Newest DELL Inspiron 5720 7720 17R Series

The LENOVO ThinkPad, HP EliteBook, Dell Inspiron is the leader of the traditional business notebook brand, by virtue of their excellent design, workmanship, superior durability and excellent security, and meticulous and thoughtful after-sales service by a pro-gaze of the high-end business people, is purchasing notebook of choice for government agencies and large enterprises.

With the release of the 2012 Intel's next generation mobile platform, the ThinkPad, EliteBook, and Inspiron series is a comprehensive upgrade to next-generation hardware platform, and our next we test the notebook, it is these three flagship commercial brands Dell Inspiron Series new products - 5720.

The Inspiron 5720's keyboard surface design continuation of the design style of the previous generation of Inspiron keyboard around the border around a circle of silver as a decorative edge, the interface between the black keyboard area with the surrounding dark gray body more smoothly, will not give very unexpected feeling.

The Inspiron 5720 is a focus on mobile portability of a notebook, it has 17-inch display, equipped with large-capacity lithium battery 48Wh Dell Inspiron 17R series, the whole weight of 1.71kg, although not as good as the increasingly popular ultra-pole thin , but in order to ensure the durability and stability of the machine in the internal body, the reinforcement, coupled with large-capacity battery, so the whole weight is quite light.

Of course, as one of the Inspiron line, the Dell E6320 is not only has superior durability and stability, but it also attaches great importance to the security of user data, user identification to take smart cards, fingerprint identification and other means to prevent data theft; Intel vPro technology, reducing the difficulty of the IT manager to maintain the laptop; whole new generation of Core processors use to enhance the performance of the machine ... then the next to bring a detailed test.

The overall design, Dell is a new generation of the Inspiron 5720 the continuation of the previous generation of the Inspiron 5520 the appearance of mold design, the use of deep gray and silvery white hue with more fresh and bright with the than Commerce usual black.

In the body of the materials used, the Inspiron 5720 Tri-Metal magnesium with a 6cell DELL Inspiron 5720 Battery alloy shell, its robustness is 170% higher than ordinary ABS plastic, and 5720 of the fuselage roof surface is anodized aluminum handle, more resistant to corrosion and wear resistance. To further strengthen the soundness of the notebook, the Inspiron 5720 is equipped with a magnesium alloy internal frame, hardened steel shaft and powder-coated base, can significantly enhance your computer's anti-fall, seismic and other capabilities, to ensure that users can cope with a variety of adverse working conditions.

Dell's business notebook in addition to the high-end Latitude series, the Inspiron series is pretty good business notebook products, compared with more expensive Latitude price of the Inspiron series more approachable, and solid workmanship, design is fresh and bright, many young professionals cutting-edge election This important reference models. Next, we test the notebook, it was in 2012 a new member of the Inspiron line, the Inspiron 7720.

From the past, Dell's product naming, the Inspiron 7720 is a 17-inch notebook is the 7520 successor of the previous generation, but a new generation of body design of the Inspiron 7720 and the previous generation compared to 7520 has undergone tremendous change in the notebook gradually light and thin today, the Inspiron 7720 to get rid of the older generation that is slightly bloated body, had an unexpected large-capacity battery, is also built-in battery replaced, and its whole thickness of less than 20mm, and weighs only 1.6kg, the previous generation 7520 two-thirds of the weight and thickness, with a better mobile portability.

In the overall design, the Inspiron 7720 has a more slender figure, but its design style still continues the Inspiron line of steady simple but yet stylish and dynamic exterior design, it has a variety of beautiful body color, to meet different users demand personalized notebook. In addition to the beautiful body colors, the Inspiron 7720 the fuselage roof and fuselage underside to create the metal material, surface rendering matte matte texture, not only can reduce fingerprints and other stains left in the body surface of the imprint, and the metal material use the notebook to provide better protection.

After opening the notebook, the Inspiron 7720 configuration 17-inch anti-glare mist surface display in front of us, the screen border and keyboard chassis does not use a metal material, instead of using the dark gray of engineering plastics, has a unique texture , with its bright red roof of the fuselage is in sharp contrast, looks more mature. Dell Inspiron 7720 continues the traditional style of the Inspiron line, but it also has innovations like the bottom of the screen the center of LOGO, the previous generation of Inspiron 7520 here printed DELL words, printed new in the Inspiron 7720 Inspiron .

Since last year after the launch of Dell's new generation of chocolate keyboard, most notebooks in the Dell upgrade to this keyboard, the spacing between the keyboard is very large, not only the daily cleaning more convenient, but also reduces the chance of pressed the wrong button. On the keyboard feel, the Inspiron 7720 with 48Wh DELL Inspiron 7720 Battery and key process is shorter and the overall feel more rigid, for users to use this keyboard for the first time to take some time to adapt.

