Gaming Laptop MEDION Erazer X6819 X6821

For many gamers, the process of playing the game can appreciate the dripping fine presence and fluidity is undoubtedly the most straightforward. Mobile platform performance in terms of game performance inadequate, although the performance of the hardware has been a substantial increase compared to the past, be able to run smoothly on the market a number of big game, but it is difficult to meet the enthusiast to play cool games. They are pursuing is not a simple game frames, game quality is the core of their needs. While in the evaluation of Erazer X6819 this enthusiast gaming this may be able to cater to the tastes of these players.

The MEDION Erazer X6819 highlight is a powerful hardware configuration, which uses the latest Sandy Bridge platform, powered by Core i7 2670QM quad-core processors are attracted by the graphics card configuration for all the players eye, the machine uses AMD Radeon HD 6970M discrete graphics, with 2GB memory and uses GDDR5 memory particles, it can be said that the machine should be in the game there will be a very strong performance, while new to join the 3D stereoscopic display technology can also help players more realistic experience realistic picture of the game.

The MEDION Erazer X6819 uses a 17.3-inch screen ultrasound showed a high degree of running the game while maintaining a broad perspective, resolution up to 1920x1080, the screen brightness of 400nit realistic picture instantly show. 3D active shutter display technology, by wearing 3D glasses to watch the 3D video is clear and smooth feel 3D charm.

MEDION Erazer X6819 16:9 Full HD glossy display, we found the actual experience in the game test, the screen brightness and color performance is very good, while supporting the refresh rate of 120Hz 3D display is very delicate, combined with the glossy screen for both entertainment games, or office typing can be guaranteed and delicate as ever on the screen.

The MEDION Erazer X6819 is relatively good in terms of shaft design, the damping control is relatively good, but relative to other mainstream notebooks, the screen open and close a little tight. The screen opening and closing angle is moderate, the maximum angle of 135 °, in this point on, the user can get a better screen display, the rear fuselage design with generous heat vents, adjustable angle of the screen is not great.

As a home 3D entertainment notebook PC, The MEDION Erazer X6819 with a 9cell MEDION Erazer X6819 Battery in the design really has a unique, three-dimensional texture is so far able to laser applied to a few products in the notebook design, notebook design, the same phenomenon increasingly frequent, this unique design mode, no doubt for the notebook market into a surge of vitality. MEDION's this Erazer X6819 body mainly black, the top part of a rare three-dimensional laser texture processing, although the piano paint materials, but to shift the potential of its stylish use of color out of the performance, of course, so The design is not unique to Erazer X6819 in the body of the of MEDION other products have also been used, and also by the recognition of ordinary consumers.

A dedicated gaming PC, Alienware alien brand is doing my model for the industry, its leadership, emerged in the market many individuation and unique design, gaming notebook, but after all, is in the halo of others, poor industrial design to make them difficult to stand up when the. Emerging products from the future of mankind, the Terrans, Force, called "Earth", which is the OEM products from the blue sky foundry, the machine is not only to learn the design of the Alienware alien, but also has strong configuration can easily deal with any large-scale 3D games in the market, Here let us specific look.

The MEDION Erazer X6821 roof for the ABS plastic material, to be the class of skin coating machine fine up not only improve the grade of the fuselage and feel better. Roof the middle of the Logo to see the title such as "Spartan" are also deemed "Iron Man", the earth also given the mission to challenge the "alien". Although the roof in the detailed design with minor Johnson Alienware alien, but exaggerated, "Totem" is still overbearing.

Also doomed due to the reason of the special positioning of the game, the MEDION Erazer X6821 will have a more "huge" body, "fate" have "alternative desktop", it is only suitable for use in a fixed environment, of course, the notebook unity in portability, in the final set of far more than the desktop, which is also its advantages. To become a qualified replacement for a desktop gaming notebook, equipped with the hardware necessary to be strengthened, MEDION Erazer X6821 is equipped with a i7 quad-core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M discrete graphics, so its adapter is sufficient the power to deal with these two power-hungry, its power is 180W, and the resulting large size and weight.

Sunken shaft design is now the popular elements of publicity MEDION Erazer X6821 can not escape, the more common design greatest advantage is that as much as possible to save costs, benefit from the players, we must first "festival" on their own. In addition to the powerful hardware, MEDION Erazer X6821 chasing on the screen with 1920 × 1080 resolution, whether it is to watch HD movies or athletic 3D games can bring a fine, shocking images, if you think the size is still 15.6 inches too small, then the Blue Sky official website also offers 17.3 inches of the Terrans, Force earth models to choose from.

