ASUS N551JM N751JK N751JM and Alienware 14 17 18 review

In addition, the comfortable game environment, for a player to play also have an important influence. In order to solve the problem of ASUS N551JM notebook cooling, in particular the use of exclusive IceCool cool cooling technology, through the reasonable distribution board precision transformation and internal heat radiating component, effectively solve the palm rest position overheating problems, ensure the sustained and stable operation in the books of the same time, also to the user's hands brought more cool.

Although Asus N551J equipped with the new Haswell i7-4700HQ and GT750M alone, but the performance of hardware is still not conceal screen surprise. The new N551 with the previous generation N56 does not have 1080p Full HD IPS hard screen, in addition to the machine theory should also with touch control function (as the engineering prototype measuring send some of the problems, in the hardware and system compatibility so touch function can not use).

Asus N551 with 6cells ASUS N551JM Battery also change compared with the former in the keyboard, N series keyboard before the keycap design are made of black, from the C of the whole visual sense, the new N551 will be a keycap design into gray is clearly more consistent with the public aesthetic.

And before the Alienware series is different, Alienware 14 use the integrated touchpad design. Touch panel with larger area, but also has the comfortable coating on its surface, feel is better. In addition, the body design is limited to thin, Alienware 14 is cancelled the touchpad area Alien FX lamp, is not a small regret.

The machine adopts the chocolate keyboard design, key Cheng Shizhong, rebound well, the overall feeling is very good, "ASDW" the four keys of the direction mark. The "Fn" button on the right hand side of the design, in addition to F1-F12 small keyboard shortcuts, also designed a control on the backlight keyboard shortcuts. Below the touchpad area is larger, the bottom is around key, intermediate Design fingerprint lock. Keyboard and touchpad with color LED backlight, through random software can be color customized.

The whole machine is heavy, so the side interface is very rich. The back side of the design of the power adapter interface, with a fool proof design. In addition to Mini, HDMI and DP with DP interface, in the extended display very awesome. On both sides of the radiating air outlet interface.

Not just cancel the trackpad area Alien FX lamp, the body design is limited to thin, Alienware 14 with 69Wh Alienware 14 Battery will also waistline lights around the fuselage is canceled. Believe to have to buy the Alienware 14 of the flagship the portability of alien game originally said this is not acceptable, because even if the whole lamp has shrunk, it is still the most cool game with dimensions in the products, and no one of the.

Fashion charm, metal texture, embodies the noble and elegant Asus N751J. The model A/C/D surface adopts the whole aluminum metal shell, the thickness of only 27mm, compared with N6 series thin 25%. Crafted of silver back seamless divided island type backlight keyboard, through Fn+F3/F4, can adjust brightness by heart keyboard, the best bond distance (19.05mm), with 1.8mm key high and comfortable elasticity (63g + 15g). With C N series of exclusive fuselage surface ripples corrugated loudspeaker design, very color and noble charm incomparable, cast the silver elegant demeanor.

Asus N751J notebook with 5200mAh ASUS N751JK Battery Intel Core i7 4700HQ quad core processor, a new frequency of 2.4GHz, the highest frequency can reach 3.4GHz Rui, 8GB DDR3 memory, 4GB memory of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, can meet the demand of large game, performance is very strong.

Alienware is a lot of people in the Dream PC, there are a lot of people don't understand what is good, the aliens, it is sold only a name? Believe not personally used people cannot understand, this is from a rich cultural heritage of the brand products, more often we feel pay for the use of the design and overall, these experience related things, it is difficult to use language to describe.

Alienware can be said to be the world's most impressive game the flagship brand, in addition to hardware performance excellent, Alienware in workmanship, design as well as individual aspects, Douhan rivals can reach. Under the background of once no appearance change a few years ago, Alienware series over the past two years on the exterior design was re customization, although the overall style is still full of personality, domineering, but with the line of the individual elements, the ratio, as well as some details side, do not small change. This is in fact the flagship product, is more difficult, after all, the flagship product own mould cost is very high, the re opening of the words, the cost will be higher. So this is also the flagship products once "makeup", the main reason for generations are not easily replace the appearance.

First we have a look the overall appearance of the design of Alienware 17 with 86Wh Alienware 17 Battery. It gives the first impression is necessarily very profound, anodized aluminum cover, aluminum magnesium alloy body plus, and with kind of skin texture coating paint, let the machine not only have good robustness, and have good touch, to the user in the visual, tactile for the best experience.

"The Dodger" in the game, we will also set the texture quality is the highest, at the same time open super anti aliasing. The game frame around 50FPS, completely smooth.

The game type laptop showing explosive growth in this year, no matter whether in the industry for many years, the traditional manufacturer, or some unknown small manufacturers, have launched their own corresponding products this year, but that didn't seem to disturb Alienware (alien) rhythm, steadily upgrading process, without sacrificing the blind pursuit of price to cater to the market, Alienware has always insisted on, M17x is always the core of Alienware models, the equipment upgrades, again.

ASUS N751J with 56Wh ASUS N751JM Battery this game has a very tough appearance, at the same time in the external details fully embodies the beauty of masculinity, lines tough. Surface skin material feels very well. Considering the personalized needs of users, with full color LED keyboard backlight, programmable setting, superior. The disposition aspect with the current CPU mobile graphics and most powerful, combination of 128GB SSD and 1TB hard disk is also very good solution to the speed and capacity of the problem. The whole weight of more than 4kg, do not emphasize mobility, as a small volume of the machine is more suitable for the.

This evaluation is Alienware M17x series of new products, the official price of natural high, compared to the previous generation M17x, in the processor upgrade to the i7-4700MQ, graphics card also improved to GTX 880M, in single card games, performance is still very strong, in addition, shell using anodic alumina and aluminum magnesium alloy materials, to create a strong and beautiful body, alien head classic standard, alien inscription, AlienFX backlight and so on individual elements, all one one appears in the user before.

From the design style, Alienware 18 with 12cells Alienware 18 Battery still follow the "character first" principle, and using the steel gray to the fuselage of the sense of science and technology completely released, the entire top game in the field, is become an independent school of existence.