FUJITSU Lifebook E752 E782 S752 business laptop review

Remember the child also particularly want to have a "Viking", because from the pocket it can get a lot of "tools" to help us achieve the aspirations of, and the most memory to worry about the new prop is "narrow light", this items after the light irradiation will become a "mini version", of course, become more likely to carry larger items, and now this magic props can only stay in the cartoon. Fujitsu does not allow the notebook to such a miracle occurs, but the point of view of the process is done on a 15.6-inch widescreen notebook only has a slim body design, weight and 14 inches this ordinary matched, and this notebook is Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E752,

Size of 15.6 inches, Fujitsu E752 has a dream white and interstellar black color scheme for us to choose, involved in the evaluation of the Fujitsu E752 is the dream of white. The notebook body all the materials of engineering plastics, but in selected materials is very thick, although not in fashion this year the metal elements, but the process of the roof surface with "FUJITSU" and "infinity" logo, another body fluid lines and around the circular arc, so that the machine is also very stylish and beautiful.

When we pick up the Fujitsu E752, thanks to the processing of the surface craft, body and skin contact with a more comfortable sense of contact with the fingerprint residue on the top cover is not so obvious. When a finger touch the top cover central, only a slight sinking of four weeks will be a rapid decomposition of the pressure, so that the top cover instantly restored, and the screen surface has not let us worry about the water ripple. Although the white color and the plastic material of the body, we feel very ordinary, but after carefully weigh these details that Fujitsu E752 with exquisite craftsmanship.

When we open the Fujitsu E752 and found that the border around the screen surface and did not highlight the design, but with the top cover to keep the same dream white hue, this will give us a say what the texture. A 15.6 in. LED-backlit glossy display in the border around the screen brightness up to 220 lumens, which can complement the notebook screen brightness, and also supports the best 1366 x 768 resolution, contrast up to 350:1, but the screen grayscale and color reproduction capability. At the top of the screen built-in microphone and a 1.3 megapixel camera, This allows us anytime, anywhere remote business meetings, or chat with friends and family video, but also to record our usual life highlights.

Fujitsu E752 operating region and the whole maintained the same fresh and simple style, lovely design of the shaft to provide moderate damping force, and also designed a set of speakers at the same time in the operating area at the top of the left and right sides, and then with 15.6 inches. screen, whether we enjoy high definition movies, or to experience 3D games can be immersive effect. Fujitsu E752 keyboard in addition to maintain a comfortable operating feel in on the design of more personalized.

Fujitsu E752 with a 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook E752 Battery and a sunken shaft design, shaft design in the left and right sides of the fuselage, although the shaft design style is more common, but the shaft itself was very cute, and a strong showing the characteristics of the lovely taste, but the next Shen shaft can not be back in the fuselage design interface, but both sides of the shaft has a moderate damping force, when we open and close to a certain point of view, reach for the notebook back and forth Qing Huang, the screen does not appear before and after sloshing phenomenon. In addition, Fujitsu E752 opening and closing angle of only about 145 degrees.

Addition to the familiar Lenovo Thinkpad in the circles of high-end business notebook, as well as a brand I think we will never forget, that is, from the original Japanese brand - Fujitsu business notebooks, although the applicable population range is not very extensive in quality workmanship, but by virtue of its unique design concept and pure line of business brands, products to create a quite superb and have been subject to a high-end business people of all ages.

Fujitsu business notebooks and Thinkpad is already quite mature product design, the S-series belonging to the higher-end products, and 13.3 inches LIFEBOOK S752 should be regarded as the rising star of this series, it has a magnesium alloy top cover, The slim body, high-touch keyboard, USB3.0 interface, and high-performance hardware configuration, sufficient to meet the demand for high-end business crowd, the notebook every detail reflects the sophisticated production techniques, this Fujitsu business notebooks most fancy.

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 Business notebook with 13.3-inch mold, equipped with a mainstream Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia Geforce 310M entry level graphics card, here we take a look at the million-level business notebook exactly what difference? Perhaps some of the Japanese notebook humane small details will give you not the same as the use of experience.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 appearance is not like the SH560 variety of colors to choose from, only one representative of commercial black tone, while the whole surrounded by angular shape appears to be very tough, but the C surface silver chrome front position increased trim, but for the boring machine, a trace of a lively element to highlight the business of fashion and stable mix and match style.

Fuselage roof surface with a delicate matte coating, also printed with the classic Fuji-pass the LOGO actual measurement of the average thickness of this Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 screen is only 7 mm, compared to a lot of commercial notebook slim, although look does not seem so strong, magnesium alloy structure, fragile screen, you can get better protection, the alloy can reduce the overall weight and improve portability.

"Stubborn" Fujitsu notebook still retain the traditional screen hook fixation, as opposed to wearing plastic screen hook metal material, durable, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 uses 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook S752 Battery a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display, brightness of 300 lumens, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, 1.3 megapixel webcam just above the border of the notebook.

As 80, in junior high or high school, where it can have a Japanese electronic products is like having a high-end lifestyle, and can even become a bragging. Today, there are a lot of fans in the purchase of electronic products will still be considered first Japanese brands, has constituted an indelible complex in their hearts. Simply to "Made in Japan" that obscure a row of letters, was to buy "Made in Japan" e-product or its exquisite workmanship, tenacious quality of a soft spot.