For gamers, a robust hardware platform for the most important, a comfortable operating platform is essential. Due to larger body size, the C side of the MEDION Erazer X6821 with a 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X6821 Battery is relatively wider, and a separate numeric keypad also be equipped with, players can customize their corresponding keyboard shortcuts to occupy a larger initiative in the fight of the game. The larger C-face is a wonderful experience for the player, but the the MEDION Erazer X6821's keyboard is unsatisfactory, The biggest shortcoming is the key to a shorter duration, after a long and tense game, fingers have varying degrees of pain, and in the text input, users also need a lot of adaptation.

Accompanied by the introduction of new processors of Intel Ivy Bridge, the major manufacturers have begun the work of replacement, today came to the PConline evaluating room is the main video ACER TravelMate B113M, equipped with the latest processors, it also has the top-level certification professional audio, and with the SonicMaster independent subwoofer in the sound quality of the product down enough of the effort.

ACER TravelMate B113M carrying attached to the family of Ivy Bridge i5-3210M dual-core processors and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M for graphics computing, 6GB of DDR3 1600MHz memory and 750GB hard drive to join it all themselves. At the same time, industrial design, the ACER the TravelMate-B113M the C surface using the same Macbook Uni - the Body technology to create over before ACERN Series notebook much improvement in the texture, the following is a closer look.

PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. Test content can be divided into the following three parts: 1. Processor testing; 2. Graphics test; 3. Hard disk test. Using the Windows Defender, Alan Wake game, image import, Windows Vista starts, video editing, media center, Windows Media Player, search and classified, and the start of the following procedures: Office Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Internet Explorer, Outlook 2007. Chronicles predecessor, the PCMark 7 is also a set of integrated performance analysis of the test suite for the PC system, but this operating system is Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista / XP completely eliminated. The PCMark 7 contains seven different testing session a total of 25 independent workloads, covering storage, computing, image and video processing, all aspects of daily web browsing, games and other PC applications. Compared to PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment changes became DX10, a variety of test software updates upgrade, more in line with the current use of the user's environment and habits.

PCMark series of software testing, the new i5-3210M performance has improved significantly, PCMark Vantage links, enhancing the overall 51%, while the PCMark 7 links, 21% increase.

ACER TravelMate B113M with ACER TravelMate B113M Battery silver brushed metal surface, metal anodizing process, it can enhance the overall robustness and allows for heat dissipation and easy to take care of. This machine and before the series is not the same thing is that it's A side Logo, the ACER the TravelMate B113M A, surface of the ACER Logo automatically after turning on lights, and it does not have a separate LED lights, but with the integration of the screen. When the screen is lit, it will also illuminate in the dark luminous the Logo is very eye-catching, very beautiful.

The recent period of time, many brands have launched a new ultra-pole of this. From the release number of new products and promotion efforts, no doubt ACER ultra extreme of this new eye-catching, the ACER force in the commercial and consumer markets at the same time, the introduction of the different positioning a variety of ultra-pole of this show at this year's super-polar city field attitude and determination.

The ACER release of these new products, which aimed at the general mainstream users, the TravelMate P663M concern in the highest. This is also in the market ACER focus on promoting a product, we are lucky enough recently to get the ACER the ACER TravelMate P663M, the following real machine photographs, the first time for everyone to bring our simple test and trial experience.

ACER the TravelMate series has introduced many impressive thin and light notebook, the launch of the ultra-pole this also has a slim, simple, stylish style, materials used sophisticated, fine workmanship, the TravelMate series will become ultra-pole of this family distinctive feature of the product.

Cover with aluminum alloy, TravelMate P663M with materials and processes currently used by the majority of ultra-pole of this surface using the drawing process, the black paint looks more stable, smooth feel of roof surface, although not mirror treated easily contaminated with fingerprints, but his hand touched it is easy to leave marks.

The TravelMate P663M is a 14-inch pole with ACER TravelMate P663M Battery in this screen resolution of 1366 x 768. For domestic use, 14-inch size is the most popular size, coupled with this super-extremely equip them with the midrange discrete graphics HD7670M display performance, this ultra-pole is not inferior to the current 4000 -5000 priced mainstream game this.

Sinking the shaft is relatively common shaft design approach that enables the body thinner and lighter design, this shaft stability is relatively good. Above the keyboard, the distribution of more holes of the speaker, also joined the ACER unique Beats sound.

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