ASUS ZenBook UX303LA and HP Beats Special Edition 15 review

In mid 2014, AMD released a new generation of mobile platform Kaveri APU, in which the most attention is the location of top AMD extreme quad core FX series APU, it combines the Radeon R7 single significantly, with a maximum of 12 computing core (4CPU core +8GPU core), the largest intelligent overclocking 3.6 GHz, maximum support DDR3-2133 memory, support the third generation of PCI Express, its overall performance is quite outstanding, just released at the beginning of no products listed, we tested the prototype, also do not know how to carry AMD extreme quad core FX series APU models price, how to price.

After a period of time of the distribution, the use of AMD extreme quad core FX APU series notebook products finally officially on sale, the actual carrying it products and not very expensive, the continuation of the traditional AMD high performance price ratio, as we today we tested this ASUS K751L, he has chosen the AMD extreme quad core FX-7500 APU, equipped with AMD Radeon R7 M265 graphics card, 2GB memory has independent, providing dual channel 8GB memory, 1TB hard disk with large capacity, pre installed genuine Windows8.1 system.

Then how about ASUS K751L's ASUS K751LA Battery? After the actual test, the performance parts, AMD extreme quad core FX-7500 APU can multi task processing ability is strong, can handle the daily use in more complex computing demand. At the same time, AMD Radeon R7 M265 graphics card in order to bring more powerful graphics performance, to mainstream online games is no problem.

Since the birth Asus ZENBOOK UX series of products at the beginning of known as the Windows platform in the MacBook Air, with its superb workmanship, in many super in the talent showing itself, and gradually become the high-end business people preferred lightweight laptops. UX32 has also become the world's first independent graphics card into the notebook computer super thin fuselage, far behind the MacBook Air.

We do not know for the first UX series sequel -- delicate glass high-end products of UX301 have no impression, the block is a block of covered Corelle gorilla glass A surface bring high-end feelings are still so I am very memorable, but at the time it up to thousand yuan price other too many people and step back.

Today, the UX303LA with 6cells ASUS ZenBook UX303LA Battery is a new evaluation in ZENBOOK Asus ultrabooks coming out this year, it is not a full glass of A surface generation gorgeous, replace sb. is concentric hairline metal coating ZENBOOK classic, though this makes its price more cheap, but it is in the configuration on the upgrade can not small. UX303LA uses the most popular QHD IPS screen, resolution reached 3200x1800 3K level, and with NVIDIA Kepler architecture of the GT840M graphics card, so that the comprehensive performance of ZENBOOK greatly enhanced.

Of course, in addition to excellent performance improvement brought experience, using the AMD platform, ASUS K751L also provides gesture control, face login and other innovative features, with the help of heterogeneous strong computing power, provide a more convenient and easy to use service as we, together with ASUS K751L is equipped with 15.6 inch Full HD 1080P screen, 1TB large capacity hard disk, to have the quite good video game ability. A more detailed evaluation please see the detailed introduction. (click on the understanding of the purchase information)

ASUS K751L with high capacity ASUS K751LN Battery design is more simple, not too much decoration plastic fuselage shell, a top cover surface matte effect fuselage appears mild matte texture, feels more comfortable, but also look more significant level. In the part of ASUS K751L screen, select 15.6 inch Full HD fog plane screen, screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, compared to the previous 1366 x 768, 50% can be multi display content, but also for the 15 inch screen, full high-definition display the font too small.

Due to the use of a 15 inch fuselage, ASUS K751L keyboard surface to plug under the digital small keyboard area, so no external keyboard while playing, it is very important for the limited space of the dormitory, because many games still needs the support of digital small keyboard area, while the use of the bed in the dormitory on the small table area not, no extra space for the placement of the external keyboard, so with the numeric keypad notebook is very important.

Beats Special Edition 15 with 4cells HP Beats Special Edition 15 Battery and a i3-4005U processor, the use of 22nm process, the architecture of Haswell, a dual core four threads, frequency 1.7GHz, TDP for 15W.Performance we use 3DMark software for Cloud Gate mode for testing, the final score of 4994, is the lowest level in our graphics score.

In the process of copying machine test, machine fan speed has reached 4100RPM, but did not feel that this obvious noise, the noise control is quite good. In the body surface temperature, temperature are concentrated in the cooling air outlet, and the central part of the keyboard, laptop and keyboard palm rest portion of the left and right sides of these often touch position below body temperature, temperature control of the surface is great. From the temperature distribution on the back can also be found on the left side of the big fan outlet temperature was higher than that of the right side of the small fan outlet temperature, but the back upper part of the temperature has been higher than the temperature of the human body, used in the knee when the computer handle the heavy task will feel a certain amount of heat, which is also the common metal.

When it comes to the battery, have to say the power adapter to charge it. This notebook power adapter continuation of the ASUS UX series of tradition, using a compact design similar to the apple, output power of 65 watts (19V, 3.42A), but the power adapter plug is cancelled design indicator, but the charging indicator light is moved to the right side of the headphone interface, a bit less tall on feeling.

Now want to choose a price in the market is not too expensive, but also has the independent video card for business office, frivolous and solemn notebook is really not easy to find. While ASUS's UX303LA will no doubt become these business people preferred laptops, compared with the parent million price, this generation of ZENBOOK to remove all glass A design, using hybrid hard disk so as to lower the price to $8999. But if there is a 1080P screen for choice, the price can also be further reduced, believe that will have a good market. Finally, if you choose this notebook, the author still suggests that their memory will upgrade to 8GB or 12GB, in order to satisfy the work as well as the game's use of memory needs.

Life situation next we selected PowerMark this software to test ASUS F102B with built-in ASUS F102B Battery, it will continuously cycle running a set of test scripts, including four kinds of common application: Internet browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D games, as much as possible the actual use of the close of the vast majority of users.

The feel of the keyboard, although notebook built-in keyboard not and external keyboard compared, but ASUS K751L chocolate keyboard use feel has been good, cap size moderate, spacing reasonable layout, press down a clear sense of frustration.

ASUS K751L screen the maximum opening angle is about 170 degrees, although did not reach 180 degrees, but can adjust the amplitude is big. In addition, ASUS K751L with 4cells ASUS K751L Battery shaft damping is moderate, can realize single hand folding. One touch plate has become the most popular ASUS design, K751L uses the touch panel like this, it can provide a touch larger areas.

The test life before we will power management mode notebook set to balance model, also banned laptop automatically reduce brightness over a period of time after the ban off screen backlight, disable automatic sleep. At the same time, let the WiFi remain in the open state, brightness to 60%, so as to simulate the real user use state.

Lithium polymer ASUS X102B Battery the use of the capacity reached 50 kwh, through the PowerMark software test, we can see the ultrabooks reached 3 hours and 53 minutes of battery life achievement in independent video card case can have life time is nearly 4 hours, the use of basic needs to be able to cope with a half day of work.