DELL Precision M4700 M6700 battery Mobile Workstations detail

May have the appearance of some black powder will complain that the ThinkPad is always static. ThinkPad Naito of the parent who has been said: only based on user needs to create real innovation. Based on the Naito Mr. concept ThinkPad in the past 20 years, every innovation are built on the basis of a rigorous investigation of user needs. Maybe breakthrough in appearance does not change within the body ThinkPad has been constant innovation and change.

Launched this month as the standard business model in the ThinkPad L series 2012 new L330 series, season L series of the biggest changes is the keyboard backlight and chocolate keyboard first appeared above the ThinkPad L series. The ThinkPad season the king of how the performance of it? The following with us approached the L330

The past, we wrote a notebook evaluation will be natural to introduce the body shell, then the interface, operating platform, and finally performance. This article, we will be most concerned about the keyboard on the first paragraph, began to talk, not tune appetite. First, the L series only L330 chocolate keyboard, on the other models in the L series is still a standard keyboard, which means that the lenovo L330 is not a chocolate keyboard.

In fact been in the black powder, chocolate keyboard a lot of controversy can be described as mixed. Here we evaluate the chocolate keyboard is good or bad, after all, typing feel this not the same thing everyone's habits. But we want to answer a few questions about chocolate keyboard: Are there any X-skeleton, the keycap touch area changes, the spacing between the buttons change.

X skeleton is still there. Chocolate keyboard for the first time in the ThinkPad, there is a lot of people questioned have been proud of the ThinkPad key X skeleton disappear. Can see through our dismantling of chocolate on the ThinkPad keyboard, the X-skeleton still exists, is no different with the traditional keyboard. Keycap touch area becomes larger. Can be seen from the intuitive visual touch of chocolate keyboard keycap area is greater than the traditional ThinkPad's keyboard, can be seen by measuring the chocolate keyboard keycap touch area increased 30% compared with the traditional keyboard area, which is more beneficial to the user high-speed input.

The key spacing unchanged. Change of the keycap touch area, and no change in the spacing of L330 chocolate keyboard keys, with the traditional ThinkPad, its still 19mm. Overall L330 with LENOVO ThinkPad L330 Battery chocolate keyboard biggest change is the appearance on the ThinkPad keyboard, the core X skeleton has not disappeared. Chocolate keyboard is slightly lower than the traditional keyboard height in the early use to adapt to.

June 12, Dell released a whole new generation of Precision achievement series business notebook Latitude, was born in 2007, commercial series, targeted at small businesses and individual business users, is Dell's commercial product lines in the low end important layout, this time taking advantage of the upgrade of the processor architecture, the Dell Precision most popular V3000 series update, our evaluation of the product is one of the most mainstream 14-inch notebook - Dell Precision success M4700.

The Precision M4700 is the fourth generation of the series, if we breakdown about a family history, you will find, V3000 In fact, officially launched in the first generation of Core, that is, early in 2010, before that, Precision just launch of the first V13 flagship thin thin fashion in the series history, and later the design of the V3000 followed has become a symbol of V13 design ID, anodized aluminum body and covered with long strips of plastic.

Business users are most concerned about when to buy PC products certainly be able to pay the cost of due return, this return on the one hand, from the value created by the product as a tool for products, notebook computers easy to use is first, and this easy to use, including comfort, ease of use, security, stability and ease of maintenance, and several other aspects, from another side, if they can meet the requirements of colleagues in order to lower the cost of capital to buy the notebook, I believe this is also the CIO of each department are most willing to see things, power dell V3000 series was born.

Sometimes I think that the Dell Precision the achievements series notebook failed to become the star models of the reasons may be the name, the Precision awkward to read do not say, homophonic give people a bad Lenovo, of course, it was a joke, more likely, Precision opponent is too powerful, and significantly more have to know the rules, mainland business users purchasing principles to follow the product price and network of relationships, stood the ThinkPad brand influence and the introduction of the SL series of step wonderful chess, do not say deep plowing, the domestic enterprise user Lenovo Zhaoyang and G series, the more low-end Acer, eMachines, etc., gave a slightly higher price of the Precision surrounded blow.

"It does not require the nines do not have to look so far-fetched, but it must be the pursuit of mature and restrained, internally and externally, and always able to demonstrate the style of the Small Business." Within the meaning of this sentence is DELL flagship notebook - the Precision series. Also remember that not long ago, we just tested a Core 2 Duo platform Precision notebook, In addition to the gorgeous and elegant brushed metal appearance and inner luster is also what they seem. Another random loading, "7" weapon software will not only allow business people to obtain a more comprehensive computer knowledge, while self-care computer hardware, the other at the same time improve the efficiency of office, but also data security to get the best protection status . Can be said DELLPrecision is a real business tool.

Since Intel released a new mobile platform, the major PC manufacturers are upgrading their products to obtain a more robust performance. In fact, for business people, performance and does not become a primary focus on the part of the Precision as DELL's flagship business notebook series, in pursuit of user-friendly design, ease of use and security, in terms of performance to be outdone. Introduced a new platform products - DELL Precision M4700 Battery, the current market price is yet to be determined.

