MEDION Erazer X7817-Gaming laptop test

NVIDIA's 600M series graphics cards inside the GTX level is only four, GTX, 660M, of the GTX670M GTX 675M and GTX680M, two of which are special, that is the GTX 670M and GTX 675M, they are the product of the 40nm Fermi architecture. Many of my friends are concerned about the performance of the vest card, just when we received a Medion of the Erazer-X7817, this time a equipped with a GTX 670M significant independence, and is equipped with a top-IVB i7 3820QM product, is really two-pronged approach. ? Let us look at the specific evaluation.

Medion's products continues to this rugged design, this mold of Erazer-X7817 and the X6921 series of products is almost the same, or huge black paint the screen with the three sides of the interface design (left and right and back). The screen is still 15 inches of the mirror design, 1366x768 resolution. Say that the biggest improvement is the internal motherboard and hardware upgrades, the HM77 chipset and IVB with the X6921 supports native USB 3.0, but is worth noting that the i7 3820QM first appears in the product, edit its performance is also interested.

A new generation of Erazer-X7817 and F740 a comprehensive update on the product's hardware, using the latest Ivy Bridge processor, and with a new GTX 600M series graphics cards, all accessories are free to customize the X7817 is 15.6 inch, the F740 is 17.3 inches.

Medion high-end game of the price of each brand to be relatively affordable, especially personalized custom program the popular user favorite, or even just to spend 380 yuan will be able to change together 1920x1080 screen!

"Bigfoot Killer game card: the Killer NIC gaming network DNA" (Game Networking DNA)-based system design, including network processors (NPUs), game monitoring Windows network stack bypass and visualization bandwidth control series of optimization techniques. Network game can reduce the delay to avoid Caton, enabling players to get a better online gaming experience.

Erazer-X7817's main selling point: a new platform (22nm IVB of processors + GTX, 670M significant independence + HM77 chipset), followed by Bigfoot Killer game card, said that the card can reduce network latency, accompanied by a lot of game plug-in is the top of the card program. Furthermore, in order to highlight the gaming experience, the MEDION Erazer X7817 Battery the aircraft THX Lucasfilm sound certification and Danish speakers and subwoofer and so on.

EasyNote series is a cost-effective notebook Packard Bell launched the mainstream entertainment-oriented users, one of the most representative of the product than the 14R, it is a strong opponent of the sturdy small Y, with excellent value for money. From the distribution of the entire product line, except the 14R 14-inch, The EasyNote series also includes the addition, a star product, that is 15 inch 15R, we next tested product is Packard, Bell, this year a new generation of the 15R Special Edition.

The new generation of Packard Bell EasyNote Turbo Series 15R belong, we usually call him NE version, marked the official website of the Chinese name for the 15R special backplane, we tested their designs with the previous NE version is basically the same, simply enlarge the NE. NE version fuselage roof design is very chic, silver border around the circle the middle of a sheet metal with honeycomb texture, looks great texture, people have the impulse to want to touch.

The outside has a unique texture and texture on the roof of the Packard, Bell1 NE version of the black region can be removed and the change to a different roof, Packard Bell has not yet provided replacement roof for your choice. Interface configuration, Packard Bell NE version of the sunken shaft, so its body back and did not like the previous generation, as has the interface, but the interface is set on both sides of the fuselage. Can be seen from the above picture, NE Edition provides four USB3 0 interface, an HDMI port, VGA port, RJ45 network interface, common interface, basically meet the demand that we use every day. NE the bottom of the fuselage has a removable baffle, remove memory and hard drive can be replaced, but for the operation of the clean up dust, you will need the whole laptop apart.

In terms of body size, similar to the NE and the majority of mainstream 15-inch notebook, the bare metal weight of 2.935kg, travel weight 3.375kg, mobile portability is not good, it is recommended to use the backpack carrying. Packard Bell1 NE entire keyboard surface are mainly black, looks simple and low-key. He carrying chocolate keyboard elastic medium, the comfort, a better user experience than the previous generation EasyNote series configuration of the keyboard.

15-inch body is more lenient, the Packard Bell1 NE touchpad area than the more common 14-inch notebook, the surface render the matte texture is relatively smooth, finger slide up above, coupled with the comfortable separation touch panel makes use of the touchpad Packard Bell1 the NE comfortable well. Locate the audio and video entertainment, the Packard Bell1 NE and do not set a number of complex audio-visual shortcuts, only the Windows Mobility Center button in the upper right corner, Dell audio default toggle key, three custom button shortcuts, although a small but indeed various practical.

Packard Bell EasyNote NE with a 6cell PACKARD BELL AS10D31 Battery in the far left (gear-like) function key is the Windows Mobility Center shortcut key, through which users can easily manage computer hardware resources. Function comparable to Win7 comes with control panel. The second function key icon similar to the car stalls the child function is similar to the "gear", the user can adjust the computer's audio output mode depending on the application scenario. Default with: call, games, movies, music, and custom and several default is a fast audio equalizer.

