LENOVO ThinkPad W550s MEDION Erazer X7833 X7835 review

Performance make a spurt of progress in recent years mobile graphics, NVIDIA launched "GTX9" series of GPU this year, mobile video card upgrade again, continue to improve performance while the power consumption decreased significantly, these are the most urgent need laptop graphics, especially for high performance games this. The MEDION game is always the focus of attention of the product mass game player, borrow 9 Series graphics Dongfeng, MEDION also launched with the flagship GTX970M Erazer X7833 game, from the product name, Erazer X7833 is different from other MEDION notebook, and in our test, Erazer X7833 has indeed demonstrated flagship products should be quality. All the time since, MEDION strategy of low prices to attract a lot of users, but Erazer X7833 MEDION game appeared, the overall image promotion many.

In fact this game in the notebook products and not the mainstream category, and is a price nearly million products, so to get the few have a fever game player attention, so the product both in appearance, configuration or performance must be better, may be a small mistake will make the charm of products greatly reduced. In addition, as the user demands, ten thousand yuan levels this game still need some highlights in design, it is also very test manufacturer skill. MEDION Erazer X7833 with 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X7833 Battery can pass the game player demanding standards?

The largest card and angle LENOVO Y70 this screen by measuring small catalogue can get around 130 degrees, the visual angle is large, so the user can according to the use of easily adjusted to a comfortable using angle. Below the shaft screen damping is large, not a single hand to complete the opening and closing, and compared to the previous LENOVO series of products, better stability of the LENOVOY70 screen, easy occurrence of tremor. The top of the screen is a built-in camera, is convenient for the user to video on demand.

Using LENOVO Y70 with built-in LENOVO Y70-80 Battery cap surface grinding processing and design is very wide, the key regulation is moderate, force feedback is also good, the use of overall price and comfortable feel. Under the keyboard is a split type touch control plate, but the or so key is using the integrated design, the actual use of more accurate positioning, the hand feeling is relatively good.

With GTX970M graphics card is MEDION Erazer X7833 the biggest bright spot, at the same time in the hard disk, a combination of traditional mechanical hard disk SSD+ is to enhance the performance of a very important. In addition, the built-in battery, three fan cooling design is also very worthy of attention. In this paper, we will be on this product for multi angle evaluation, at the same time, a comprehensive test system hardware.

We use the thermal imager to observe the surface temperature of the MEDION Erazer X7835 with 9cells MEDION Erazer X7835 Battery, so we are very happy is both front and back, the temperature of the X7835 is very cool, most of the area around 20 degrees, the maximum temperature of only 37 degrees, should be thick and large 17 inch fuselage and successful heat set good results meter contribution.

From the side view, the thickness of the body of G40 is gradually increased from the wrist rest to the shaft direction, not rigid, and around corners are arc transition is very soft, is full of quiet breath. The B and C plane of bright silver, from the side view, contrast and machine deep tone, more clever.

In contrast, the D surface of the product is satisfactory, did not show excessive cut and polish, a battery bin the integrated composite material design and arc-shaped convex, including coarse grid heat radiating window side, let everybody feel more familiar with the.

G40 with a 4cells LENOVO G40-75 Battery and 14 inch screen is 1366 * 768 resolution of TN display panel effect can't tell the color, some behind the times. But the G40 screen thickness control is very good, in the side also intimate arrangement of buffer pad, screen opening angle is large, for mobile high frequency users more practical.

Whether a laptop or mobile power supply, energy source and they are a mysterious called the 18650 battery electric core, it is the lithium battery case we say, at present 18650 electric core is the digital field the most used batteries. Its most outstanding advantage is the high energy density, suitable for very pay attention to volume, portable digital products. At the same time, compared with the previous dry battery, lithium ion batteries can be recycled, the environmental protection also has the advantage of. The positive and negative pole material of lithium ion battery, lithium ion can absorb and release. But the chemical potential of lithium ion in the cathode and anode in different.

The 18650 way is by far the most common lithium battery package, three yuan materials both the most popular at the moment, lithium iron phosphate or national force push, and not yet universal lithium titanate, specifications have 18650. The 18650 type electric core, adopting Cylindrical mode cylindrical package, the electric core diameter 18mm, length 65mm, widely used in electric vehicle charging Po,, notebook, flashlight and other fields, this class encapsulates the benefit is unified specifications, easy automation, large-scale production, has high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance, yield higher; in addition to Prismatic square soft package, common in mobile phone and tablet computer, this kind of package of benefits is the most direct and light, small volume, portable.

In the notebook computer era, 18650 electric core is just behind the hero of digital products. With the popularity of smart mobile phone and tablet and other intelligent devices, mobile power as people travel essential equipment, the 18650 can also start from behind the front, is well known to the public. So, seemingly simple 18650 electric core was born? What is it secret? Next, let us work together to explore the process of its birth. Recently I had the honor to enter the Dongguan household appliance core factory visit learning, will test three aspects illustrated from coating, assembly, birth process, to introduce 18650 power core.

Lithium ion chemical potential in the negative electrode of lithium ion is high, the chemical potential in the positive electrode low. Lithium ion discharge, released lithium ion cathode in storage, absorbed by the cathode. Because of the chemical potential is higher than that of anode in lithium ion cathode, this part of potential difference is in the form of electric energy release. The charging process is the process of reversal, the cathode of lithium ion battery in the release to the negative electrode. Because of the positive and negative electrode of lithium ion in the back of the migration of lithium ion battery, also known as the rocking chair DELL Latitude E5250 Battery.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 48.11fps, the minimum number of frames 27, the 60 highest number of frames. The Dodger 4 game player play master thief Garrett legend come down in one continuous line, the series. Steal treasures, the main protagonist overlord of molesting Baron, are also equipped with a special function arrow bow, stick, grab, picklock equipment. The game uses a first person perspective adventure elements, set by intelligent design, let the game player complete control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge.

Although it is 15 inch home this, weight control also can not be ignored, we use electronic scale for G40 with 4cells LENOVO G40-80 Battery are weighing, obtains its empty weight around 2.3KG, a travel weight is about 2.7KG, the good control.

At the top of the screen also has a 720P camera, the side also has a state indicating lamp and a stereo microphone, can meet the demand of network video and voice chat.

A roll coating finish of positive and negative electrode material width of about 126mm, you need to cut into the width of about 7 of 18mm in small volumes, each volume will be evenly divided into several segments, each segment represents a electric core required materials. According to the electric core factory engineer XCMG introduced, at present three yuan per ton of cathode materials for the price of 120000 yuan, per ton of material can be used for the production of 50000 electric core; the current electric core capacity of the daily average of 500000 only, need to use 10 tons of three yuan of cathode materials, the expenses of daily needs 10000 dollar.

The number of LENOVO ThinkPad W550s with 6cells LENOVO ThinkPad W550s Battery interface is also quite rich, left side of the fuselage from left to right security keyhole, VGA interface, HDMI interface, RJ-45 network interface, 2 USB 3 interface and Headset microphone interface; on the right side of the fuselage from left to right USB 2 interface, DVD burning CD-ROM and power interface.