Have to say, the market low-end business computer is actually simple with a consumer PC series, the camouflaging of the low-end product line sold to the behavior of SMEs there is no moral integrity, but the environment is such a corporate procurement staff, lack of professional knowledge, the price is certain to become the most crucial decision factor, the face of this situation, I thought the Precision will give up its own quality, and castrate out the seven heavy security on generation fame, but fortunately it did not, at least Vosto M4700 can trust.

DELL Precision M6700 is not only the continuation the Precision of classic mold and design at, but also to compensate for the partial failure of its predecessor M4700 and 32nm Intel's new Cool Core family of high-end processors and the NVIDIA professional-level graphics cards, as well as a comprehensive upgrade of the hard disk for 7200RPM. In addition, will be before the loading characteristics of the DELL software upgrade. DELL Precision M6700 from basic entry-level to improve office efficiency and information security are considered more humane.

DELL Precision M6700 from the mold, in appearance, with no difference before the M4700. Appearance is still the familiar gray metal roof design, the brushed metal effect appears to have more texture, and then with the middle relief the "DELL" logo, and always give people a mature and restrained, internally and externally, always demonstrate the temperament of the refined Core style.

The top of the screen is still continuation of the built-in camera and keyboard lighting device, But the pixels of the camera is changed to a high of 2 million, with the DELL SkyRoom software, which can facilitate business people anytime, anywhere business meetings with remote negotiations, also promptly recorded the highlights of life. In addition, with Business Card Reader card scanning software can also easily scan business card to the contact data of the notebook.

Circular snap-in before the M4700 design is also the continuation of when the notebook is close circle round the hat through the slot, the slot within the bracket close to the cylinder, so that the top cover is firmly stuck in the slot to open the top cover, and only through the switch buttons on the front of the fuselage. The same two-stage screen hinge also become the DELLPrecision series of classic design with strengthen the damping alloy steel pin hinge design make this notebook when opening and closing the screen lid to provide a well-balanced damping strength, and when we reach for the notebook gently shaking the screen does not appear abnormal sound or loose.

Benefit from this type of shaft design, DELL Precision M6700 notebook with 9cell DELL Precision M6700 Battery screen lid opens to its over 180 degrees. In addition, when open a screen cover will appear both cases, if you slowly open the dial button to set off a screen lid and then with one hand alone can be completed in all; but for impatient users, two hand interoperability is inevitable, otherwise the keyboard base will be stubborn and top lift.

Equally around the top cover before the M4700 does not use the slightly with the arc of the treatment effect, but a good feel of the machine that is still the same with one hand pick up the notebook no obvious decline in a sense. Roof also uses a full magnesium alloy material, the internal cellular structure, when the middle of the finger touch cover, cover only a slight sinking of four weeks and quickly to the intensity of decomposition, making the top cover the middle immediately reinstated, so this material and design of structural machine has a good ability to protect. In addition, the machine also has the DELL DuraFinish super wear-resistant coating prevents the notebook computer is wear and scratches.

PACKARD BELL after the recent release a variety of ultra-pole of this, of course, did not forget to continue to consolidate the traditional PC market segment. Recently, PACKARD BELL released a notebook for business professionals - The EasyNote NS45. As the name suggests, this laptop is for business people traveling companion.

Mentioned Acer The EasyNote series may be some friends feel more strange, after all, relative to the market EasyNote series of hot, use or buy less. The EasyNote This is PACKARD BELL specifically for professionals to create the notebook business, to meet the general business processing applications, a series of functions of the security, portability, and standby performance has been improved, making it low-key and practical business office travel companion.

Today, PACKARD BELL EasyNote series latest product the NS45 reach YORK testing room, this equipped with a Core i5-2450M processor business performance how? Next, we carried out a detailed evaluation.

The screen used is a 14-inch LED-backlit anti-glare screen in strong light environment more comfortable viewing screen, specular reflection, easy fatigue, supports 1366 × 768 resolution. Screen border with matte engineering plastics design, this material can be good to prevent the contamination fingerprint. Because the B-side border is our usual touch more frequently, especially when opening and closing the screen. The top of the screen there is a camera, provides a convenient online communication for all video.

Appearance, did not make much unexpected, loyal to the traditional black business notebook design, low-key and calm. The roof part is matte material, feel good. This not only makes the machine more wear and dirt, it is also more convenient to take care of. Matte is more low-key connotation, in line with the business of this temperament. Roof design is simple, in the upper right corner a PACKARD BELLlogo, the upper left corner of the signal up the logo that this EasyNote NS45 with 9cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote NS45 Battery applied its own unique signal enhancement techniques.

Although not the most important performance of the business people, but the high-end processors in DELL Precision M6700 with the latest Intel Core family of processors, which makes the DELL Precision M6700 can solve some of the performance requirements of demanding large-scale software. In addition, the processor supports SSE4.2 instruction set and then with the NVIDIA professional-grade graphics card and 7200RPM hard drive, can greatly enhance the business people in office efficiency. 

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