Press the far right of the shortcut keys to be retrieved on the Dell Instant Manager interface, users can customize its specific purposes, For example, you can set up a key networking, brush the web, turn off the display, mute, etc. ... compared to curing function keys, it is more flexible and more humane. Network of direct sales and some hardware free matching is a major feature of the Packard Bell notebook, Packard Bell1 NE has a variety of hardware configurations, we tested this 15R Turbo equipped with the third generation of Intel Core i7 - 3612QM, processor, 8GB of DDR3-13 331 memory configuration AMD's next-generation HD 7730M graphics, the choice of the HM77 chipset, Intel N2230 wireless LAN and 32GB the SSD +500 at GB of 7200 RPM hard drive, not only to support Intel Quick Start technology, but also support WIDI 3.0 and wireless HD video transmission can be realized.

CINEBENCH is the Maxon company introduced a cross-platform test system, and its CPU test project, purely using the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene images, in order to test the processor core and multi-threaded processing capabilities. View from the above test results, NE carrying the new Core i7 3612QM quad-core eight thread processors, its TDP 35W, multi-threaded its CINEBENCH R10 score 19548 in the notebook CPU at a high level, fully meet the ordinary user demand for day-to-day office games.

SYSMark a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance of business operations and production performance of the computer. 15R Turbo with excellent hardware configuration in the test, 215 points, so the results at a higher level in the current mainstream notebook, can better meet our running Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max and other professional software needs.

3Dmark is a more common graphics performance test software, where we first tested Entry mode based on the DX10 API 3Dmark VANTAGE 15R Turbo, from scoring, 15R Turbo configuration HD 7730M graphics in the current notebook graphics at a higher level of 3D game performance slightly higher than the GT640M. 3Dmark 11 is based on the DX11 API graphics performance test software, its score reflects the ability of computers to run DX11 games. From Packard Bell1 NE score of view, the P1703's score is mediocre.

As a 15-inch notebook, Packard Bell1 EasyNote NE configuration 48Wh lithium-ion PACKARD BELL EasyNote NE Battery capacity is not large, which makes it in to the office applications MobileMark 2007 battery test run 4 hours 10 minutes (250 minutes) in the same test environment at the same level with similar laptop. After half an hour pager test, we use the Ti25 Infrared Thermal Imager shooting fever Figure Packard Bell1 NE keyboard surface and bottom of the fuselage, through which we can clearly see the the Packard Bell15R keyboard surface of the left side of regional high temperature, here the maximum temperature of 45.5 ° C when using contacts here have a warm feeling for a long time. Large area of ??red in the bottom of the fuselage the Packard Bell1 the NE the left side of the cooling holes near the temperature, here the maximum temperature reached 51.3 ° C, use this area will have a burning feeling when touched, and prolonged exposure to the risk of burns skin exists, it is proposed we should not on the legs.

Packard Bell1 NE configuration 15.6 inches the glare Guangwushan surface display, screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, 63% of the NTSC color gamut, maximum brightness of 319cd / m2, and its display in a notebook at a higher level than the current market 90% of the notebook.

In this highly competitive 15-inch notebook market, the view from the hardware configuration, equipped with third-generation Core i7 3612QM processor, 8GB DDR3-13331 memory, HD 7730M graphics of NE mediocre without particularly good compared with other 15-inch notebook places. HM77 chipset, Intel N2230 wireless LAN and 32GB the SSD +500 at GB of 7200 RPM hard drive, NE to support the Intel Quick Start technology and WIDI 3.0, many of the same positioning of the notebook does not have.

Gateway can be regarded as a wonderful work in the notebook, the huge volume + heavy body, laptop with mobile portability in him is also not out, especially with 15-inch display, the NV56R bare metal weight of more than 10 pounds coupled with the board child brick adapter, travel weight almost 15 pounds, and if every day carrying it to work, is really a good way to lose weight.

Gateway mobile portability mess, but as a machine for high-end gaming enthusiasts, Huang, Gateway not only has a traditional notebook do not have high gaming performance, but in order to provide the ultimate experience to the user, it excellent display screen, comparable to the external speaker sound system, the top material to create personalized body shell ... can be said that in addition to mobile portability, Gateway embodies the most luxurious notebook hardware configuration, so the price of Gateway has been very strong, as we next test for all new 2012 Gateway, NV56R have 30,999 yuan, China's official minimum price!

Since there is a minimum price, you must be curious to highest price due to NV56R support users online matching hardware, so we do not select the external equipment and software only to change NV56R hardware and operating system under the premise NV56R most top configuration price of $ 67,335.69 yuan!

Although the price of more than 60,000 NV56R with GATEWAY NV56R Battery have people jealous of the high hardware configuration, but the lowest price of 30,999 yuan NV56R hardware configuration also to the force. It selected the third-generation Core i7-3720QM processor with 16GB DDR3-1600 memory and 2TB 5400 transfer hardware and the composition of SLI two Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M graphics card, the highest performance of a notebook we tested. Its strong performance to what extent? New NV56R design change? Next we went into the price of 30,999 yuan NV56R.

Perhaps the design is too classic Gateway series notebooks overall design style has not been too many changes, the new generation NV56R is also true, to maintain last year's NV56R body mold, the same space black and red nebulae two machine The body color for your choice. We get the black NV56R.