ASUS X45U X55U Series laptop and GATEWAY LT40 netbook

After an initial understanding of the barebones notebook, the editors also got a DELL E6320, he is a enthusiastic Barebone notebook seller provide us with where we want to particularly thank for our test prototype Dongguan Oda. Good Closer to home, we got this DELLE6320 from the fuselage outside, and radium in the sale of F630X almost identical, but the lack of a sinking radium wave trademarks.

In the configuration of the machine, the DELL E6320 this provide us with a 12.6-inch full HD display, a large capacity battery 87Wh, and four memory slots and two drive bays, they are free with Intel second-generation processing and support MXM3.0 interface notebook graphics.

But this year, the DELL The E6320 is designed for NVIDIA graphics cards, graphics configuration is GTX560M and GTX570M If we say to AMD HD6970M, graphics then HD6990M, will affect the cooling of the body, so you need to modify the notebook cooling system, the requirements of the players is very high.

Of course, if you do not want to get their own DIY, you can also buy a good machine has been configured, usually barebones, there will be N-configured machine for you to choose. Although very convenient for white users, but this is missing the fun of yourself. This time we received this DELL E6320 Barebone already configured notebook. It is equipped with a Micron the M4 64G SSD hard drive and 500GB 7200 RPM mechanical hard drive. Core i7 2820QM processor and GTX570M graphics card, 2 × 4GB 1600 memory.

In the heat test, this time we AIDIA64 and FUR, the MARK of the DELL E6320 graphics card, processor, memory and other hardware in the case of the maximum load after 30 minutes pager test the keyboard surface and body ground. heat.

This test with GTX570M graphics card and i7 2820QM processor DELL E6320 performance is relatively good, although the temperature of the heating air near the bottom of the fuselage of a 65.2-degree heat, but the keyboard surface heat distribution is very reasonable, the maximum temperature of the palm rest and keyboard only 37.8, the user is more comfortable.

In noise test we test the laptop in the boot aside noise, noise after the half-hour pager and using AIDIA64 and FUR, the MARK, the DELL E6320 with a DELL WJ383 Battery.

Turn on the screen, we see X45U screen border is still using the piano paint technology, although it looks very nice, but a long time after this opening and closing frequently touch the paint will wear flowers, but not as good as the traditional engineering plastics or soft.

The ASUS X45U the keyboard and A45, are ASUS's exclusive high-touch keyboard. This keyboard is a full line of notebook products in ASUS standard, although a chocolate keyboard, but because the surface of the keycap concave after frosted process grinding, under the eaves of the keycap with a smooth arc, so feel far better than the boxy chocolate keyboard.

The location of the speaker changes, the original panel hollow into a metal filter-like, and remove the white filter with a silver, As for the good or bad have you to judge. In addition, a key save or retains, this button is very useful for many users just getting started.

The original case of switching lights of the A45, so design of hard disk light in front of the trackpad, the new design of these several lights on the speakers below the filter, through the filter to find them.

The X45U biggest change is this one of the touchpad. Silver trim still exists, about separate keys, and not look more concise fashion. One of the advantages of this change, the groove of the A45 most likely to fouling left and right buttons will not be fouling.

Is targeted to business this, so the fingerprint reader still exist, fingerprint recognition can increase the capacity of data protection, but also allows the boot to unlock become troublesome. As to whether useful also to look at the user's own needs. ASUS series has been a feature that is equipped with a key switch graphics / open wifi wireless push button, this is a very useful button to push, do not need wifi, Bluetooth can be a key to close. Physically disconnected from the network, which can effectively prevent data loss. New X45U with a 6cell ASUS X45U Battery cancel this function to help but have some regrets.

Also have an independent full-size keyboard for ASUS X55U wide neat touch keypad design, like its strong performance users can not only experience the performance, but also be able to experience in the game to set a shortcut key to bring good experience. Compared to the previous product, this time ASUS and not the arrow key to change is small, so has a good feel when in use.

