ASUS N551J N551JK N551JQ N751J and Alienware 13 review

The ultra smooth, no carton gaming experience is always the pursuit of e-sports game player, but the choice of home books strength of mediocrity, cannot feel the most incisive smoother game screen. In order to solve this let game player headaches, Asus N551JM coming! As a with extraordinary strength of the shadow of the Almighty Asus entertainment, N551JM strong with Intel fourth generation Haswell platform i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M professional graphics, at any time for the game player appear smoother, clearer, sharper images of the game. Appearance, Asus N551JM by a concentric process design classic, equipped with FHD Full HD screen and comfortable LED backlight keyboard, and then with the bel master sound technology Asus exclusive, absolutely is your perfect game partner!

This will have a strong core of strong support, Asus N551JM deliver the goods, shocked with the new Intel fourth generation Haswell platform I7 processor, processing tasks can be the most demanding in the easy, greatly enhance the performance and energy consumption is greatly reduced. Super perfect performance to meet all the daily needs, allow users to enjoy the extraordinary fast rapidly with the experience.

In order to improve the dynamic scene greatly the reaction speed and screen fluency, Asus N551J with 56wh ASUS N551J Battery special NVIDIA equipped with GeForce GTX860M professional graphics, create the Xeon graphic expression, can easily meet the user's demand. In addition, the machine is equipped with USB 3 interface, theory of transmission speed is 10 times of USB 2, the charging speed than USB around 2 fast 40%, provide quick response performance, sensitive, achieve high-definition multimedia effects fluid and multi task processing operation.

In order to highlight the professional, thereby creating HD sharp images of the game, Asus N551JM chose the FHD Full HD screen panel, but the scope and definition of the picture than the ordinary HD screen up to 2 times, the naked eye cannot distinguish the picture has been completely grainy, best quality image output. Ultra high definition screen so once you can see more information, and at the same time, the work efficiency is also of great help, don't drag the form can also be easily query data. The high version equipped with more UHD 4K screen, can burst out amazing picture to really bring the ultimate performance, immersive experience for the user.

The fuselage exquisite ASUS N551JM with 6cell ASUS N551 Battery, the top cover is made of metal materials, concentric circle process design classic make it more texture. Based on the appearance of fashion, ASUS N551JM also specially equipped with LED backlight keyboard and comfortable, with four adjustable brightness LED backlight, adapt to different users demand under the dark environment brightness to the keyboard, the keyboard is always easy to let. Through the Fn+F3/F4 key combination, you can adjust the brightness of the heart the keyboard, not only comfortable and steady, more can be free to use at night.

Performance is undoubtedly the attention to factors of N series of the most fundamental, hardware configuration on full use of N551 performance make people sit up and take notice of the new platform, can almost be said to be a leader in the mainstream household. GT750M is in addition to the most powerful graphics card game player is outside the country of the performance of pure play, all expressed the desire N551 the high-end mainstream on performance.

In the game of battle spell is not only intelligence, sometimes, the details are often more can decide everything. For the tireless pursuit of the perfect sound, also in order to give the players to create lifelike stereo sound details of enjoyment, ASUS N551JK with 6ceclls ASUS N551JK Battery uses SonicMasterLite bel master sound technology. The technology can be through the powerful combination of top quality hardware and AudioWizard software, a thorough improvement on the books of the sound and perfect guarantee all sound output has reached the industry's highest standards, and show broad range and crystal clear sound quality.

Asus N751J video the articles Intel new fourth generation Haswelli7 processor Suningyi shock first! With super wide angle FullHD178 degrees IPS panel, using NVIDIA? GeForce? GT750M strong display and HD4600 core graphics, with Asus smart beautiful color technology and Bel master sound technology, the world is a "core" powerful, powerful, open the Haswell "core" of energy for the user when the new generation of audio and video.

"Stronger, lower energy consumption" of the fourth generation of Intel core processor Haswell, bring about a new revolution in personal computer, greatly enhance the performance and energy consumption is greatly reduced. Asus implantation of N751J IntelHaswelli7-4700HQ processor, CPU performance improvement of 10%-12%, using time of the battery is significantly extended more than 50%. With Asus exclusive S.H.E. II super hybrid engine and ICEcool cool heat dissipation technology, to create the models tough "core" power.

For casting top visual effects, Asus N751J with 6cell ASUS N751 Battery equipped with NVIDIA? GeForce? GT750M independent core of the show, with 4GBDDR3VRAM shock extreme luxury audio book, together with the IntelGMAHD4600 core graphics, using the new GPUBoost2.0 automatic overclocking technology, realize leveling monitoring of GPU heat and frequency, adjustable GPU automatic frequency in the game, automatic maximization game effect, performance compared with GT600M series to promote 25%. Super 3D decoding ability, perfect support the DX11 standard, to realize the full range of a substantial increase in rendering, image mosaic, colored and texture compression.

Biochemical crisis 6 "to test the GT750M performance with" the final author, although the game itself is a DX9 game, but the ability to consume the graphics a little worse, testing picture dropped from 51 frames of a road, grand scenes in many people only 17 frames. Of course, the game will rarely have so many zombies, fluency is.

The shape can be said is the product of the first impression, if the product performance is the need of time only then to be able to realize, in the performance of poor dissimilation is shrinking today, the appearance is often an important factor stimulating consumer desire to buy, below we have a look at the ASUS N551J appearance and body have what characteristic.

ASUS's overall use of magnesium alloy case cover building, style and before N56 style similar, but there are different, the exquisite degree of magnesium alloy wire drawing process even further, and a top cover cancelled plastic N56 on top, show more uniform top visual integrity.

Compared to hardware based test, comprehensive performance testing more can show the product overall performance, and users will eventually get closer to the use of experience.

We see Asus N551J with 10.8V ASUS N551JQ Battery comprehensive performance is quite good, in the PCMark 7 test the overall performance of 4684 points high, such fraction in the absence of SSD equipped models is very scarce, the overall strength of visible of the machine.

The specific configuration, the test model with i5-4210U processors, 2GB memory GTX 860M graphics card, 8GB DDR3L dual channel memory, 1TB mechanical hard disk, 13.3 inches 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS anti glare screen factory pre installed Windows 8.1 operating system.

According to this understanding, the current sale Alienware 13 only this kind of configuration, then the launch of Intel fourth generation of Core i7 version and 2K screen version, at the same time, in January next year Intel core fifth generation products after the listing, Alienware 13 with Alienware 13 Battery will be timely launch with fifth generation of core i5 and i7 processors version. Because the Intel core fifth generation products will further enhance the performance and life will be, so for a rush to start friends waiting for next year after the purchase can upgrade processor.

Everything in the world is such, fish and bear's paw can not have both. Has the ultra high performance Asus N551 also has amazing power, while the Haswell processor in power consumption compared with IVB performance better, but still could not stop the overall consumption. In the screen medium brightness, energy-saving mode to open a PowerMark test, N551 running a total of 3 whole hours, consume 81% of the overall electricity, battery endurance capacity of the multi task environment, limit should probably in about 3.5 hours, the relative currently electric pen slightly short of some mainstream products.

Asus N751J notebook using 6cell ASUS N751J Battery and the metal body of the new design, fashion and simple and elegant temperament, aluminum metal fuselage and palm rest; silver back seamless divided island type backlight keyboard; netted design of N series exclusive rippling of loudspeaker. SonicMaster bel master sound with B&O stereo speakers together to create the sounds of nature, the machine equipped with a 17 inch Widescreen LED, full HD 1080P, visual experience is very good.