ASUS ROG G58JM Gaming laptop EUROCOM X7 X8 review

ASUS has for its ROG gaming brand launched many new products, including the fuselage shape quite distinctive eSports computer host G20, and a positioning in the high ranks of eSports laptop G58 series. Small make up the secondary test this ASUS ROG G58 series gaming laptop, equipped with 15.6 inch screen, the DVD composite CD-ROM G58JM, in body weight and thickness comparable with previously tested ASUS and ROG G56JR, as ROG GX500 series laptop before seeing more thin. Built in Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, the largest independent 860M display higher order level hardware drawing chip with the highest 256GB SSD hard drives and other configuration hardware specifications, the overall point of view, many game player can really meet the needs for efficiency.

The pen bag electric random also included 15.6 inch, pen bag electric but belongs to the general style, and gaming laptop does not seem to match, if can change the styles will be better. Have to say recently ASUS for laptop packaging has significant progress, at least have the promotion in the packaging texture.

As in high grade eSports pen motor, ASUS ROG G58 with 6cells ASUS G58J Battery and not as G750 series that huge sense, black base match bright red ROG brand Logo words, with the same electric pen color design. The inner box outside you can see the e-sports G58 laptop roughly appearance. ASUS ROG G58 has a variety of hardware specifications can be selected, the outer box can be seen on the testing of G58 hardware specs.

After exploration and practice of long-term, CLEVO products have changed enormously in the past two years, either design or the choice of materials, has been a lot of consumer recognition, believe that this P375SM is no exception. The CLEVO P375SM is the upgraded version of the old version of P375SM, it is the continuation of the CLEVO this year the main features in the design, and in the top cover material is chose the more rugged metal, to better protect the screen. In addition, the CLEVO P375SM on the top cover also adopts the design process of metal wire drawing, and design of strip lines make the top cover more streamlined.

CLEVO P375SM WITH 12cells CLEVO P375SM Battery in the fuselage around also joined the design elements with distinctive red waist line, let the whole body black is no longer monotonous, and also with the top cover part of the red dragon logo formed the echo effect.

Special transformer for the separation type power cable design, transformer modeling is also changed to have the design of circular arc edges, and as far as possible will reduce the volume. Power supply plug in front of the enclosed plastic protective cover, packaging design from the place, it is not difficult to see that the ASUS progress and intentions. The input voltage transformer special for international standard configuration for voltage, output voltage of 19V / 6.32A configuration.

The actual measurement of special transformers and power cable weight of about 524g, with the eSports laptop isn't design is too heavy, but also enhance the convenience for carrying. Rechargeable lithium battery for the design of detachable, installation mode and the same general electric pen. Rechargeable lithium battery for 6Cell / 56Wh ASUS G58JM Battery set.

FX-7600P built a R7 fusion single significantly, at the same time the machine is also equipped with a AMD R5 M230 graphics card, the use of 28nm process, has a total of 2GB DDR3 memory, memory interface is 64 bits, memory frequency is 900MHz. In addition, the machine can be single display and the only significant dual card crossfire, further enhance the graphics processor performance.

The box parts contains a rechargeable lithium battery, laptop use manual, warranty, the whole line of banding, special transformers and power cable and comes with a mouse. The supplied mouse USB wired mouse, rat body design is suitable for large male users. The mouse is provided on the DPI sensitivity adjustment of shortcut keys, thumb placing groove with rubber cushion antiskid, on one each can be set shortcut keys.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 28.67fps, the minimum number of frames 21, the 37 highest number of frames. "The Elder Scrolls 5: the sky" is Bethesda five years grinding sword "the Elder Scrolls" new series, Bethesda will provide full of unlimited expectations and fantasy, the Nord, and the Elder Scrolls 4 will have the same size map. On top of this broad map, Bethesda studio for game player provides more than 120 do not repeat underground maze, and 9 large-scale city exploration for game player, and game player will be in this strange free world set foot on the epic journey, using the skills of their favorite weapon to their own good, and the beast, Dragon battle. Before as to lead the new trend of PC hardware RPG, the sequel configuration is amiable and easy of approach, but Bethesda is still the injected new elements, that is, the new engine "to create" scale and details.

PCMark 8 is the whole machine performance benchmark test software for Windows system, household (Home) test is one of a kind of test mode (5 total), mainly is the simulation of ordinary users of the use of the environment, the test project covers Webpage browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load game and so on, and includes the OpenCL accelerated with the traditional two test modes, in the choice of endurance test software will run until the batteries run out of circulation.

EUROCOM X7 with 5900mAh EUROCOM X7 Battery has a two DDR3 memory interface, the evaluation of the product for the 8GB version, users can expand. The combination of the three fan and a heat pipe to provide heat radiating performance is very good, but the final performance with the test still need to back to illustrate. Batteries, built-in 60Wh lithium ion battery.

We use the Furmark copy machine software testing for all products, Furmark will be two heating component CPU and graphics card machine fully up and running, running 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation condition of each machine at run time, we also used FLUKE infrared thermal imaging system, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature cross 28 degrees C-50 degrees C: lower than the temperature lower limit will display a black; exceed the temperature limit will display white).

HP EliteBook 1020 with 3cells HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Battery is a nuclear show this, although the sharp torch graphics performance is very strong, but not suitable for the configuration of high demand games, after all those games even high performance alone is very difficult also easy to get. I suggest that you choose the best like: Jian Yong legend: Ninja Gaiden Z, the Elder Scrolls 5: the sky, call of duty 9, Tomb Raider 9 this kind of game, HP EliteBook 1020 can run smoothly under FHD.

Metro 2033: the theme of Russia's best-selling novel Dmitry based on Glukhovsky. By the Ukraine 4A game studio development, using the 4A game engine, and the PC version supports NVIDIA PhysX physical effects. In 2033, because of the large area of nuclear war, resulting in almost all human beings are destroyed, and the ground has been polluted to survive, a handful of survivors live in Moscow in the depth of underground shelters (Russian metro station in the beginning of construction design of air defense anti explosion anti nuclear and anti radiation) human civilization has entered the era of darkness new. Until 2033, a whole generation of people born and in underground growth, their long trapped in the subway station "of the city.

EUROCOM X8 built-in solid-state drives a 120GB, 12cell EUROCOM X8 Battery,so we use AS SSD Benchmark to the solid state disk tested. Continuous read speed is up to 458.81MB/s, the write speed of 124.87MB/s, 4K speed random access to 33.74MB/s, the hard disk is also higher overall score. The temperature test, FurMark full load, the overall temperature control performance is very good.

Tomb Raider 9 by Crystal Dynamics development, Square Enix issue. Recent work focuses on Lara young, abandoned before a few play superman setting, players can see more real image of Lara in the game. As the engine upgrade, this have higher picture, is a "Tomb Raider" series of the most transformative works.

CLEVO P375SM using a 12cells CLEVO P375BAT-8 Battery and 17.3 inch Full HD fog plane screen, resolution is 1920 * 1080. From the consumer's point of view, the 17.3 inch Laptop used to play games should be just the right size, of course, some big screen lovers will love the greater size of the product, but the resolution must be from 1920 x 1080, which seems to have become an unwritten rule. CLEVO P375SM screen in the opening angle of about 135 degrees, which can satisfy the actual needs of game player for the screen switching angle.