ASUS G58 and SAGER NP9380 NP9390 gaming laptop review

If less on pen friends electric sound presentation, G58JM in the overall hardware specification configuration, than the G56 series of high order several more prominent, whether in the processor or independent display chip, has greatly promoted the efficiency, perhaps you can think of G58 as G56 series hardware enhanced version. May be easier to understand the laptop. But in the hardware configuration, the G58JM or the existence of a few areas in need of improvement, in the memory part, the biggest support capacity if you can to 32GB, for the love of high hardware specifications of the players, perhaps even more add a few minutes of attractive, after all, the fuselage bottom cover provides a convenient replacement and upgrading. Moreover is stored in hard disk configuration, 7200 turn 1TB HDD configuration, you really don't know where to start it, if only to cost considerations, may wish to consider hybrid should disk configuration, for there will be some help performance, of course, if you really like this pe
n electricity, reluctantly replaced it SSD solid state drive, is an efficiency way to upgrade.

By vernier caliper, we can see that the maximum thickness of ASUS G58 2.524cm, for a 15 inch family this, law-abiding, acceptable.ASUS G58 unique uses FX-7600P processor AMD of Kaveri architecture, with 6cells ASUS G58 Battery,DDR3 4GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard disk, the independent video card graphics for the APU's built-in R7-Graphics with R5-M230 hybrid crossfire, how the specific performance, we read the next to you.

Small make up also the actual installation common several games, to carry on the real machine test, the first Battlefield 4 battlefield 4 game environment setting for full screen Full HD 1920 X 1080, the frequency of updates for 60Hz screen, the game screen quality and effects are set at the highest level of the state, and close the vertical sync in the game prologue tests, get an average of 22.02 FPS performance, the whole is smooth.

Diablo III the Diablo 3 real machine game testing, the game screen and above the same, the same picture quality and effects settings in the supreme state, and close the vertical sync options, in the course of the game in two minutes, average 84.31 FPS performance, in lower load game, really to get a good gaming experience.

HP 470 G2 using 6cells HP FP06XL Battery and integral touch panel design, touch panel in the surface layer of the skin with a kind of coating, the feeling is very comfortable. At the same time also can see, touch panel body surface area than a C low part, can ensure the screen when no direct contact. In addition, the touch plate of the machine by using the "ForcePad" micro pressure sensor design, click left key operation, double click the right button operation, touch panel but I tend to equipped with solid key, especially for the frequent use of the keyboard and touchpad business people.

Finally see is Medal of Honor Warfighter Medal of Honor: Iron Defender Game Testing, screen and game environment setting basically the same with the top two games, are tested at the highest setting, in the game 2 minutes of game time in the prologue, measured an average of 27.48 FPS performance, rather than BF4 than some, the actual game smooth degree is also very enough.

The efficiency scores of PCmark 7 as measured by only 3279 points, compared the test results with CLEVO P370EM with 8cells CLEVO P370EM Battery before more than 5000 points, the relatively poor performance. PCmark 8 Home situational test mode (Webpage browsing, word processing, video calling, photo editing comprehensive test) score was 3120 points, effectiveness. PCmark 8 Creative situational test pattern (comprehensive test Webpage browsing, multiple video calling, photo editing, video editing, game performance, efficiency etc.) score of 3574 points. PCmark 8 Work work situation test mode (Office test) score was 3841 points, effectiveness. PCmark 8 Storage hard disk performance test mode, efficiency score is 2409 points, storage bandwidth performance for 9.34MB/s.

It should be said that in SMAA anti aliasing, the watchdog is not so difficult to tame, GTX980M won the 60 frame over the good grades, and frame rate fluctuation is very small, very smooth, very smooth.

We then use the AIDA64 system stability test tools and FurMark donuts testing tools let SAGER NP9390 Battery and SAGER NP9390 CPU and GPU at the same time with, observe its cooling performance.

The famous founder of Crytek once the membership card crisis Ubisoft's studio, "far cry" primary is Ubisoft products. When Crytek leaving Ubisoft when, can not take away the Crysis brand, also cannot take the Cryengine1 engine, so only the restart stove "Crysis" series. Ubisoft is a powerful company, "far cry" series in Ubisoft's men also grow sturdily. The improvement of using Cryenigne technology in 2009 after the early Ubisoft DUNIA engine, made "Crysis 2", with the game system better image and innovation success. The second half of 2012, Ubisoft Montreal studio launched a new "Crysis 3", as the DX11 game industry brought heavy work, so far has sold 10m. In 2014, "far cry 4" return, again for game player fans offer Taotie visual feast.

CLEVO P370SM using 5900mAh CLEVO P370SM Battery and the SteelSeries keyboard, believe that the familiar CLEVO notebook on the friends will not feel strange, it is professional gaming keyboard, durability than ordinary keyboard must be high, and the keyboard keys feedback force is very strong, feel more comfortable. Although with the independent gaming keyboard there is still a gap, but much stronger than the ordinary chocolate keyboard. Of course, features a large colorful backlight design is also CLEVO, can control the backlight through management software to achieve backlight polychromatic or quasi monochromatic, for game players, this configuration is essential.

With the launch of NVIDIA "9" series of graphics cards, mobile version also introduced, at present the strong performance GTX970M has moved beyond the last generation of nearly 40%. SAGER NP9390 with the strongest players moving graphics is very worthy of attention, both in the external or internal workmanship, are very good, compared to the previous SAGER product promotion is very obvious. Details, including several aspects of interface, screen, battery components, are satisfactory. At present the product selling price 9999 yuan, still has a certain price in the same grade products, recommended to the fever players.

We get the feedback from the Fraps data, in the open HBAO+ environment shielding light, SMAA anti aliasing situations, GTX980M in far cry 4 the average frame rate was 60.067, complete flying feeling, did not have any operation pressure.

No matter how the development of high-end notebook, in the current PC market can really realize large-scale shipment of the products is still low, low price of the configuration of the entry-level products, more and more people do not want to spend too much money and time on notebooks and other PC products, but the PC for the time being can not totally replaced by mobile devices, and high performance price ratio the entry-level products into a compromise choice. The following for bringing LENOVO G50-70m evaluation model is the entry-level notebook, have a look how LENOVO do entry-level products.

LENOVO G50-70m with 4cells LENOVO G50-70m Battery continues the U shape structure of LENOVO in the design, each corners using the rounded rectangle designed to ease, feel very good, but it looks rather sharp right angle side to the domineering, of course the appearance of LENOVO always want to give users a friendly feeling, ambition definitely not LENOVO temperament.

Because the "watchdog" have great influence, many players are fascinated, but "watchdog" requirements are very high, according to Ubisoft tradition, is high to start sorry quality level; because the card into a dog, so everyone called "shrink dog". Because the game has no built-in benchmark, we still use Fraps record GTX980M run watchdog the highest quality, SMAA expression of first 120 seconds of the anti aliasing.

After 20 minutes of baking temperature performance, we observe the SAGER NP9390. AIDA64 display i7 4710MQ processor SAGER NP9380 with SAGER NP9380 Battery at the temperature about 87, near 86 degrees, control is not very ideal, but can still accept; strong power control technology has benefited from Maxwell, GTX980M graphics card is firmly controlled at 88 degrees below, it has been more difficult for the flagship product.