Newest FUJITSU LifeBook S762 SH762 laptop coming

Glare screen often the users of the outdoor work is very useful to observe the screen when not due to light reflection and affect the visual experience, even in bright sunlight, can easily appreciate the screen content.

The most worth mentioning is FUJITSU SH Series are used to screen design of ultra-narrow frame, making the small body can accommodate the larger screen, the length and width of the fuselage is only equivalent to 14 inches of body size. Users seeing the same resolution, font than the 14-inch notebook 7%, this design work costs are higher, but it has become a high-end notebook design trends. The notebook is not only portable, and the visual experience of more good can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

FUJITSU LifeBook S762 fuselage side of the curve is still as charming, although the arc outline is less than the previous generation, as simple and neat, but the shape of the Oriental art of beauty is still wrapped, especially after opening screen, hand stroking the side of the fuselage shaft junction transition is very natural, streamlined fuselage concept is carry out a very thorough, you will find.

FUJITSU LifeBook S762 notebook products overall design, it is easy to see that the series is still the flagship high-end business crowd, so many of the design of the ease of use and user-friendly as important to consider the indicators. The introduction of the new SH Series, embodies the most significant user-friendly design is the keyboard part, to adapt to environmental light intensity according to the notebook-sensitive screen and backlit keyboard, and automatically adjust the brightness, does not require the user to manually shut down the operation, reaching use power saving worry.

I do not know is not used to seeing the FUJITSU S-Series of full texture in the light of this power button, and then look at the FUJITSU SH Series power button always felt that the low-key slightly "too much", keys can be smaller contact area, although the next with a The blue status light can accurately guide the user to open, but still feel a little less "atmosphere". However, to some extent, this design can effectively avoid inadvertently bring trouble.

Ease of use, FUJITSU LifeBook S762 and FUJITSU LifeBook S762 Battery to consider a more balanced notebook screen brightness and keyboard backlight will automatically adjust according to ambient brightness and open to adapt to the best use of the user's feelings, this design is very suitable for users who work at night, in the soft lights off, the user can still maintain its rapid entry text. Of course, users can also according to their light conditions, use the FN + F9 and F10 to adjust the adjustable range is divided into four stalls. However, from the optical sense of intelligent design into one, these two buttons when lit conditions is not directly control the backlight.

The final test results for 5 hours and 34 minutes, the battery is spent 82%. It shows that this FUJITSULifeBook S762, you can maintain a more sustainable use of time in the low load state. As a 15-inch large-screen business notebook, this life is more satisfactory, reduce traveling users to repeatedly find the outlet for charging the annoyance.

Flagship notebook FUJITSULifeBook S762 overall work belong to the first-line standards and details of the deal, the perfect curve of the edge not only highlights the unique depth of the foundation of the FUJITSU, and the lines of beauty gives the left a very deep impression. Aircraft rugged all-metal body, screen at the same time narrow frame design, 15-inch screen into a compact 14-inch fuselage to a great extent to meet the user's visual experience requirements.

This time, we received this evaluation machine with a rose red appearance and visual impact is very strong. Maybe a lot of black fans will be difficult to accept, and feel that this lively color not in any way together with the low-key, calm black ties. But for young people, the official of this disruptive breakthroughs, bold use of color so that they found no ordinary courage.

Using ABS plastic top cover, matte craft class skin painting, feel and T-, X-series of highly flexible polyethylene carbon fiber material layer, soft, delicate and leather similar advantage is that the wear resistance greatly enhanced. Corner part of the smooth transition, unlike the T-series is so stiff. A surface of the lower-left corner set the FUJITSU "LOGO, set the bottom right corner of the Lifebook" logo, simple fashion, visual experience is very good.

Order to ensure the heat, the Lifebook SH762 is not the pursuit of ultra-thin body thickness, which also ensures that the keyboard key process and comfort. The design of the E320 A shell top cover with the "arch", slightly convex arc can effectively resist the external pressure, thereby protecting the screen from damage.

The right side of the fuselage, the FUJITSU Lifebook SH762 Battery and power adapter, a USB 2.0 interface, this interface can be turned off external device for charging, HDMI, composite audio jacks.

EasyNoteTE PACKARD BELL touch keyboard design black keycap printed with white letters and numerals of the rules, looks very comfortable, people experience the impulse. PACKARD BELL touch keyboard PACKARD BELL unique keyboard design, is currently in force up to a lot ideaPad Series notebook. More part of 2012 the latest ThinkPad notebook with this keyboard, it seems that the reputation of this keyboard in the market is still very good. The touchpad design continues the machine simple and elegant design style, left and right buttons are no longer a separation of design, but looks more simple one-piece design forms. Not only expanded the size of the area of ??the touchpad, but also enhance the user experience effect.

Interfaces, the left side of the fuselage design with a safety lock, vents, VGA port, RJ-45 cable interface, HDMI interface, two USB3.0 interface. The design of the power connector, two USB 2.0 interface and drive the right side of the body. Interface design with TS design is somewhat different, EasyNoteTE power interface design to the right side of the fuselage, before a group of audio interface combo audio interface instead. Yellow design a power supply interface and USB interface, USB2.0 interface support to shut down charging functions.

EasyNoteTE back design in accordance with the use of black as the main colors, materials, metal design, on the one hand, can effectively enhance the heat dissipation efficiency, but also enhance the drop resistance properties of the machine. Also back-in-one design style, backplane consists of two parts, will not only allow a more simple design of the back, while the demolition is also very convenient. Vents design similar to the TS, are key parts of the strategy to set the air inlet. The advantage of a more direct and more efficient cooling, this PACKARD BELL notebook has been used in cooling mode. Vents high temperature of the metal to create, to ensure the machine is cooling and smooth. Send test this EasyNote TE Core i3-3310M processor, the NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M discrete graphics, 2GB memory; 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive and DVD drive; and pre-installed Windows 7 operating system.

