11 and 13 inch LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E130 E135 E330 E335

Data security solutions, Intel has 40 years of experience. The introduction of the ultra-pole of this the Intel also introduced two data security technologies: Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel ? Identity Protection) and Intel anti-theft technology (Intel Anti-Thefttechnology). Consumers online personal content as well as the respective device data and asset security with more confidence.

For consumers to adopt Intel's ultra-pole of this and other future Intel devices, Intel's goal is to have a more secure and simple experience, online shopping, online games or online banking and other activities. With Intel's identity protection technology, and pay the platform for banks, online merchants, social media sites or gaming sites establish a relationship of trust and consumer ultra-pole of this to ensure that the trading behavior of consumers from fraud and malicious software attacks, and thus more efficiently protect user privacy.

Intel identity protection technology provides a powerful set of Internet-based services certified building blocks. It uses a powerful two-factor authentication, similar to the hardware token chip-level verification, hardware-based protection, security experts recognized software certification also safe mode.

LENOVO E130 basically no major changes in the cooling layout, the bottom of the fuselage is modular in design. The main cooling window on the left side of the fuselage, the more reasonable position. Cooling has always been a ThinkPad special skill, I believe the E130 will not be on their own strengths to drop their own rice bowls. In addition, we see in the bottom of the fuselage docking connector of the T-lineage identity. For a 14-inch notebook, the bare metal weight of only 1.87kg, it can be said that this result is very good, with adapter travel weight of only 2.35kg, portability is good.

In the shape, the E130 still maintained a black has always been the shape characteristics, no feel unexpected and awkward design, the overall work is still good. The location of the thermal window design is also very reasonable, does not affect the user experience. However, most of the interface design of the fuselage back-end to ensure that the thickness of the fuselage, but for users who do not in the side of the fuselage with convenience.

Concerned about the hardware configuration and the price of a product at the same time seem to have overlooked a very critical issue, that is, the details of the design of the product, sometimes the details of a product design is what determines the decisive factor of the user experience, Let us look at E130 with how the details of the design? E130 screen and LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E130 Battery, a 14-inch 1600 x 900 resolution LCD panel, although not the IPS screen is not wide viewing angle of TN, but the resolution enhancement effect has very important implications for the ThinkPad T series, a good show for business those who do not look so "professional".

In 2012 and a longer period of time, Intel's a major work is to cooperate with the leading Certified Partner, this support Intel's identity protection technology solutions for ultra-pole, and including online banking, online games, e- business and social media sites, including the Ecosystem Partnership, the use of Intel's identity protection technology to provide security for the Internet service customers in the ultra-pole devices.

Intel anti-theft technology helps prevent data and assets stolen. If the super pole this is stolen, it can automatically disable or remind the ISP to disable the system by consumers. If ultra-pole of this intact recovered, the ISP can re-enable the system. With the introduction of ultra-pole of the third generation of intelligent Intel Core Duo processor this device in the second half of 2012, all around the world super pole users by the Absolute, McAfee, state speed and soft links and other local software vendors, Intel anti-theft technology . Other service providers may also provide this service in the future to meet the needs of the local market.

There is a word called "experience economy", a product focus only on the functional, when luxury and electronic products today pay more attention to the interaction with the user and the user's experience, not just the function of a pile of. For a fashion industry people, for the motivation of the choice of the notebook is actually very simple, see the design was impressed may be bought, such as the Macbook, ENVY 14. Early product positioning in the early days of this kind of user is taking the complete luxury line, the price of a single product, advocating design sense, emphasizing the Personal Touch, features and selling points is clearly on domestic does not work, a huge difference on the concept of consumption is one of the reasons. But with the Core processor power-saving and performance improvement, coupled with ultra-pole in this price gradually entering the mainstream price range, ultra-pole of this, if a thin, significant independence, Beats sound and Coolsense cooling technology and many other advantages. its market prospect is still worth the wait.

Last evaluation of the LENOVO E130 Incidentally LENOVO product plans the LENOVO of its subsidiary P, M, L and C series this year to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, not only in appearance to the dry material, but also in the performance of the opening of the new 7-series chipsets. This time we got the ThinkPad L series is also located in the entertainment, E135. A sky blue 15-inch entertainment this Let us look at evaluation.

The LENOVO the ThinkPad E135 around both sides of the interface. The left side with a USB2.0 interface, a recordable DVD drive, a power connector. The right interface for the headphone jack, audio holes, two USB3.0 interface, HDMI interface, VGA and RJ45 network interface. The left side of USB3.0 support the charge off, simply turn this feature you will be able to shut down the state charging. The interface is compatible with the test link LENOVO ThinkPad E135 interface spacing is moderate, the variety of USB devices at the same time plug in there will be no conflict.

