ACER Aspire One 725 and TOSHIBA Satellite C850 C870 detail

Relative to the left of the right of the interface, while small, but the USB interface design in the bottom right is not very convenient for most users have become accustomed to an external mouse to use in a notebook, where the design is exactly the right hand caused by the manipulation of the mouse some obstacles.

Host front-end interface is more simple, only designed for everyday use are often used in multi-card reader, this design greatly facilitate the user, when used without the machine to turn to, as long as gently one click, you can insert the card. The ACER the Aspire One, 725 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2410M dual-core processor, clocked at 2.3GHz, GT540M graphics card with NVIDIA, 1G of dedicated graphics memory, a combination of 2G memory and 500G hard drive.

The level of natural life is derived in the ordinary application of the test results results are very satisfactory, MobileMark2007 gives 284 minutes of battery life duration, equivalent to the hours counted for nearly five hours for unplugged use. 2nd generation Core i5-2410M dual-core processors to the notebook considerably, coupled with the GT540M graphics are more than enough of the game or office.

If the Cinebench R10 test in order to form the standard easier to contrast the Cinebench R11 is the gradual transition of PConline evaluation room, the version of the test procedures to the last bit of performance of the drain system, while the more fps with pts unit intuitive but also it enables ordinary users to understand (fps, frame rate units, pts point units).

PCMark Vantage provides a more easy-to-use one-button testing capabilities and the desktop, mobile, and workstation platforms, unified test scripts, test software based on Windows system. PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether it is in the hands of the professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, system performance can understand through the PCMark Vantage test content can be divided into the processor test, graphical, hard drive test.The ACER Aspire One 725 battery strong load run for one hour, although the temperature is higher near the location of the two heat large, but fully able to accept. And we are pleased to see the bottom of the fuselage, do not use a cooling pad, the temperature control has been very good.

Ivy Bridge, core graphics card using 22nm process technology, which makes more transistors can be squeezed in a small chip to enhance nuclear remarkable performance; a new generation of HD Graphics 4000/2500 Nuclear significant increase in the EU programmable unit, resulting in a more strong 3D performance and game performance; Finally, start from the Ivy Bridge, the core graphics card supports native three separate shows.

PPGA988 slot type (IVB can be used in the 6 Series motherboard corresponding SNB also can be used in the 7 series on the motherboard), Turbo the Boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology. Thermal power design, the standard voltage, dual-core or 35W Quad-Core 45W; low-voltage version for 17W. Cinebench R10 test is divided into two: The first test simply use the CPU to render a high-precision 3D scene screen only run once in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading The first time a thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads. A single-core performance of the new Ivy Bridge and the previous generation? Single-threaded through the i5-3210M reflect performance over the previous band i5-2410M 44% increase.

Multi-threading, due to the help of a new manufacturing process and higher Turbo, i5-3210M compared to i5-2410M 38% performance boost. Because the reason SYSmark2012 of the test standard was abandoned, of AMD, NVIDIA, more than the industry giants do not support the SYS test software. Therefore, in order to avoid the test results will Intel be biased, we also added another widespread attention of the whole performance testing software the PCMark. The beta version of PCMark Vantage and the PCMark 7.

PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. Test content can be divided into the following three parts: 1. Processor testing; 2. Graphics test; 3. Hard disk test. Using the Windows Defender, Alan Wake game, image import, Windows Vista starts, video editing, media center, Windows Media Player, search and classified, and the start of the following procedures: Office Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Internet Explorer, Outlook 2007.

Chronicles predecessor, the PCMark 7 is also a set of integrated performance analysis of the test suite for the PC system, but this operating system is Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista / XP completely eliminated. The PCMark 7 contains seven different testing session a total of 25 independent workloads, covering storage, computing, image and video processing, all aspects of daily web browsing, games and other PC applications. Compared to PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment changes became DX10, a variety of test software updates upgrade, more in line with the current use of the user's environment and habits.

3DMark 06 is the most classic DX9.0 graphics performance test software in the mobile platform has been in use this software because of its wide range of applications of media and IT practitioners, with a strong horizontal reference value. Do not feel 3Dmark06 seems to be very old, this software supports DX9.0 is still the mainstream features of our daily graphics applications and games.

TOSHIBA the Satellite C800 Series with 6cell TOSHIBA PA5024U-1BRS Battery could have a very large touch pad, such a large area of ​​the touchpad can not support some of the gestures too too bad. Fortunately, the designers specifically for the notebook with a touchpad driver supports a variety of gesture control, has a very convenient method of operation in the environment of the pictures and web pages.