Gives the impression of the Inspiron 7720 keyboard is very good, compared with the keyboard, similar to the area of ​​the touchpad and the size of a bank card appeared on the surface of matte texture, finger sliding process is very smooth and comfortable, coupled with the use of comfort touch pad button can be replaced to some extent, the role of the mouse. Positioning as a business user's laptop, Dell has the Inspiron 7720 in order to increase the security of the notebook on the right palm rest configured with a fingerprint reader, with the random comes with software, user identification through fingerprints.

As one of the Inspiron line, the Inspiron 7720 has inherited the tradition of the previous generation product configuration shortcuts, set up the Windows Mobility Center in the top right-hand side of your keyboard, the Dell service center and three separate softkey button.

ASUS G55V modeling continuation of the previous generation of Gamers G74 sports car style, the sharp shape of the roof and fuselage rear most conspicuous bright lines. The notebook interface layout is very comprehensive, and the sound has its own unique advantages. Of course, as the game the most important part of game performance, graphics configuration and graphics performance, users are most concerned about. ASUS G55VM with the Kepler architecture Nvidia Geforce GTX 660M, the performance is how? Consider the following detailed evaluation.

The ASUS G55VM with 15.6 inches of body mold, and more portability than the follow-up to the G75 would soon be published. It features still refers to the previous generation of Gamers G74 classic fighter and sports car combination of image, the top cover both sides of the sharp lines of a very strong sense of the body shape of the screen angle with the hinge region of angular, giving the player the first time bring a strong visual impact, but also fully demonstrated the aesthetic needs of young users seeking the ultimate personality.

Screen display, ASUS G55VM, 15.6-inch LED-backlit glossy display with a 8cell ASUS G55VM Battery and resolution of 1366 × 768, the actual display is very bright and clear, especially in the viewing angle is most worth mentioning about the angle of 70 °, also reached from top to bottom a 60 °, and ordinary notebook screen compared to the wider field of vision.

Here is only a test model we received due to pre-screen and has not been fully upgraded, follow-up ASUS G55VM will score screen 1920 × 1080, to meet more players score screen high-definition needs.

Europe and the United States a few days ago just released sci-fi masterpiece "Battleship" be sure to give us a stunning visual experience, and now bring to many of my friends very impressed by the story of the great super-battleship. Driving the super-battleship of the extraterrestrial visitor can be described as arrogant, and not only warships have a very large body, and equipped with advanced weapons humanity has never seen, that can destroy the entire planet. However, like the sharp contrast presented in the film, notebook products, in addition to the human conventional warships, there are some large models lurks a number of the super-battleship children.

"Super battleship" when mentioned in the notebook, so that we can not help but think of ASUS 'high-end game of this, they have very good performance. With Nvidia Kepler framework of a comprehensive upgrade of mobile-level discrete graphics performance has been improved significantly, with this advantage, but also with powerful performance gaming notebook products the opportunity to stand out. Today we come to introduce ASUS 'large-size game of this, its latest 17.3 inches ASUS G75V.

For gamers, the body's main colors are mainly black. The ASUS G75VM more in the basic form factor of the previous generation of GT68, including light-emitting roof logo and personalized color keyboard backlight is the aircraft a major part. The notebook interface layout is very comprehensive, and the sound has its own unique advantages.

ASUS G75VM appearance, the overall shape of the aircraft look more rounded some, cover with plastic material, as the shading of fine dark gray metallic brushed, smooth feel. Vertex, edge wrapped in silver metallic matte material, roof central place for ASUS the LOGO, the three-dimensional LOGO slightly higher for the roof surface, the bottom comes with white backlight, automatic power will open the screen lid.

The the ASUS G75VM screen is even more lenient, the machine uses a 17.3-inch LED display, and 5200mAh ASUS G75VM Battery and maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 screen is matte material, compared to the glossy display the biggest advantage is that, if the player is in the strong light use, will not be reflective of the phenomenon, the visual experience relatively more comfortable. However, the screen brightness and clarity than the mirror effect is slightly inferior.

"Lost Planet 2" is set in the original first-quarter years later. Climate change melts the snow-covered continent, creating a new environment, such as the jungle. Changes in EDN's-3rd, 10 years later. Occurred significant changes in the Earth, the glaciers have melted, tropical jungle, desert, ruthless. The players will enter a new environment, and the snow thieves fighting, in order to capture the constantly changing Earth control over. Players will control their heroes across 6 interrelated events, to create a truly unique interactive experience. With this concept, players will have the opportunity to dynamically change the story from a different perspective. Lost Planet 2 "Benchmark test procedures of the game very early introduced, mainly to assess for the DX11 effects, the game is great demand for surface segmentation capabilities of the graphics. Before we test notebook gaming performance when the mobile level alone significantly weaker performance reasons, can not achieve the minimum fluency requirements, and therefore in the settings does not open the DX11 effects.

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