LENOVO E135 in the C surface significantly improved the design of the separation of the keyboard and palm rest, so relatively easy to replace and maintain. Because the E135 is a 13-inch mold with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E135 Battery the size of the keyboard more comfortable distance between the Caps and joined a small keyboard, the feel moderate. The touchpad is not drift split key design, a higher accuracy than current integrated touchpad. LENOVO the ThinkPad E135 is a home video products designed in the relevant design is unique, it was introduced with two Harman Kardon speakers! The actual audio performance is better, especially in the low frequency band.

And before the release version is similar to the ThinkPad E330 uses the same skin-like paint roof. This design is not only a more delicate touch on comfort, while a certain extent, to avoid residues of fingerprints and other stains, and allows the notebook at all times maintain a clean and tidy state. The fuselage top cover is open, you can see, the E330 screen surface and the keyboard surface with black as the main colors. Screen border has a matte texture, which can not only effectively reduce the stain residue, relatively smooth effect border, the more wear and routine maintenance easier.

In the right palm rest, the E330 has a ThinkPad Edge Series LOGO, the red dot of the i above is not only a decorative role, it is also an indicator, we show the current working state of the notebook. In addition, the red dot on the body on the roof of the ThinkPad with such functions, the two design will light with a perfect body fusion with, and this is a major feature of the Think notebook products.

In the interface configuration of the body, ThinkPad E330 not only provide us with a common USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA interface, is also equipped with USB3.0 interface and support shut down charging functions USB2.0 interface. Among them, the charging function of the USB2.0 interface can be provided in the closed state of the machine 5V 0.5A power, able to charge mobile phones, MP3, iPad, and other equipment, so the design is particularly useful when traveling. In the bottom of the fuselage design, ThinkPad E330 underside of the design of a removable baffle, which consists of three screws fixed in the body. Screw down, you can easily remove this piece baffle, cleaning, very easy to upgrade.

As the product of the notebook of a business orientation, the performance profile of this E330 is still very good, use of IVB architecture of the latest generation of Intel Core processors i5, 3210M, in addition to configure the GT 610M significant independence, 2GB memory and 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive, performance is basically meet the needs of the user.

This time we tested the ThinkPad E330 equipped with a whole new generation of Intel Core i5 3210M processor. In the framework, i5, 3210M uses Intel's new IVB architecture, the processor core and graphics core performance have significantly improved. CINEBENCH R10 processor performance test, this Core i5, the 3210M's multi-threaded performance reached 10 989, the score is pretty good. In addition to the test processor performance of the Cinebench R10 test, we are also using the SYSmark test office performance of this business notebook equipped with the IVB of i5 processor this product's performance in office is also very good.

The E330 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E330 Battery configuration is more mainstream, but not a good temperature control performance, the use of the Aida64 full load running half an hour later, measure temperature, can be found in the C side of the main keyboard area, the accumulation of a large area of ?the temperature, the highest temperature up to about 50 degrees, there will be more obvious warm feeling for a long time. Users need to pay attention to.

Both sides were set up around the top of the keyboard JBL speakers, support for Dolby sound, loud speaker better than the average notebook speakers. In addition, the E335 keyboard next to the right speaker has a display mode switching shortcut keys and mute shortcuts; next to the power button on the left features Lenovo's OneKey Rescue System shortcuts, it can enter the shutdown state by association a key The rescue system on a laptop anti-virus or System Restore operation.

The arc-shaped floating island-style keyboard is the new keyboard of Lenovo in recent years, the main push of the new E series follows the keyboard keycap surface showing curved fit very well with the pulp, coupled with appropriate key process design, the overall touch is more comfortable.

Before there is news that the new-generation E-series notebook keyboard with backlight, before testing the E330 and E335 no backlighting, but this test the Lenovo E335 has a backlight function, we turn on and turn off the backlight via the Fn + Spacebar .

Interface configuration, the Lenovo E335 provide us with two USB 3.0, 2 Common Interface USB 2.0, HDMI interface, VGA port, RJ45 network interface, the more outstanding performance in the same type of product to fully meet our daily use demand, but the left side of the fuselage interface distribution-intensive, insert U disk a little crowded.

Lenovo E335 fuselage underside with a removable baffle, will open to replace the memory and hard drive, and they are all high mSATA interface can be extended to a solid state hard drive, to improve system efficiency. Lenovo E335 open the bottom of the baffle can not clean up the dust, if you want to carry out cleaning operations need to disassemble the machine, it is difficult for the average user, it is recommended to go to after-sales service center processing.

This test the Lenovo E335 and LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E335 Battery configured products with a higher, it is equipped with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge Core i7 3610QM quad-core processors, optional NVIDIA enthusiast gaming graphics GTX660M, E135 compared with the previous generation gaming performance, this is the first E-series notebook equipped with the GTX-level graphics cards. Support a higher frequency, higher performance DDR3-1600 memory on the storage side, Intel's next-generation Ivy Bridge mobile processor, notebook released this year from previous DDR3-1333 upgrade to DDR3-1600, Lenovo E335 is no exception, provides us with a single 4GB DDR3-1600 memory. 1024GB hard drive is a 500GB hard disk storage capacity of the mainstream notebook configuration to ensure adequate storage space.

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