "heterogeneous", that is the game! In the notebook market sales of ups and downs, the game of the like an evergreen tree maintained strong vitality, which is called the heterogeneous of one of the reasons.

In the author's opinion and said the game is heterogeneous as "alien". Because the game from design to performance configuration did not seem to belong to this planet, but rather is an alien from outer space. Of course, also because of such a multi player was attracted by the game. In many games of this brand, the small y is a lot of players and game enthusiasts love a series, it can be said that tough is its label, cool is its symbol.

Now Lenovo again lit a small Y game blood boiling, heavy launch Lenovo ideapad G70-35 with 41wh LENOVO G70-35 Battery (hereinafter referred to as Lenovo G70). The Rossoneri fusion run cool appearance and sturdy strong hardware configuration of Lenovo G70 will from the multiple dimensions of visual, tactile, and experience for users bring high-end gaming experience!

15 inch version uses pure black engineering resin shell processing, the entire surface of the body through the three-dimensional texture engraving process, this kind of processing method in the equipment of 3000-4000 yuan this year very much, is characterized by gives the product a concise and full of change of appearance, delicate texture and feel very level.

Compact body consequent is standing interface design, including USB 3.0 x 1/2.0 x 1, Ethernet, HDMI output, 42wh TOSHIBA PA3965U-1BRS Battery, audio output composite, SD card reader, the DVD drive, simple to deal with the work shouldn't be a problem. What is worth mentioning is that in addition to cancel the old VGA output. The DVD side did not arrange any interface, all feeder operation from the left to complete. In addition, the boot key position at the bottom of the left, very much in line with the usual right-hand truncated cover, left index finger at a time starting operation characteristics.

Development of the computer today, it is no longer had the figure is huge, only limited to government departments to enjoy the big guy. It is now a small but strong performance, fashion and lack of perfect details, the most representative is the product of notebook computer. Appearance design, material structure and keyboard interface are in the decades of time becomes more and more advanced, more and more practical, and like processor and graphics so that the core hardware becomes the main battlefield of world science and technology competition, and AMD is the battlefield of one of the protagonists.

In many people's eyes, AMD graphics and APU is definitely unique features of the brand. Today Xiaobian is using this equipped with a built-in radeon R6 fusion single significant A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX discrete graphics Association B55-50 with 4cell LENOVO B55-50 Battery to let everyone feel.

In the machine, on the left is followed by the distribution of the a power interface, a key to restore key, a radiating port, a video transmission interface, a network interface, a HDMI interface, two USB interface. Therefore, the machine in the interface is still relatively rich,

Although today's protagonist is A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX graphics card, but we must not forget the purpose of evaluation. The purpose is from the perspective of for everyone to introduce products, so let us start from the appearance to slowly tasting Association

Lenovo B55-50 with 4cell LENOVO B55 Battery shell design can be said is simply the, in addition to the shell in a corner of the Lenovo brand logo no other decoration. The machine adopts the cross shaped convex pattern, the friction between asperities can add the machine which is not easy to slide.

The although not experienced gamers, but I for each a product or a certain force requirement specification, performance is not necessarily high outrageous but the appearance absolutely or a stock. The monotony of the elegant appearance design although low-key, but it is not fit with my style. I pursue the combination of beauty of sports and muscles, coincides with the recently Department sent a Lenovo B71, its appearance moment let me want to touch it desires.

Notebook is different from the flat phone. Our general users update the replacement frequency probably very difficult to achieve in two years or a year for a change. In 2015 to the sixth generation Intel core processor, look at the hands of the ThinkPad or two generation processor...... There is no doubt that the new skylake platform can give the user a more smooth experience, the sixth generation and the second generation gap, maybe I really should change a laptop.

On the sound effects, Lenovo has always been on their products box configuration and calibration are doing very hard, even if is it Yoga tablet, too. Lenovo B71 equipment group after a major adjustment 2.1-channel JBL audio, ascendants D surface subwoofer moved to the central location, sound more three-dimensional nature. The actual process, also can obviously feel a deep bass from the bottom of the fuselage. Collocation Dolby home theater technology, bring shock sound. Water chestnut speaker symmetrical design clear, red and black mesh very texture.

Regardless of appearance design, hardware interface design has become the only channel of the notebook computer and the external device communication, location and quantity will directly affect the user's feelings. For the association of demand B71 consider very comprehensive, in on both sides of the fuselage reasonable layout includes USB interface, including many commonly used interface, equipped with a 128GB solid state drive +1TGB high-speed mechanical hard disk and DDR4 16GB of internal memory to ensure that users use it efficiently.

Lenovo B71 uses 4cell LENOVO B71-80 Battery to build a new mold, machine consists of red and black color cover sporty, excellent lines outline the cool modeling of ultra running; performance and appearance upgrades in the round, emphasizing performance and the game experience and pay more attention to the details of the deal.

Read the keyboard we take another look at Lenovo B55-50 in the interface, and from the right look orderly distribution with: a computer lock interface, a DVD drive, a USB interface, an SD card slot and a headphone jack.

In the hardware configuration with Intel issued skylake platform, Lenovo B71 also homeopathy has been updated, can satisfy the usual gaming needs. 4GB of gddr5 VRAM also let graphics performance can play a maximum, the highest resolution can be to 4K no wide frame angle IPS screen lead game experience like be personally on the scene; 4cell LENOVO B71 Battery, 16GB DDR4 memory and hard disk configuration is a combination of a 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD is ensure efficient functioning in any game. All of these are combined in a cool housing built by all metal, very hard for me to say no to it.