MSI WS72 and LENOVO ThinkPad T460 T460p T560 Review

When using a common notebook, the user can put the wrist part in the palm rest area, and the wrist can be bent so as not to affect the use of the typing. However for large size gaming notebook, causes the palm rest area is too long because of the keyboard, users in the use of will will be part of the arm will be put in the palm rest area, when users for a long period of time using arm and in the corner of the notebook form indentation, poor comfort, easy to produce fatigue, it can be said to be common to a large size notebook. However for MSI WS72 this solved the, it will be the keyboard area move down a certain distance, users when in use will still wrist part and the keyboard surface contact angle, so that the user is in the use of ordinary notebook as comfortable completely not fatigue and longevity. The design of such MSI WS72 may seem simple, but it can reflect MSI's nuanced.

MSI WS72 uses the SteelSeries professional keyboard, believe that the user must have heard of MSI notebook this name, the keyboard in MSI products also appeared before. It is a professional level game keyboard, durable than ordinary keyboard to be high, and the keyboard keys to a very strong feedback, feel more comfortable. Although there is a gap between the keyboard and the independent game, but a lot better than the ordinary chocolate keyboard. Similarly, it is also a backlight keyboard, MSI GS72 with built-in MSI WS72 Battery provides a called "KLM" management software to control the backlight, can realize the multi color or monochrome backlight.

What do you think about the game laptop? In this game the impression is usually has powerful hardware, cool appearance and large volume. However, in recent years, the game of this product does not seem to have begun to take the unusual way, on the one hand to ensure that the performance of the tough, on the other hand in the light and portable. Today we get the hand is such a new game by the domestic emerging game manufacturer Akoya E7420 this MEDION. If we say that this game is different, in addition to cost-effective, it is MEDION cooperation with the blue sky to make Akoya E7420 greatly improved the previous games this heavy problem, a great improvement in portability.

Actually for MEDION Akoya E7420 appearance of the atmosphere, texture, light, Xiaobian get it when the first feeling, said it is light phase compared to other games in terms of, 23.9mm thickness and with heavy does not calculate thick. Also want to say is a game notebook is usually has a relatively cool style, here MEDION Akoya E7420 with 45wh MEDION Akoya E7420 Battery the sole mould in the blue sky, which is MEDION's first private template, in addition to the above characteristics unabated cool gas, often this kind of cool, but the game enthusiasts are very popular.

ThinkPad products are mainly for business people to launch, on the one hand reflected in the price of the machine, on the other hand reflected in the work of the product, the configuration and other hard conditions. ThinkPad used to be a lot of people dream business tool. Today, with the expansion of product lines, more and more ordinary users can also relatively easy to come into contact with the ThinkPad products, which with Lenovo's strategic layout has a close contact.

This time we bring this is ThinkPad T560. This product shaft design and previous T series products are not the same, the shaft sinking but can maintain a 180 degree opening angle, with the ThinkPad X1 is somewhat similar.

Internal hardware configuration using the fifth generation core Intel processor, basically can meet the user's daily office needs the overall performance of the i5 5200U. In addition, NVIDIA geforce 940M discrete graphics in graphic processing provides some basic properties.

ThinkPad T560 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T560 Battery is a new generation of T series successor, but the body materials and workmanship is somewhat different from the previous T series of high-end standards. The machine body with black and gray fiber reinforced composite plastic, and the top cover is a carbon fiber material support, although not reached before the T series of high-end workmanship standards, but fortunately, the machine materials or more feet.

See details of the prescription motives of MEDION Akoya P7644 in this respect is absolutely the best. This is also reflected in the camera frame structure, Pentagon diamond makes sense of design and cool feeling. As a game of this, the design of the keyboard is absolutely the most important, after all, the players are required to complete the gorgeous operation. Throughout the entire C surface, silver plate and black and white backlight keyboard collocation is very complement each other.

Has the unique spirit of Akoya P7644 with 4cell MEDION Akoya P7644 Battery also played their own ideas on the keyboard on the surface, as shown in the above features photos, black wings radiating port inlaid design in C on both sides, without losing the beauty at the same time also can temperature security escort for the internal hardware, really predicate is kill two birds with one stone.

Through LENOVO very professional, convenient system management plan LENOVO backup and recovery can be at any time will appear the system timely backup and recovery, and even directly to restore the factory settings, including the production of traditional DVD, mainstream U disk, mobile hard disk means the system image backup, which previously seemed very complex professional operation becomes simple exceptions, fool. Of course in addition to the system itself, through this program can be to any user data backup, can be a local backup, can also be a third-party backup device, even is the backup of "cloud" LENOVO, in short, everything is safe and worry free!

the command update using T460 with 48wh LENOVO ThinkPad T460 Battery users can easy access via the Internet to get the full range of their own equipment support information and services, such as simply by installing SupprtAssist, is can be directly in the official website page automatically get equipment all maintenance tools and information, including the driver files to download, install, and such a common demand. In addition, no matter what point you are in the earth, you can get all the real time information online real-time warranty, the absolute intimate experience!

2016 CES show Acer officially released the world's fastest TravelMate P648 laptop, where the fast is not referring to the fastest processing speed, but the fast speed. It is understood, TravelMate P648 in professional business users, is the world's first 802.11ad laptop, the Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ad card, compared to 802.11ac maximum speed can be up to 10 times, and supports the 60GHz band.

Appearance, the notebook uses a glass and carbon fiber material of the shell, while ensuring the overall weight of the body at the same time taking into account the hardness. In addition, TravelMate P648 uses a spill resistant keyboard design, provides a more reliable guarantee for the safe use of the user.

In terms of hardware configuration, TravelMate P648 uses a 14 inch LCD screen with 6cell ACER TravelMate P648 Battery, which is the size of the classic business. Processor which is equipped with a new Intel skylake platform processor, with matching is 512gb SSD, and GTX 840m alone significantly (optional), and we are more concerned about the external expansion capacity. It provides the thunderbolt 3, HDMI, VGA and two USB 3.0 interface, regular use of can meet the user's need.

Pcmark 8 is for Windows system the whole performance of the benchmark system, home (home) test is one test pattern (5), mainly the use of ordinary user environment simulation and test project covers the web browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load game and so on, and contains OpenCL accelerated and traditional test mode.

LENOVO ThinkPad series has been a versatile representative, different sizes of products can respond to the actual needs of different consumers. This time the LENOVO ThinkPad T460p with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T460p Battery equipped with Intel's new sixth generation core processor, also equipped with AMD radeon R5 m335 alone significantly, the performance than previous generations of products have certain promotion. Piano baking shell regression let ThinkPad T460p much a stylish atmosphere, black and white contrast color formed a strong contrast, shows the whole fortitude character. Such a product pricing is only 4399 yuan, in this price has a full competitiveness.