Another major improvement in IvyBridge is to increase support for PCI-E 3.0, in fact, this era SandyBridge appeared, but this was the first application on a mobile platform. As a result the vast majority of PCI-E slot by the CPU on the motherboard directly connected, reducing the transition of the memory and chipset, lower latency, response time is shorter, the performance should also enhance.

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first specifically based on Microsoft's DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and give full play to the multiple graphics cards, the advantages of multi-core processors, which includes two graphical test items, two processor test items, six characteristics of test items, but also added the specialized test of artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration.

In addition to static pictures software, as well as a the TOSHIBA dedicated video editing software, video or network video camera cutting segment integration. Overall functionality is not bad. Of course, can not be compared with the VideoStudio professional video software.

Practical, stock photo, Creative Commons, designer and Manger, which is a photo management and design software, functionally similar to common domestic light and shadow magic hand, in fact, this software is still very powerful, it not only for image correction and classification of documents management, can also be directly output to the printer file to burn. But the picture changes feature on weak a lot of picture production based users to get started is not very easy.

Hardware configuration, the Aspire One 725 30352DC using the AMD the APU E-350 dual-core processor, the processor clocked at 1.6GHz, integrated display core of AMD Radeon HD6310G is its TDP thermal design power of only 18W more than the previous product substantially decreased greatly reduced so that the heat of the notebook. In addition to standard 2G DDR3 1333 memory, 320G hard drive, although the overall performance is not very strong, but enough to meet the needs of the mobile office.

TOSHIBA the Satellite C850 battery could locate is a focus on audio-visual effects of notebooks, in addition to the hardware to be different, built-in software should meet the requirements of multimedia Daren. Because our test machine is an engineering machine, so a lot of built-in software is the English version, Chinese version of the software will wait until after the official product launch.
Precisely because of the volume changes, the Satellite C870, 14 inches, in weight than the 13.3-inch Satellite C850 could be heavier, but because it is the product of two different size, this comparison does have a little bit inappropriate, but with ordinary 14-inch notebook weight in contrast to the Satellite C870 is indeed absolutely certain of winning.

The fuselage on the keyboard does not change with the Satellite C850 could, the Satellite C870 is also embedded 86-key ergonomic keyboard design is currently the mainstream chocolate floating, space, delete, on files and other key contact area are the same, I have to find a little different to, that is, the keyboard left and right borders more wide.

Button on the details of the deal, the Satellite C870 also uses piano paint process, the shortcut is also designed in the upper right corner of the keyboard, the function did not make the change, as the two functions were energy-saving and switching display, the speaker unit is also about .

Also in order to enhance the feel of the user's control than the Satellite, the Satellite C870 touchpad could, and also provides a separate touchpad to close / open button. Personal is very much appreciated this feature because long-term written evaluation article, and occasionally lead to input errors because the touchpad is not disabled, can not help but once again delete rewrite a waste of time do not say, but also affect the mood of the weekdays, while the independent on / off touchpad button, each time you insert the mouse click without any troubles.

Let's take a look at the results of new IVB processor DX9.0 features to enhance the proportion of Beyond the dual-core processor in the new IVB i5 3210M the ascendants SNB platform i5 2410M processor 27 percent to 6007 points, and this fraction has gone beyond the current entry-level graphics.

The type and quantity of the interface on the Satellite C870 increase less as 3 USB ports, HDMI high-definition output interfaces, eSATA composite interface to meet the day-to-day use is no problem. The layout of the fuselage sides and the Satellite C850 could basically the same, just because the body change the big reason, such as headphone jack, SD card slot to do a re-adjustment.

The only upgrade at the interface from the USB interface on the TOSHIBA Satellite C870 battery with USB2.0 interface to the right of the original body replaced with a USB 3.0. USB3.0 can provide a faster transfer rate, but because of the support of external devices is not particularly popular, partly because the motherboard does not native support, USB 3.0 hardware must rely on software to drive, there is a The question is: If you re-installed the system, that this interface is temporarily unable to identify the use.

Bobcat architecture AMD the E350 dual-core processor core based on 40nm manufacturing process, speeds up to 1.6GHz, and the integration of HD6310G graphics core. The processor is AMD the main products in the ultra-thin mobile platform. Because of its low power consumption, the graphical display strong performance has been widely adopted.