ASUS X55U touchpad touch regional and buttons are separate, rather than integrated touchpad, surrounded by a circle of metal trim, set in the bottom of the trim has three lights. Intel Core i7-3610QM is the first disclosure of an IVB architecture processor, and compared its performance with some of the market has been listed i7-3612QM also stronger. 3610QM clocked at 2.3GHz, the Core frequency of 3.3GHz, with 6MB L3 cache, support for quad-core eight-threading technology. At the same time X55U is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650M uses the latest Kepler framework, 500M Series, 28nm process with the previous 40nm compared to lets graphics 3D graphics performance can be improved significantly in the same power state, it has 384 CUDA cores, frequency of 735MHz, dedicated graphics memory, with 2GB of GDDR5 128-bit wide.

PCMark Vantage provides a more easy-to-use one-button testing capabilities and the desktop, mobile, and workstation platforms, unified test scripts, test software based on Windows system. PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether it is in the hands of the professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, system performance can understand through the PCMark Vantage test content can be divided into the processor test, graphical test. The hard drive test. From the results of the score, ASUSZ380 daily office or play some of the common 3D games for the weekdays there is no problem.

"Dust" the same with the "F1 2010" Ego engine, with a more realistic weather system and picture effect, the game contains a snow scene, dynamic weather, YouTube upload, classic cars, split screen Versus, party, pattern, open world, more real-world sponsors and drivers and other features. 1366 × 768 resolution, open 8 times anti-aliasing, global ULTRA quality, ASUS X55U performance very good.

Both DX9 Street Fighter 4 or DX10 Resident Evil 5, ASUS X55U have shown very good, but even DLT40 of Lost Planet 2 went to the 37.8fps the high number of frames in the testing process, there is no obvious card Dayton phenomenon proves that the new Kepler bodies GTX 650M graphics is how to force.

ASUS X55U with a 6cell ASUS X55U battery and the 3DMark06 run points can reach the impressive scores of 13 521, in addition to powerful IVB processor, the new architecture of the GTX 650M graphics card is to force the actual game will have what kind of performance? We then read on.

GATEWAY at the Computex Taipei computer show officially released the "world's lightest notebook" - LT40. For LT40, GATEWAY 3 "most" to describe: the lightest, thinnest, fastest. Seen in this light, the GATEWAY notebook production capacity has reached a new level, Here let us look at the weight of the light, called the 11 6-inch notebook equipment, most of the GATEWAY LT40.

Hardware part of the GATEWAY LT40 equipped with just the lifting of the ban Ivy Bridge ultra low voltage processor. 4GB dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory (onboard non-removable), motherboard chipset for Intel's latest HM77, compared to the SSD 128GB SATA 6Gbps mSATA type DATA provided. But is limited by the smaller body interior space, the GATEWAY LT40 battery capacity only 35Wh GATEWAY official still claimed LT40 to five hours of continuous use, in this regard need to be described in a later detailed evaluation.

GATEWAY LT40 body as a whole are made of carbon fiber material, weighing only 973g with the same compared to the 11-inch Asus UX21 and MacBook Air also definitely have the upper hand, this thin natural products complies with the Intel specification on Ultrabook.

Somewhat regrettable that the GATEWAY LT40 screen resolution is 1366 × 768, compared to the number of poor and ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A's Full HD IPS panel. GATEWAY LT40 all the Ultrabook product unique design highlights in the middle of its carbon-fiber fuselage connecting shaft part of the use of aluminum to build it at the same time both a cooling duty (there are two outlet).

Came to the surface C, the GATEWAY LT40 keyboard design is very similar to the MacBook Air, First, both of which are divided island keys, power button integrated into the whole keyboard layout, this design allowed the C surface is more concise ( no independent shortcut). In addition, the C surface for the carbon fiber material, but Matte process, not reflective and can effectively eliminate perspiration and fingerprints.

Although mold is 11 inches, but the touchpad area of ​​the GATEWAY LT40 with a high capacity GATEWAY LT40 Battery did not imagine so small - the basic comparable with the traditional 14-inch notebook. Its surface matte material, is more comfortable to use, the integration of design still can not avoid the drift of the mouse pointer.

But it also has a unique design highlights in all Ultrabook products: VR-Zone, the Chinese version of the site to participate in the conference and engadget revealed that the entire carbon-fiber fuselage intermediate connecting shaft part of the use of aluminum to create it at the same time both a cooling duties, which a little touches like the MacBook Air.