Passage of time, with the increasing flattening of the profits, an increasing number of Japanese electronic products to select foreign OEM, including notebook computers, the gradual decline in the quality inspection standards, and patented technology substantially or even completely cut, bringing the The workmanship and quality decline - a long time to establish a solid brand reputation began to waver. Market downturn, I should change strategy, and today, Fujitsu bring a consumer notebooks assembled entirely made in Japan for the domestic market - LIFEBOOK E782. It can be said that this product is a chess Fujitsu open ideas, rebranding.

Before in the stores, "Made in Japan's Fujitsu notebook is a water of high-end business products, their prices do have some" arrogant ", willing to pocket the consumer to buy some so-called high-end people. Can this positioning of the Japanese original domestic public LIFEBOOK E782 today to revive the past glory? Here let us to specifically look at. The gorgeous appearance of the commonality of consumer notebook, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E782 is no exception, which provides a black, white, pink, three colors for different groups of options, the pink version of the send test significantly more for stylish women use.

LIFEBOOK E782 uses Fujitsu's unique "Carpenter" (TAKUMI) design concept, close to nature gives a breath of fresh air, can bring the people's surge of pure wind. Its top cover with piano paint technology, highlighting the whole elegant atmosphere, of course, the only drawback is that the abrasive wear resistance of the lack of an easily contaminated with fingerprints.

Turn on the screen is still pink interior and roof echoes, LIFEBOOK E782 14.0 in. LED-backlit glossy screen, the top of the screen as the camera has FaceSense intelligent Face Detection technology, it can use the camera to automatically detect measure whether the user is in front of the computer and the smart start or pause the current application. Product has a greater environmental adaptability, Fujitsu SH771 can be detected by brightness, light-sensitive automatic regulator, the user does not need to do any settings, light automatically adjust automatically according to the operating environment of the surrounding adjust the screen brightness (Unfortunately, Fujitsu SH771 and keyboard backlight).

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E782 with FUJITSU Lifebook E782 Battery ABS plastic body whole body, to ensure the machine have sufficient robustness, while body weight lessens. The whole weight of 2.164 kg slightly lighter than the average 14.1-inch notebook, just slightly larger size, the power adapter to become cumbersome, travel weight of 2.613 kg.

2012 ushered in a Fujitsu notebook PC's 30th birthday. As we all know, Fujitsu laptop always adhere to high standards of "Made in Japan", all product design is also fully take into account the applicability of the end-user, in particular, the S Series product line of high-end business notebook most worthy for the mention, as 30 years of brilliant achievements tribute products, a new Fujitsu S782 adhering to the classic series lightweight business modeling, and to do so far the world's lightest, thinnest 13.3-inch belt drive LIFEBOOK users to fully experience this product to Fujitsu uncompromising commitment to quality.

Fujitsu notebook with the mainstream notebook products different therefore we this year did not see LFIEBOOK series notebook's generous promotion momentum, however this is not representative of Fujitsu notebook willing to lag behind, the commercial notebook field, Fujitsu notebooks have been have a good reputation, and intensive cultivation of The Fujitsu S782 once again to show some of the unique concept of Fujitsu's thoughtful design for business people.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this notebook in terms of design philosophy also have some special meaning, the F-line dialogue curve design is an important performance, inspired by the Fujitsu corporate identity in F few, little, good, whichever is "with customers exchanges "meaning, to show the Fujitsu superb design craftsmanship and uncompromising detail design, but also reflects Fujitsu creative future with you hand in the spirit of the brand.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S782 machine configuration or a more balanced, high version is equipped with Intel's latest second-generation Core i7-2640M dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128G SSD solid state drive. In addition, the stylish two-tone keyboard design also has a leak-proof, a number of exclusive technology of the DTS Boost professional sound technology, stunning LED Blu-ray fingerprint identification encryption.

Of course, the most memorable Fujitsu exclusive ownership of multi-functional hot-swappable modules. S782 not only supports hot-swappable dual-layer DVD drive or Blu-ray Disc burner, while the original Fujitsu expansion module accessories, such as a bay battery, weight loss, ultra-miniature projector. The brand new S782 is another masterpiece following the Weight Fujitsu the boundless S6510 series, you can see the appearance still retains the characteristics of a business notebook, classic capable of pure black main color, with the previous generation classic S6510 phase angular than four weeks and did not use at right angles to deal with, but a small corner of the screen slightly rounded shape seem very cleverly placed in the position of the top cover of the center of the metal texture of the LOGO and marked with the word "FUJITSU".

Better control of aircraft cover with the finest magnesium alloy material of the screen frame and the overall thickness of S782 and FUJITSU Lifebook S782 Battery , which also created a thin body size of their machine, although the screen may seem relatively thin toughness and compression capabilities, but a solid magnesium alloy performance even better class skin surface using paint material feel soft and comfortable.

No doubt about 13.3 inches, the golden ratio in these two aspects of portability and display to achieve a good balance, so this has become the most recognized the size of the number of standard business notebook, the Fujitsu S782 phone also 13.3 inches super gorgeous HD LED-backlit display, brightness of 300 lumens, and its maximum resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, and also supports the sense of intelligent optical control.

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