The third-generation Ivy Bridge, Intel Core Duo Core i3-3310M processor, clocked at 2.40GHz, 22nm process and a new architecture of the IVB 3D transistor process. And integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, compared to the previous generation HD3000 core graphics performance to enhance the range of about 38%. Graphics cards, EasyNoteTE equipped with a NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M discrete graphics card with 2GB memory. The GT 640M graphics card is NVIDIA April just released a new mobile platform graphics, support 128Bit bits wide, the core frequency of 672MHz, memory frequency of 900MHz, the manufacturing process -40 nm. The graphics features of the Kepler architecture, low power, high performance characteristics.

Through the introduction of the foregoing, your right EasyNoteTE configuration have a certain understanding. Among them, the lower-processor configuration, Intel Core i3-3310 processor, biased towards the entry-level. Graphics card is currently more popular NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M discrete graphics, then the machine in addition to the appearance of details worthy of user concern, the graphics card is the biggest highlight of where. 3DMark 11 Futuremark's first native support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese language test software, the main test is to support DirectX11 graphics performance. Through test, EasyNoteTE, results for the E1749, which the graphics Score 1664. EasyNoteTE performance and mainstream notebook performance similar to deal with day-to-day office and gaming applications it is stress-free.

3Dmark Vantage is a test graphics performance in mainstream software, EasyNote TE and PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE Battery test score for E11162, GPU score of 18248 CPU score of 5155 points, a high score of graphics performance. Therefore, the graphics deal with some 3D games, the PS image processing is still more than enough. The the PACKARD BELLEasyNoteTE is a-oriented notebooks launched by the ordinary white-collar business, design is very stylish, two-color shell design to meet the purchase needs of different users. However, the high body thickness and weight, this is obviously a short board of the aircraft. However, the highlight of the performance or the graphics card, because we get to this model is low with a version of the processor performance advantage and do not show it.

The overall structure with sunken shaft design style of the now popular, largest open angle can reach 130 degrees. Distribution of the two speakers in the two shaft also supports DTS the Boost? Professional sound technology, providing the perfect sound experience. The overall structure with sunken shaft design style of the now popular, largest open angle can reach 130 degrees. Distribution of the two speakers in the two shaft also supports DTS the Boost? Professional sound technology, providing the perfect sound experience.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook interface to the biggest bright spot is to use a hybrid design of the three USB3.0 and a USB 2.0, which greatly facilitates the sharing and transmission of high-definition video gaming and large file, in order to meet the use of various types of users needs. Also supports USB charge off completely will be able to put it as a mobile power source to charge your portable MP3, mobile phones and other electronic products. PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook 14-inch high-definition LED backlit CrystalBrite display, 16:9 aspect ratio, the best resolution 1366 * 768 display is very fine. Below 360 to test the quality of performance of the screen how? From the actual test performance, the screen in color, brightness, a quality performance.

Now laptop almost all equipped with a camera, and this PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook screen above also incorporates a 720P HD camera, the microphone next to the camera, video chat and other everyday applications for users in general fully capable . PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook with a second-generation Intel Core Core i3-2350M standard voltage processor, clocked at 2.30GHz, 3MB L3 Cache, 1333 MHz front side bus, the thermal power of 35 watts; the processor or the new Sandy Bridge architecture, 32nm manufacturing process, native integrated GPU core, adding a new video encoding / decoding, and support for Turbo 2.0 technologies, have a certain performance in everyday use.

CineBench R11.5 for the latest version of the Cinebench test series software, which uses a 3D design software, CINEMA 4D 3D engine that supports multi-threaded operating simultaneously can be used to evaluation the performance of multicore processors. The actual test results from the point of view, this processor performance more outstanding performance score of 2.18, the score performance to prove that the general performance of this processor, but enough to cope with all aspects of day-to-day office and home entertainment applications.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote TS notebook and PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 Battery configuration Nvidia Geforce GT 620M graphics card, also joined OPTIMUS intelligent graphics switching technology, intelligent switching can with the Core Graphics Intel HD3000. Independent graphics card, a series of mid-positioning of graphics. Using advanced 40nm process, with 96 stream processors, 2G memory, memory interface 128bit, more prominent in DX11. Graphics performance tests, I used the 3DMark11 software. The 3DMark11 biggest selling point is the use of native DirectX 11 engine in the test scene, the the Tessellation surface subdivision, the Compute the Shader and multi-threaded, including a large number of new DX11 features. By the test 3DMark11 P mode, the Nvidia Geforce GT 620M discrete graphics score of 1064. 3D graphics performance from the score point of view has to deal with most of the currently available large-scale 3D games, has a smooth running experience.

On the PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook Windows 7 operating system comes with the performance index score to assess, measured the PACKARD BELL The EasyNote TSX62 notebook scores of 4.6, the Windows Aero desktop performance drag on, while the other scores more than 5.5, the processor score of 6.7, another 3D gaming graphics performance 6.6, the overall performance is very good. In order to test machine performance using 3DMark Vantage, and the PCMark two powerful hardware testing tool to conduct a comprehensive performance test on the PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook. Derived by measuring the PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook software 3DMark Vantage score of 13171 on the PCMark 7 software testing 1815, by scores of view, the aircraft's overall performance is very good, fully able to meet the entertainment needs of most users.

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